Now we know where Kevin Hague got his McCarthyist ideas from

Kevin Hague has been pursuing and victimising Katherine Rich in a rather creepy stalking and hounding campaign against her for daring to have a different point of view to him.

He has shown that he isis intolerant of opposing views and like all good Stalinists for McCarthyists he wants to shut anyone down who differed in politics to him.

Perhaps he has been seeking advice on pursing a witch-hunt like this from his fellow travellers in the Greens in Australia.

THE notorious US anti-communism campaigner Joe McCarthy would be proud ? the Australian Senate has adopted his tactics in?pursuit of independent think tanks.

Instead of ?Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States??, a Senate estimates committee is asking whether particular academics and specialists are ?connected? with the Institute of Public ?Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies.

The federal Education Department has emailed a dozen or more subject specialists who contributed to the national curriculum review.

The correspondence begins: ?The department has received a number of questions from Senate estimates. The specific question is: ?If any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public ?Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?? ?

Exactly the same modus operandi as Kevin Hague.

?This is outright McCarthyism,? IPA deputy director James Paterson said. ?It is pretty much ?Are you now or have you even been a member of the IPA?? ?

University of Wollongong historian Greg Melleuish said he was happy to answer the question because he had ?nothing to hide?.

The issue was the ?motives of the people asking the questions? rather than the department following up. The person who asked the question was South Australian Greens senator Penny Wright, who raised it at an October hearing.

?I am interested to know if any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?? she asked.

Sounds like a witch-hunt to me.

The Weekend Australian contacted the senator?s office yesterday seeking comment on why the organisations were singled out and whether she was investigating connections to any other organisations.

Senator Wright?s adviser said the senator was too busy to respond, having ?back-to-back meetings? and ?two human rights events? to attend.

Human rights? Presumably she only believes in human rights like freedom of association and freedom of speech but only for people who stick to her particular brand of politics. The left wing always professes to protect human rights but people like Penny Wright and Kevin Hague see no irony in their wonky jihads of victimisation of people simply for their political beliefs.

Associate Professor Melleuish said he was selected for the review because of his extensive curriculum work for Liberal and Labor governments.

?It is an attempt to taint people by association,? he said. ?There is a strange idea around, especially online, that the IPA somehow has a pernicious effect on the government.?

Other academics confirmed they had received the request and decided not to respond.

They found the questions insulting, seemingly suggesting that publishing with these highly regarded organisations devalued their expertise.

CIS executive director Greg Lindsay said: ?We are an organisation of the highest standards that publishes Nobel laureates, leading academics from Australia and around the world, as well as high-level politicians from all major parties. I?ve never heard of Senator Wright ? who is she??

Both the IPA and CIS support free markets, individual liberty and limited government.

Hence the victimisation. Just like Kevin Hague and just like Giovanni Tiso.

Mr Paterson said Senator Wright?s question was a ?classic example? of playing the man rather than the ball. ?It is deeply revealing about the Greens? attitude to political disagreement,? he said. ?Are the Greens senators hunting down the political affiliation of all those who contributed towards developing the national curriculum, or just those they disagree with??

The lead author of the original history curriculum was Melbourne University historian Stuart Macintyre. His connections were not pursued by the Greens. Professor Macintyre was once a member of the Communist Party.

Typical left-wing thugs…attacking only their political opponents rather than apply consistency.


– The Australian