Opposition: Slater holds something over Key

Paddy Gower helps the hate-train along for another day

Mr Key claims he does not have “a proactive relationship” with Slater.

He was questioned on why he has stayed in text contact with Slater following the Dirty Politics scandal.

“For the most part I haven’t,” says Mr Key. “I haven’t had a proactive relationship with him.”

Today’s questioning was about Mr Key giving Slater his new number when he changed it after it was made public by the Rawshark hacker during the election, Mr Key saying he gave it to “all journalists”.

“I gave it to people I had text conversations [with] in the past.”

The Opposition says Slater has something over Mr Key.

OK, let’s get it out in the open, but only if you agree to quote all of it.  That you lot in parliament, and you lot in the media.  Here it is:   “I do have something on Key.  But what I have on Matt McCarten is one thousand times more damaging.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron Slater has information that could hold the Prime Minister over a barrel,” says Labour Party leader Andrew Little. “That could be very embarrassing for him.”

I’ll tell you what I do have Andrew: I have some information that will embarrass you.

“I’m not saying blackmail; (says Russel Norman)

Correct.  I don’t do blackmail.  It is illegal.  Thank you for that.  After that, nothing more really needs to be said.

I’m saying how do you explain why John Key doesn’t just ignore Cameron Slater?” says Dr Norman. “It’s inexplicable really.

What is inexplicable is you going to the Dotcom Mansion and talking election strategy with Kim Dotcom.  Didn’t work out so well, did it?   We all do things that are inexplicable.

One possible reason is that he’s frightened by what Cameron Slater might have recorded in those telephone calls.”

Dr Norman questioned why Mr Key gave Slater his number: “Because Cameron Slater is a friend or because he fears Cameron Slater?”

“I, for the most part, do respond to texts I get from press gallery journalists; sometimes they are reporting about what a Muppet that member [Dr Norman] makes of himself when he asks questions.”

Contacted today, Slater said he did record phone calls but that it was a “complete fantasy” that he was holding information that could embarrass the Prime Minister.

You know what Russel, even though I can’t understand why you ever built a relationship with Kim Dotcom, it’s still yours to do, make and have.  I will not stand in your way.  You can talk to anyone you like.  And so can Kim Dotcom.

You see, there’s the difference.   You want to decide who I or John Key can talk to.

Do you even realise how absurd that is?


– 3 News


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  • The Left – proponents of Free Speech, as demonstrated daily on the Standard and TDB websites… unless you don’t agree with us – then you shall be silenced!

    …meanwhile in Labour’s War Room – “The floggings will continue until morale improves”

  • 2rotorbro

    The reason John Key doesn’t just ignore Cameron Slater – John Key isn’t an idiot.

  • Chaos

    I have come to realise something watching question time, the opposition are either liars or are technological stupid. They make out that John Key went through his phone and sent out a message to each person individually with his new number, rather than just sending a single message to all. To the opposition, welcome to 2014, the internet now exists, people turn to said internet for their news, information, gossip, etc. That means today bloggers on the internet are playing a major role in how people get their news, so it is only logical that politicians talk to blogger. But alas, you already know that in the opposition, it is why you all not only have contacts in bloggers but also staff who blog not so secretly.

  • Tony

    Can’t wait until Cam releases what he has on the left, that will make them pull their heads in. I find it amazing that Russel Norman dictates to John Key who he should and shouldn’t talk to. I bet there would be an uproar if it was the other way around.

    • Dave

      I am sure WO is working on the theory, give them enough rope…… and am sure the rope is attached, and they have had enough signs from him its time to stop.

      They are like Bullies prodding away constantly, and then they wonder when the same comes back at them, when it does, they will declare “its that toxic blogger”

  • Sally

    And while COS,McCarten, remains in Labour’s backroom the attack from the left will continue.
    We must all remember the COS is paid by the taxpayer, you and me.

  • Mav E Rick

    What is it about you Cam that is so toxic to people on the left? All the people I know couldn’t give a tin of fish if John Key texted you or even if he went on a holiday with you. I simply cant understand why the MSM and the lefties get themselves all worked up over why John Key would give you his phone number. The bizarre thing is, that in this free country of ours – we are free to do what we like. The controlling lefties however want to control everything, power prices, shower roses, light bulbs and now even who we should or shouldn’t be associated with. The look of shock horror on the faces of the reporters when they announce that John Key has given his phone number to Cam is the same shock they expressed when reporting on 911. It is totally out of proportion as news worthiness and the more this goes on, the more people turn off on the leftie MSM rabble.

    • Captain Darling

      I couldn’t agree more, I just wish Key could articulate this better than he has so far.

    • Mainstream Mike

      Why to the commies hate Cam?

      Because the stupider ones think Cam lost ’em the election.

      The brighter ones know the truth: Cam is wiping the left out of politics in NZ!

  • WordWeasel

    Even by his own standards, Gower was drooling along in his unique smarmy way. He couldn’t help smirking at his little snide comments. He’s loving this whole saga – shame he doesn’t realise that most of the potential audience doesn’t agree with him.

    • Positan

      I’d reached the same conclusion about Gower’s practically constant, smarmy performance nowadays. There have been times when, being completely objective, he’s delivered well – but all we seem to get from him now is this hardly watchable, let alone credible, performance of one so immersed in the vacuous knowledge of what’s going on “behind the bike sheds” he’s almost fizzing at the bung.

      • Captain Darling

        He must spend hours coming up with those smarmy one liners, he manages to insert into every report.

  • Skydog

    I say they’ve lost control of the messenger. The message has always been there, but no longer can they control it’s delivery, timing and the truth.

  • A Goldie

    From when the then president of the labour party rushed to Melbourne to try and find dirt on John Key to now, a period of over 6 year we have had every screaming left wing card carrying person (inc most of the MSM) digging and hacking, all endeavoring to do the same and all have come up with a big fat zero.
    In doing so and out of what must be blinding frustration they are now rounding on the anti hero, New Zealand’s best and most honest blogger and accusing him of having the dirt they so miserably failed to find.
    Is this their collective way of expressing their admiration of the anti hero’s ability or a cover for their obvious investigative inadequacies.
    That I don’t know but it certainly shows their lack of intelligence (pun may or may not be intended).

    • JustanObserver

      And despite all the digging & hacking …
      Both Cam & John are the most Popular in their respective fields.
      ….. End of Story …..

  • johnnyB

    Perhaps he just doesn’t ignore him because he is a link to a massive slice of his constituents – a lot more people read this blog than voted for you Russell

  • JustanObserver

    “I’m saying how do you explain why John Key doesn’t just ignore Cameron Slater?” says Dr Norman. “It’s inexplicable really.”
    It’s inexplicable why John Key doesn’t just ignore Russel Norman, stop indulging his daily ‘self-gratification’ and just tell him to ‘take his hand off it’.
    The PM (and anyone with a message to be told) will naturally want to communicate with a lauded journalist.
    Perhaps the real story is that the likes of Wrongly-Wrongson, (aka Martin-Martyn, aka Bomber), Giovanni Tiso, Andrea Vance and the spiteful hate-train passengers all can’t get the PM’s number, let alone a conversation with him, and they HATE-that !

  • phronesis

    It amuses me greatly that Wussell is arguing that the only media that should be allowed to report on politics is the MSM which as we know are all owned and controlled by those evil multinational corporations. The homegrown independent voice must be shutdown to protect the poor billionaire media moguls who always tell us the truth about everything. You couldn’t make this stuff up….

    • Ruahine

      You make a most interesting point Phronesis. I will definitely be throwing that argument into the debate when next time my Lefty drinking buddies start on Cam.

  • Karma

    Russell Norman is an embarrassment to New Zealand politics.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      That is mildly putting it….

    • zotaccore

      … and he just as much an embarrassment to Australians as well, perhaps that why he escaped to New Zealand.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Norman has no shame….So he would have simply brushed off this sledge with his sheepish grin.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    This is a free country Toxic Greens. Anybody can contact anybody. If you don’t like it. leave the country.

    • Wallace Westland

      Please…it’s polite to say please…therefore
      ‘ If you don’t like it. leave the country. PLEASE!

  • Alexander K

    Dr Norman, co-leader of the Greens doesn’t understand John Key’s freedom to communicate with Cam in any way of JK’s (or Cam’s) choosing. That lack of understanding illuminute’s Dr Norman’s general lack of understanding of politics in particular and life in general. My command of the English language fails me when I attempt to describe Dr Norman’s general cluelessness without using unacceptable language.

  • Cadwallader

    The really really sad thing is that Smalley will parrot this sentiment, if not the actual words, at 5am tomorrow as she provides her well thought out opinion for the day.Why oh why, do these msm leeches believe they are worth something to someone? I am told to believe they are all skilled, well-trained, independent, probing, and balanced, while being the illuminators to the masses.They query why JK wishes to communicate with WO, the answer is not difficult is it? The alternative to WO is the dour mean-spirited speculation of the msm who are lost in a universe of their own. It must be a dark sad and unkempt place if Andy is their new love trinket.

  • Catriona

    What a load of codswallop. If anything, KDC mesmerised a lot of Opposition members including Russell Norman. They were prepared to talk deals with IP. So this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black imo.

  • Media Steriliser

    I read this after 1 or 2 others about said topic and yelled “For Pete’s Sake”. I then thought I better qualify that I meant “Pete” as in the saying rather than Pete from WO. “For Pete’s sake” has a definition along the lines of
    “Used to express frustration, exasperation, annoyance”

    I normally don’t bother too much but this clown now has me exhibiting all 3 of those emotions.

    You would think after the smashing this import took at the election that he/they would try and connect with the public but no, its constant whining, nagging, criticising blended in with their hypocracy and dictation. If he was one of my dogs, he would’ve been at the vet along time ago.

    He is adding absolutely nothing to running of the country

    Can we start a petition, do some Dirty Politics or a Givealittle to buy him a 1-way ticket or whatever and get rid of him.

    What is it with foreigners coming here trying to tell us how to run our country.

    That feels better

    • Champagneshane

      Cam, can you make this “featured comment runner up?…..or equal first?
      The bit about the dog to the vet is priceless

  • Champagneshane

    I am sure he logs on before switching off the bedside lamp. The humour and wit in the comments is a wonderful sedative…. Unless of course you are part of the queue lining up for the WO gallows after the holidays

  • Mainstream Mike

    It think you misspelt “2020” or perhaps “2023”

    As it is, I hope when National goes, they get replaced by an ACT / Conservative coalition…