All is not well with the Ruataniwha Dam

The extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is finally running into the problem that all socialists run into, as defined by Thatcher.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.


Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Head socialist Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Due to massive incompetence at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council they failed to take any notice of legitimate environmental concerns, and tried to bully opponents to their socialist utopia into submission. Their extremely dodgy TRIM model was so dodgy that Fish & Game had to go to court to get them to release it as it had not been properly peer reviewed. The court forced the release of the model, and then in the Board of Inquiry hearing the man behind the model admitted that it was a flawed model and was not fit for purpose.

This lead the BOI to make decisions that prevented the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council from turning the Tukituki Toxic. So the extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council submitted evidence after the draft BOI report had been released, getting the rules changed. This went to the High Court, and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council lost again on all grounds and have been forced to pay the appellants costs.

At the last Hawke’s Bay Regional Council meeting before Christmas the councillors got the opportunity to ask about costs and exit strategies.  

Councillor Tom Belford writes about this in Bay Buzz, and highlights how the council will be forced to use more ratepayers money to prop up their socialist dam, to the tune of about $250000 a month.

HBRIC Director Jim Scotland told Councillors that the development process would “conservatively” cost $250,000 per month if continued beyond March. His candid remarks made clear that HBRIC Directors have no appetite for coming before HBRC Councillors on 28 January to ask for $750,000 to fund the development process for an additional three months. Instead, HBRIC is seeking — as HBRIC Director Danelle Dinsdale put it — to “shift the pain” for providing additional funding to others, including potential suppliers, who have a vested interest in seeing the dam built. A polite term for this might be ‘tithing’.

How does that make you feel about the integrity of this process? Worried that Councillors might not have the guts to vote another $750,000 into a cracking dam, HBRIC Directors have asked Andrew Newman to put the arm on suppliers (eg, OHL-Hawkins Construction, who hold the dam construction contract) and — one might surmise — other allies like Irrigation NZ (after all, they claim over 40 million cubes of dam water are already signed up), Dairy NZ and Fed Farmers. How about the CHB District Council?

Heads should be rolling over this.

If the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council had have listened during the consultation process it would be aware that there was no way in hell that they would be allowed to turn the Tukituki Toxic.

-Bay Buzz


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  • cows4me

    Damn, I wonder if they’ll give me a refund on the water skis.

  • Michael_l_c

    Give us buckets of money, to keep us employed while we try to think up another plan to justify a think big project that will cost the ratepayers money for decades. Oh, and poison a river. Yes we did stuff up the previous effort and got costs awarded against us.
    Just do what you are told and give us money.

  • Timboh

    Another whitewash by the MSM to prevent public panic. This is the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse. Paraphrasing the respected scientist Tom Cruise “Show me the Pulse”