There is no news, so let’s create some


This time of year is dreaded by the news industry.  With business and politics grinding to a halt, they resort to lots of “Best of…” pieces that just rehash stuff from earlier in the year.

Granny Herald’s been looking for New Zealander of the Year, and currently have this list  

• Lucy Knight: Good Samaritan.

• Banapa Avatea: saved a collapsed truck driver

• Julie King:  feeds homeless people

• Donna Collins and Sharon Mackie: Ebola fighters.

• Sol3 Mio: opera singers.

• Mary Quin: who took on the man behind her kidnapping.

• Brendon McCullum: Black Caps captain.

• Nicky Hager: Dirty Politics author.

• Buddy Harwood: burning-car hero.

• Professor Jane Harding: who developed a cheap treatment to help babies.

If I was Lucy, or Buddy, or Julie , I’d be deeply disturbed to be in a list with the likes of Sol3 Mio and McCullum.   Seriously – if you’re going to go down that road, how many other people should be New Zealander of the year simply because they did their jobs?

Nothing remarkable about them in any way.

This is not just a stupid process to fill empty newspaper space, but it doesn’t even show any intellectual integrity.  How any newspaper can line up people who did truly remarkable things with people who just did something well as part of their job is just shameful.

And just as an aside, I didn’t realise Ebola was like ISIS.  Since when does anyone become an “Ebola fighter”?


– NZ Herald


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  • conwaycaptain

    Hager for STEALING

    • Justsayn

      services to tin foil headwear

  • Justsayn

    I’m sorry to ask, but where’s Cunliffe’s nomination?

    • Bluemanning

      Hager took it.

      • kayaker

        After he hacked it.

  • Annoyed

    Since this is who the Herald thinks is NZer of the year, surely Hager will win it? He let them pretend to still be relevant for a few months. What did any of the other people on the list do for the Herald and their lefty mates (i.e. the only people that matter)?

  • munzrat

    Mary Quin one very brave lady .

  • richard.b

    I had always thought that the NZer of the year was he whose name was mentioned the most in parliment.

  • Bluemanning

    That list represents the society sector that reads the Herald, to the the rest of us sadly long ago Granny lost her faculties.

  • Sally

    How can they have in the same list a person who saved a life and a person who wrote a 183page book based on hacked information which was then instrumental in someone getting death threats. GET REAL.

  • munzrat

    Whale Oil – “moron of the year” would be far more entertaining . “Political Moron of the year” would have to be separate as there are so many old axes to grind it would force out all the odd balls that get cover behind the “big” stories .

    • STAG

      Whale Oils proven Lie of the Year,

      Political, “I’m sorry I’m a man”, Lie,

      Local Body, “Rate rises will be 3.5%”, Lie from a compulsive philanderer and liar.

      Criminal, “The Moment of Truth”, possibly funniest lie also in that nothing contained within it was true.

  • maninblack

    McCallum got 300 which is a NZ first and a great achievement.
    How ever probably belongs under the “great sportsman” awards rather that with this list.

    • LabTested

      That was the one time this year I bought the Herald – so I would have the front page with McCullum’s 300 to stick on the wall of the man cave

  • cows4me

    Hager, are they serious ? Liberal clowns.

  • Isherman

    Ok, Ive got one for the Herald that you could use: NZ Herald 2014 -Best of the Worst.
    Though sorting through the trove of lazy, slanted, or simply mis-informed articles to determine the absolute worst ones of the Herald this year could be a bit tough…..maybey get Tiso to be the judge, just for black houmour’s sake.

    • Dave

      Tiso provides judgements every few minutes on Twitter, and happily keeps me entertained.

  • oldmanNZ

    Why is Hager NZDer of the Year?
    because he singly handed National victory.?
    He increased WhaleOil Blog popularity by a thousand folds.?
    He actually expose the real dirty Politics behind the dirty Politic book?

  • CheesyEarWax

    I think Sol3 Mio is a token nomination for the Pacific community. See, the Horrid is not racist.

  • Rick H

    Seeing that “Dirty Hagar” fiction author of the year is in the list –
    – surely also should be “Philip Traynor-Smith” – entrepreneur of the year.

  • Wallace Westland

    “Sol3 Mio: opera singers.”
    Are those the clowns that butchered our National Anthem at the All Blacks test match in Chicago?
    I was truly mortified. I’ve never heard such an appalling rendition. I cringed until in the end I did something I’ve never done in my life…I muted the TV and walked out of the lounge until it was over. Sad.

  • Hagar? That would be up there with giving Obama the nobel prize.

  • Timboh

    The Herald has done it again. No doubt this will be an entry in whatever media awards the old media adore. It almost seems that in their cost cutting to delay the inevitable, ‘articles’ get published and bypass the costly process of review.

  • Hans

    It seems this guy Obama is well liked, he allowed his Hamas friends to come to DC on 9/11 and declined a permit to 2 million bikers – guess who won the debate

  • I knew Ed Hillary was good for something and this was it.