The Orion launch

Next stop?  Mars.


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  • (1) They launched a Mosque into space?
    (2) Worryingly and being sensible there was a twitterer who was questioning the global warming impact that NASA and in general the launch of rockets has.
    (3) That is Spec-tac-u-lar!

  • Alright

    That is amazing! I mean the whole concept. But then I still look at B777’s in awe….

  • I tried to stay up to watch this live, fell asleep in the lazyboy at about 30 minutes to lift off, woke up just prior to orbital insersion

  • Cadae

    That’s a good first test of the Orion spacecraft – which would be just the command and crew vehicle for getting to Mars. But they need a much more powerful launch system to go beyond low earth orbit and on to Mars. This launch was trivial compared with Saturn V used by Apollo. The Saturn V had four times the payload capability of this Delta IV Heavy rocket. The launch of any integrated Mars system will be far more spectacular than this.

    • Alright

      You have slapped your credentials on the table. You are a genuine rocket scientist. Appreciate your insights.

    • Bryan

      they have another bigger one on the drawing boards already but sure was a good show I had sat up the night before and watched the four attempts would love to know who was the ship owner that stopped the first chance but still amazing pictures as it was climbing we never saw that when apollo was taking off

  • David Kerr

    Orion 1 and delta 4 now transsending the speed of sound, who could ever get sick of that, love it.