Not so fast Santa


Seems the Police aren’t letting Santa off with a bit of speeding.

Santa Claus has admitted being in a bit too much of a rush after being caught speeding on his way to an old folks’ home.

“I’ve been a bit naughty – I ended up in too much of a hurry to deliver everything,” said the rogue Santa who talked on condition of anonymity. He had a lot to fit in before Christmas Day, he said.

“But I think I’ve sent a message out there that Santa’s not above the law and he deserved his ticket and he will not be doing it again – and hopefully it’s a lesson for everyone else.”

Police pulled over the portly, jolly man on Friday in Cornwall St in Masterton. When the officer stopped him, she asked, “Hello, Santa, what were you in a hurry for?”

“I said I was off to the North Pole. I told them, ‘Merry Christmas’ and they said ‘Merry Christmas’ and gave me a ticket.”

On the way to the North Pole, Santa was visiting a dementia unit “to put some smiles on the dials”.

Well, dementia sufferers may not even realise Santa is late, but it’s the thought that counts.

He promised to keep under the speed limit from now on. “You only live once and you die forever, so keep your speed down … police are only doing their job and Santa deserved a ticket.”

Masterton police acting Sergeant Shayne Nolan said not even Father Christmas was exempt from the zero speed tolerance.


I wonder if he was breath tested too?


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  • RightofSingapore

    I hope Santa doesn’t fly over Ukraine.

  • pisces8284 .

    He was probably only doing 51kph. Damn ridiculous

    • HSV325

      Nah he was fanging it 20 demerit points I read somewhere today

      • pisces8284 .

        Oh there goes my justification. Silly Santa

      • Michael_l_c

        67k in a 50 zone

  • oldmanNZ

    Zero speed tolerance? When that happen, i wonder why so many people were going slower than me?

  • John1234

    Too much oats in the reindeer feed.

    But seriously Mr Plod… you must have given up on being part of the community long ago…

    Police road safety policy is a complete joke – they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • pisces8284 .

    The police need to be careful, people will stop supporting them if they see their rules as pedantic and unworkable. I spend all my time watching the speedo now and even then I go over 50kph on occasions accidently

  • caochladh

    I hope Santa took their names as well and delivers cinders to their stockings.

  • Michael_l_c

    In the horrid they reported he said he was doing 17km over in a 50km zone. Father Christmas or not the ticket is fair enough. So ‘tolerance’ is irrelevant.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Mr Plod will gloat at his control over someone that pleases