Nom, nom, nom, dog bites crim who attacked his owner

Some creepy little Indian half-man has had his arms gnawed on by a dog protecting its owner.

It seems it is a bit hard to concentrate on an indecent assault while a dog is chewing through your arm.

Police are looking for an Indian man with bite marks on his arm after a dog helped save his owner during an indecent assault.

The 20-year-old woman was attacked in the car park of the Countdown supermarket on Bridge St, Hamilton on Wednesday, detective sergeant Matt Cranshaw said.

She was walking to her car in the centre of the car park at approximately 8pm when the male offender grabbed her from behind as she opened the driver’s side door, he said.

“The dog was in the back on the car and growled…and then he grabbed the guy’s arm, and then she kicked him [the offender] in the groin.

“Whether to say the dog saved the day, who knows – but definitely the combined actions of the dog and the lady did the job.”

The dog let go of the man’s right arm, and the offender fled the scene. He was described as Indian in appearance, of short stature, aged in his mid 30s to early 40s.

This is what the Indian flavoured chew toy looks like if you can help Police:

This evening police released several images of the man, taken from camera footage.

Police would like to speak to anyone who believes they can identify the man from the pictures, or who knows of someone matching the description with a bite mark on their right forearm and showing signs of discomfort as a result of being kicked in the groin, Cranshaw said.

“This was an attack with sexual overtones and is of concern to us.”

Members of the public with information can contact Cranshaw by calling (07) 858 6200 or anonymously through the Crimestoppers phone line 0800 555 111.



– Fairfax


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  • dumbshit

    obviously doggy is not partial to curry!

  • cows4me

    Just wasn’t his day was it, he’ll be wishing he stayed in bed that day. I hope the dog got a bit more dog roll that night.

    • caochladh

      Dog roll?? You would feed your best friend some dodgy dog roll??

      • cows4me

        Yes our mutts get roll or bones, the fussy buggers won’t eat biscuits.

    • I think that dogs earned steak tonight and the biggest juiciest bone about.

    • Billythekid

      Probably the first time in his life (the dog) that he’s had a curry !!!

  • North Shore Sheila

    Apart from being mentally ill thinking to indecently assault anyone – the Bridge St Countdown is right next to the Hamilton Police Station! How nuts is that! (not far from the hospital either for those dog bites…)

  • sarah

    As long as something crazy doesn’t happen and this dog is turned into a villan and marked as a dangerous dog. Crazier things have happened especially if the perpetrator lays a complaint I mean the way the court system goes they seem to be very huggy to the criminal

    • Jonathan P

      It’s interesting how context can create a good or a bad dog though.
      A dog bites a neighbour and its put down.
      A dog bites an offender and its applauded (which I agree with)
      In both cases the dog has tasted blood but in only one case is it acceptable for the dog to be a “dog”.
      I too hope nothing comes of this and the dog is applauded and left unharmed.

      • caochladh

        I think the analogy here would be if I confronted a knife wielding burglar in my home and punched his lights out, what court in the land would convict me, as opposed to my running out into the street and punching someone for no reason at all.

  • peterwn

    Priorities are all wrong. The authorities should have checked whether the dog was registered, chipped, neutered (if need be), whether it should be declared a ‘menacing dog’, whether it was under control, etc, etc. Only when all these aspects have been dealt with can the criminal investigation start. This is what the police hierarchy effectively did to the cop who rumbled ex Det. Sgt. Blowers. I hope that cop has basically told the Commissioner where to stick it and find some nice well paying security job.

  • cod

    “‘Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity – and I’m not sure about the former.’ – Albert Einstein”

  • intelligentes candida diva

    “…the Indian flavoured chew toy….” , you bring such delight to my reading of posts with serious overtones when there is injections like this, I thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    did that screen-grab show him before or after the chew-up?
    his right forearm looks strangely green, perhaps a vegetarian’s blood on it ???

  • wooted

    I’m really pleased that as well as getting bitten, he was kicked in the groin. I hope she put all her energy into it. Go Girl!!