Oh OK, here’s some more Herald Bombs

Pete said in the comments the other day that I was hopeful of no more Herald Bomb posts for the year.


He was right.


Shocking stuff! …I wonder if they were gobsmacked…or experienced shocks?


Eh? “this sister”?

And how many times is it required to report the same accident?


It would appear that the minimum requirement is for the NZ Herald to report on an accident at least 3 times and if you can squeeze a fourth article in for the summer break then all power to the subbies.

No wonder nobody wants Yesterday’s papers.


– NZ Herald, plumbing the depths of stupidity


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  • Pete

    Another re hash of old “news” from Radio NZ..I also note that these trained and skilled journalists report someone else got into trouble “Hear”


  • Mags

    I decided this morning that I would stop reading about crashes and catastrophes because it freaks me out. I felt that the headlines were overwhelming and now I know why. It’s scaremongering.

  • Technomage

    What about this. Using a picture of a snow storm in Colorado, USA, to illustrate their story about snow storms in Europe! Must be at least one picture of European snow on the Internets!


    • Dave

      Give them some wriggle room, they got the Snow part right, and they could have meant. Sweeps Europe, and on over to the USA.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      OK so it’s a “File” photo, but also “Think stock” which supposedly is to make or help one think ??

      Yes, a stock of pics designed so they can pick just the right ones to mould the way you think.
      But not much thought went into it on their part, should be called “Lazy pick-a-pic Non-think stock”

  • Dave

    A PS to the MSM about your REPEATING of the terrible crash in Northland, most reported a Range Rover……. it was actually a Land Rover Discovery. Same parents, different vehicle.

  • Nebman

    Didn’t they farm out the sub-editing offshore for most MSM rags? It would explain the outcomes we now get.

    From the deepest and darkest recesses of my somewhat addled memory, I recollect that cadet journos were taught to write stories for an average reading age of 12.

    I do wonder if somewhere along the line, MSM have dropped the “reading” part of that lesson. It’s not hard to feel very let down by these people.