Opposition promotion of award winning blogger continues

Another day in parliament and another day of the opposition continuing to promote the website and me.

Q2 – 13 mention by name from Russel Norman.

TVNZ covered this question:

The Prime Minister faced a barrage of questions over his relationship with the Whaleoil blogger.

“Is the reason he responded to texts from Cameron Slater over the last few months, but didn’t respond to texts from Press Gallery journalists, because Cameron Slater is a friend or because he fears Cameron Slater?” Dr Norman asked.

Mr Key replied: “I, for most part, do actually answer the text messages I get from Press Gallery journalists. Sometimes they are reporting about what a muppet that member makes of himself when he asks me questions.”

Mr Key changed his mobile phone number in the fallout over the ‘Dirty Politics’ book. He has now admitted texting his new number to political journalists, and Mr Slater.   

Q3 –  8 mentions by name by Andrew Little.

Twenty one additional mention to add to the 155 mentions last week in the house.

Of course then there are the all the news media stories…all over whether or not the Prime Minister texts me or doesn’t text me.


These muppets need to learn a thing or tow…all they are doing is helping promote me, my award winning blog and my agenda.

Long may it continue.


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  • Chris

    As John Key said what a Muppet Norman is. Interesting to note in the clip that when he was speaking, the 3 members behind him were all looking down, perhaps they were hanging their heads in shame.
    What a waste of 6 minutes 43 seconds.

  • john Doe

    The Greens, Labour and the haters don’t like change. The internet and blogs are the way of the future. Whaleoil is leading the charge. They don’t like it as they are losing their union backed control of information disemination. Long live Whaleoil.

  • LesleyNZ

    A must watch in the Beehive – the “New Muppet Show” :
    Mahna Mahna………….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N_tupPBtWQ
    and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmE0oAtY5L4

    • Two Reds and one Green; yep, sums it up nicely…

  • cows4me

    How many thousands of dollars were spent on parliamentary time leaning the Aussie pest is a muppet ? I was under the impression this was common knowledge.

  • What an absolute idiot Wussell is, this exchange is the sort of infantile nonsense one would expect from a primary school debate and is hardly appropriate to the House. Love the reference to Bradbury!

  • Jordan

    What an absolute Muppet Wussell is…and the only reason he mentions Cameron Slaters name 6 million times is in the hope his video will appear on Whaleoil

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    The continued stupidity of these idiots must be a dream come true for anyone who’d rather not have a socialist government ever again. Every day they keep shovelling out more dirt for their own graves. In two and a half years they’ll find out that they’ve dug so deep no ladder will reach down far enough to let them climb out and Cam will be waiting with his bulldozer to fill in the hole. Then it’ll be nice if National grew a full sack and moved back to the right or a new right party gained some traction to stop National slipping left as they have been.

  • Chris EM

    Oh the hypocrisy of the Green taliban. Does this muppet not realise every time he opens his mouth he is spewing CO2 into the atmosphere? Not only is he keeping our elected government from running the country by asking his inane questions, but he is also contributing towards this global warming farce which he worships so dearly.

    Absolute moron.

  • Champagneshane

    One thing about Win is that he’s an old dog who learnt many of his political skills under Rob Muldoon and he has a well polished crystal ball, so he just may be hedging his bets for two years time. You never know when you may need some help

  • Maybe you should change your name to Voldemort, The Website that must not be named.

  • kayaker

    These idiots (JK excluded) are wasting Parliamentary time and taxpayer funded salaries. It’s time the Speaker closed this down. It’s great that you’re getting free publicity though, Cam.

  • kiwiinamerica

    This was yet another magnificent sledge directed at the Aussie commie.