One last set of Herald Bombs to end the year with

It seems the NZ Herald jut can’t get anything right, not even simple stuff like dates.jan2

And there is fire everywhere, including with Brendon McCullum.


You’d think they’d get the name of their own staff member right wouldn’t you…especially as they splashed her all over the front page.


No wonder no one wants Yesterdays Papers.



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  • I think you’re being a little optimistic to think this will be your last Herald Bombs post. They’re going full retard right now as their holiday skeleton staff are phoning it in.

  • steve and monique

    Have I been asleep for the past few days, and woken up in 2015. God sake, how can that mistake happen. Mind you it is as accurate as their reporting style.

  • john Doe

    When you make up the stories in the “news” you can put any date you like on it.

  • timemagazine


  • oldmanNZ

    Imagine people just woken up after a big xmas feed and boozing, think they been asleep for a week and missed new years eve.

  • coltheman

    Maybe someone else posted that elsewhere and a lazy journalist has just copied and pasted it.

    • Quite likely its not just laziness- they are becoming demoralized as the whole organization slides towards oblivion. One look at any paper issue is enough to see its only an advertising rag now.

      • Sooty

        They even buy in new plain paper now days, instead of old newspapers! The heralds not much use for anything.

  • Maybe its “Trojan marketing”? Because not every day can be a “Len Brown” day.
    Make deliberate mistakes so WOBH picks up on them… And in return… Hey presto! Increased readership.

  • Andrea

    It carries onto today also, According to the NZ Herald it is now Jan 3rd 2015. Once you may be able to get away with, but twice is just sheer incompetence. or maybe it is just because they know how bad they were as a newspaper in 2014 they want the year over and done with quickly.

    “Saturday, January 3

    2:10PM Saturday Dec 27, 2014

    Today is Saturday, Jan. 3, the 3rd day of 2015. There are 362 days left in the year. Highlights in history on this date: 1521 – Martin Luther is … More”

    • mommadog

      Everyone’s gone on holiday and they wrote the new year’s articles weeks ago. The mistake was publishing early. Guess the cats out of the bag now its been published early. The question is will they repeat it on the real January 3rd.

  • PM of NZ

    Horrid can’t get anything right. From a couple of days ago…

    A boat collision is reported near Marsden Point at Whangarei Harbour heads, East Coast. Picture used with article appears to be Hokianga Harbour heads on West Coast. Near useless reporting continues.

    • dgrogan

      Northern Advocate. You’d think the chief Northland paper would know better wouldn’t you.