So, now the politicians wake up to our security issues

Martin Place gunman Sheik Man Haron Monis

Martin Place gunman Sheik Man Haron Monis

The politicians seem to have woken up to the problems facing New Zealand in the face of Islamic terrorism.

As the Police wrap up the scene in Martin Place Sydney after a nutter Muslim cleric from Iran who was on bail as accessory to murder held hostages at gunpoint they are now coming forward show their support behind recent legislation.

The MP who chaired the anti-terrorist legislation rushed through Parliament last week, Mike Mitchell, says the bill was “100 per cent” justified.

And he said he had had messages yesterday thanking him for the bill in light of the Sydney hostage crisis.

“It becomes a lot more real for people when it’s three hours across the ditch.”

Labour leader Andrew Little, who also supported the new powers, said the sorts of risks the law dealt with “are real”.

Mr Mitchell, a former security specialist who ran a company in the Middle East for 10 years, said New Zealand was not immune.

“We don’t have some sort of magic inoculation that means we couldn’t be exposed to some sort of extremist actions here.”

And what of Russel Norman and Winston Peters and the Maori party?

They voted against theĀ legislation.

Reporters should go shove cameras in their faces.

Mr Mitchell said one thing he had learned after dealing with terrorists’ acts for a decade was that they had become good at adapting and changing tactics to defeat measures taken by countries to mitigate risk.

“You do have to be quite flexible and be able to move quickly and take all the measures we need to prevent that from happening.”

The bill followed advice from New Zealand security agencies about Isis (Islamic State) recruiting foreign supporters through social media.

Isis enlists recruits to undertake local acts of terrorism or join its ranks in Syria or Iraq, where it has engaged in mass killings and some beheadings in its bid to set up a caliphate, a state ruled by a single leader under Islamic law.

Passed with the support of Labour, the legislation gave the Security Intelligence Service extra powers including warrantless surveillance for 24 hours and the ability to cancel passports for up to three years.

Mr Little said last night that it was not yet known whether the Sydney crisis involved somebody connected to a network, or was a lone person or whether it was someone with mental health issues. “But the reality is that the sort of risks that the legislation is designed to deal with are real.

“Even though Australia’s security assessment is higher than ours, nevertheless the world is not a benign place even down this end of the globe and we shouldn’t assume that it is.”

Andrew Little will be getting a phone call from Helen Clark with that statement.

We do not live in a benign environment any longer and it is only a matter of time before the same thing happens here.


– Audrey Young, NZ Herald


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  • R&BAvenger

    It was only a matter of time before HC’s “benign defence environment” statement would return to haunt her and Labour. Fortunately nothing significant has happened in New Zealand – yet.

  • Yes,the amount of Leftie politicians that will now claim 20/20 hindsight vision…

  • conwaycaptain

    Benign security environment!!!
    Upgrade the Patrol Vessels to heavily armed corvettes. Buy two adapted Oil Supply Vessels Ice Class to patrol down to the ice.
    Replace the Orions with Posiedons armed with Long Range missiles.

    • symgardiner

      Time to move with the times Captain. Bring on the drones.

      • conwaycaptain

        But you need ships to be able to board

        • symgardiner

          A Hellfire removes the need for boarding.

  • Blue

    Reading that, you would think it was Andrew Little and Labour Party that had introduced the anti-terrorist legislation, no mention of National or John Key.

    • ex-JAFA

      And no mention of any other party which supported the bill all the way through the House, not just begrudgingly voted for it after opposing it.

  • conwaycaptain

    Wait until Minto and the tame apparatchiks start spouting

  • sheppy

    its a pity the new legislation doesn’t allow travel to the Middle East before the travel privilege is revoked. The last thing we need is resentful nutters turning their anger on this misguided beautiful country that houses them because they aren’t able to meet their appointment with Darwinism elsewhere

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Problem is, if you know someone intends to go somewhere to rape and kill innocent people then we have a duty to save those people by not just letting them go and acting as though it’s not our problem now that they’ve gone. I’d rather they weren’t here in the first place of course.

      • sheppy

        It’s a quandry and I wonder what the alternatives are.
        Keeping resentful around who don’t want to be here won’t end well sadly

      • Wheninrome

        How do you know they intend to rape and kill in advance? Innocent till proven guilty.
        I doubt whether any of these so called freedom fighters who wish to go from NZ will survive the experience over there, I wonder whether they will actually kill and rape, or rather be killed and used by their so called Masters as an example of some kind, i.e. given their lives for the cause, gone to paradise, aren’t they lucky.
        Keeping them here, unhappy and feeling disenfranchised, free to act as they will is likely to cause more harm to innocent NZ’ers than if we let them go.
        We either have to lock them up which goes against our “Innocent till proven Guilty” laws, or incarcerate them as “Mentally Insane” and who is going to make that judgment.

  • tjb

    Benign is just a euphemism for a soft target, and if this incident proves anything it is that nutjobs with a religious bent will pop up anywhere you let them. NZ will get hit eventually.

  • Annoyed

    I am seriously beginning to hate the MSM. Every time anything happens, they rush to Little for comment. They don’t care what our government thinks, just the leader of the opposition. It’s 3 years out and they’re already trying to get him elected.

    • Heather Baugh

      Don’t worry. He’s got such an annoying voice they will have encourage the heckles to be well raised by then. He comes across as such an opportunist
      People won’t be fooled. He also does what Helen did. He sends in Annette when he’s not certain what the reaction will be. Helen used this ploy with Michael , Phil and Trevor. It’s why John Key us so popular.
      No BS. And he does all the fronting himself no matter what the consequences.

      • Monito

        Totally agree John Key fronts whatever needs to be said or done – that’s why we are so darned lucky to have him running the country if we wanted a deputy doing all the talking we would elect them.

    • ex-JAFA

      Well at least now that Labour have had their (handicapped) leadership race, the MSM can ask them instead of filling the void with Wussel’s whine-du-jour.

  • Catriona

    Well, well, well. If there is any Politician who doesn’t believe that NZ will be a target in the future should resign immediately. That would include the Greens would it not?
    Thankyou John Key for upping the anti on the anti-terrorist legislation.

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    Our Police and front line Customs Officers should carry side arms.
    NZ is a target.
    If this tragic event is not the wake up call for our politicians, I don’t know what is.

  • oldmanNZ

    “where are Russel Norman the Greens?”

    They all down at the beach with there heads in the sand.

    • kayaker

      They’ll be in the forest hugging trees.

      • Luis Cannon

        Message to the Greens. Go hug some terrorists. It might be the kindest thing you’ll ever do. Ka-boom.

    • sin-ic

      Doing a personal visual inspection of their own anal canal.

    • Luis Cannon

      Just waiting for the mealymouthed Vegetables to come up with excuses for these terrorist scum. New Zealanders will at last wake up to the fact that the Greens are little more than unelected fifth columnists trying to undermine our society.

    • rangitoto

      Hope they aren’t using plastic bags made from evil oil to keep the sand out of their hair.

    • Simon Brown

      The one advantage of their method, is that there is no need to adjust your prayer mat in the direction of Mecca.

  • axeman

    Agree. when will Duncan Garner & Paddy Gower get Russell Norman, Winston and the Maori Party on and grill them like they have grilled Key over texting. Answer never, why because it doesn’t suit them or it would be seen as being opportunistic.
    Weak wimps, not only that they wont get John Key on and thank him for pushing through the new laws under urgency. If they don’t then they should be fired for not doing their job.

    • Not Clinically Insane

      They want something like this to happen here. They’d wet themselves covering it then demanding answers afterwards

      • Whitey

        And they would blame it on John Key.

        • axeman

          Of course because he is after all responsible for the GFC, Canterbury’s Earthquakes, Pike River, Rena grounding, global warming and anything else that goes wrong

      • axeman

        This is why they are not in Government because they are not leaders.
        Easy to be in opposition when you are not responsible for the safety of 4.3 million citizens

  • timemagazine

    The greens won’t wake up. Much too hard for them as they are delicate and fragile creatures. Easier to sling mud and not too much effort needed for this.

  • Bluemanning

    On 1zb news on the hour “there are calls that our PM is being opportunistic “. I am fast going off that radio station.

    • They sure do seem hell bent on changing their audience demographic. Smalley was just the start I feel ….

      • Bluemanning

        If smally gets a daytime slot it will be the finish for me for Zb

    • I think they were repeating the face of the day’s comment, which is probably more opportunistic than anything Key said.

      • Bluemanning

        It is the left that are using this tragedy to be politically opportunistic; the Prime Minister wants to do his best to make our society safe.

    • 2rotorbro

      Larry Williams is good. Only other person I bother listening to on radio in NZ is Sean Plunket on Radio Live. Radio Sport is good for your sanity.

  • kloyd0306

    With both TV network news hard-left leaning, the Herald being an arm of the Labour/Greens movement and now ZB losing Leighton but gaining a potty Smalley, it is little wonder that WOBH is growing in stature.

    • abeltasman1642

      Losing Leighton Smith?

  • NotGandalf

    Just blown away by the tripe on TDB today, utterly disgusting.

  • Tom

    Should we sign up John Minto, Russell Norman and Liela for the cause ?