Now we know where Kevin Hague got his McCarthyist ideas from

Kevin Hague has been pursuing and victimising Katherine Rich in a rather creepy stalking and hounding campaign against her for daring to have a different point of view to him.

He has shown that he isis intolerant of opposing views and like all good Stalinists for McCarthyists he wants to shut anyone down who differed in politics to him.

Perhaps he has been seeking advice on pursing a witch-hunt like this from his fellow travellers in the Greens in Australia.

THE notorious US anti-communism campaigner Joe McCarthy would be proud — the Australian Senate has adopted his tactics in pursuit of independent think tanks.

Instead of “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States?”, a Senate estimates committee is asking whether particular academics and specialists are “connected” with the Institute of Public ­Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies.

The federal Education Department has emailed a dozen or more subject specialists who contributed to the national curriculum review.

The correspondence begins: “The department has received a number of questions from Senate estimates. The specific question is: ‘If any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public ­Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?’ ”

Exactly the same modus operandi as Kevin Hague.

“This is outright McCarthyism,” IPA deputy director James Paterson said. “It is pretty much ‘Are you now or have you even been a member of the IPA?’ ”

University of Wollongong historian Greg Melleuish said he was happy to answer the question because he had “nothing to hide”.

The issue was the “motives of the people asking the questions” rather than the department following up. The person who asked the question was South Australian Greens senator Penny Wright, who raised it at an October hearing.

“I am interested to know if any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?” she asked.

Sounds like a witch-hunt to me.

The Weekend Australian contacted the senator’s office yesterday seeking comment on why the organisations were singled out and whether she was investigating connections to any other organisations.

Senator Wright’s adviser said the senator was too busy to respond, having “back-to-back meetings” and “two human rights events” to attend.

Human rights? Presumably she only believes in human rights like freedom of association and freedom of speech but only for people who stick to her particular brand of politics. The left wing always professes to protect human rights but people like Penny Wright and Kevin Hague see no irony in their wonky jihads of victimisation of people simply for their political beliefs.

Associate Professor Melleuish said he was selected for the review because of his extensive curriculum work for Liberal and Labor governments.

“It is an attempt to taint people by association,” he said. “There is a strange idea around, especially online, that the IPA somehow has a pernicious effect on the government.”

Other academics confirmed they had received the request and decided not to respond.

They found the questions insulting, seemingly suggesting that publishing with these highly regarded organisations devalued their expertise.

CIS executive director Greg Lindsay said: “We are an organisation of the highest standards that publishes Nobel laureates, leading academics from Australia and around the world, as well as high-level politicians from all major parties. I’ve never heard of Senator Wright — who is she?”

Both the IPA and CIS support free markets, individual liberty and limited government.

Hence the victimisation. Just like Kevin Hague and just like Giovanni Tiso.

Mr Paterson said Senator Wright’s question was a “classic example” of playing the man rather than the ball. “It is deeply revealing about the Greens’ attitude to political disagreement,” he said. “Are the Greens senators hunting down the political affiliation of all those who contributed towards developing the national curriculum, or just those they disagree with?”

The lead author of the original history curriculum was Melbourne University historian Stuart Macintyre. His connections were not pursued by the Greens. Professor Macintyre was once a member of the Communist Party.

Typical left-wing thugs…attacking only their political opponents rather than apply consistency.


– The Australian


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  • Catriona

    Kevin Hague is a very good reason why MMP is a rort. Under the old system FPP, he would never have been nominated IMO. He epitomises the weird and delusional thinking that the Greens are.

    • Give us a break would ya, FPP is dead and buried and mourned by only a few. The country has spoken numerous times on the matter, each time we’re asked MMP is the winner, stop entering a dead horse in the derby. Now i too would prefer Kevin & Russel etc were not in politics, but enough people in this country think their party needs a voice to represent them and i am not about to hinder what they have to say(even if I do think a talking Donkey could add more commonsense to politics than they could). Besides politics is much more interesting under MMP than FPP.

      in this particular matter, its very easy to discredit them, simply point out what they are doing & how, as WO is already doing, and will do even better once we’re FREED (Note to WO staff, if that Sydney attack yesterday is how Freed will handle breaking news, it will be brilliant, well done.)

      • Catriona

        You’re entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to have a view on MMP. I am not about to enter into a debate with you on the matter.

      • sin-ic

        “Besides politics is much more interesting under MMP than FPP.”
        Sounds like a version of the Chinese curse : May you live in interesting times.
        Personally I would rather have those who have done the hard yards to earn their votes, whether from the left or right. And especially not anyone who has lost by an ever increasing minority, still getting into the trough and then doubling his/her salary by leading the political party with his lack of electoral support.

        • I couldn’t agree with you more regarding getting people into parliment that have worked the hard yards and earned their spot. Which is why i vote for people and parties that i think deserve that place. But not everyone agrees with that opinion and to them it might be somebody who is “kind and caring” that should be there, or “very intelligent” or someone that has “Shown their a good team player by excelling on the sports field”.

          I’m only 40, i have voted in every election and referendum since i was old enough to do so (except that stupid referendum last year where i objected to the wording and refused to take part) and I only took part in 2 FPP elections. Its ancient history to me with no relevance to the life I built for myself. Like all school history lessons I’m sick of hearing how wonderful it was. Rob Muldoon is the ultimate example of where FPP can go wrong, the man who single handedly drove this country to nigh on Bankrupcy because there was no moderating factor to oppose him.

          • sin-ic

            I am nearly 80 and well remember Rob M. He was an exception, as was Hulun Shark. I was also in the thick of the FPP & MMP debate. That was a farce in as much as it was in the midst of a wild electoral result and the left were extremely upset. The subsequent referendum appeared to have a huge invisible backer for MMP. A result of that made the other ( and more viable) alternatives invisible and it became a 2 horse race with an entirely predictable outcome.
            Just think, our present system is only used in 1 other country .. Germany. That was imposed on them post WW2 by the Allies knowing it would produce a result that, they hoped, would not result in the election of another Hitler.

      • johnbronkhorst

        It took me a while to find it, but here is your answer.

        “There are two kinds of fools. One says, “This is old, and therefore good.” And one says, ” This is new, and therefore better.”
        ― John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider

  • conwaycaptain

    Under FPP the vast majority of Green, NZ First and Labour MPs would never have got into Parliament. They are Cannon Fodder and are only there at the whim of the Leader.
    Step out of line and you are dog tucker. None of these would be able to get a job in private industry at much more than the Av salary if that. They have been employed by the likes of the Party, Greenpeace and other NGOs with like minded ideas.
    For example who would employ the Member from Mars, Jan Logie, JoJo Mathers, and many of the NZF and Labour List MPs.

    • Catriona

      My point exactly. And that is why I will never vote for the Green Party in any shape or form and even though my point about FPP has been challenged by another reader, what we are seeing now is a pretty slack lineup of Politicians who can get into Paliament under MMP. I know what I prefer. And Kevin Hague would never in a thousand years been nominated and gained a seat in Parliament under the old system.

  • timemagazine

    The vast majority of academics are leftists and need a good shake up. After all they are founded by us-the taxpayer and many of them just waist this money on stupid projects.

  • phronesis

    How many Green MP’s are associated with the international criminal organisation Greenpeace?

  • colinrippey

    Sledge of the day nominee: “….who is she?”

  • D.Dave

    One loves the Gween’s tolerance of other peoples opinions. They are such bitter and humourless individuals. They are without the capabilities of logical and enlightened debate. Thank God we have them in Parliament, as they make the other opposition parties seem almost normal…… there again, maybe not.