Parents of fat children should be charged


The ever-controversial Katie Hopkins has incurred the wrath of her critics once again after claiming parents of obese children should be prosecuted for “child cruelty”.

The comments were made in an interview ahead of her upcoming TLC documentary My Fat Story, which is due to air in January.

The former Apprentice star gained almost four stone in weight for the film, to ‘prove’ that overweight people should “stop blaming everyone else for problems they can control”.

Think of Katie as a right-wing Simon Cowell of Life, and you’ve got the right idea.  She’s in the business of telling bludgers and professional victims to harden up and take responsibility for their lives.

Hopkins also insisted she had “no problem” reporting the parents in question to social services.

“Somehow in this horrible society of ours, being fat is seen as kind of ‘chubby’ or ‘acceptable’ or kind of ‘cuddly’.

“Well, it’s none of those things, that is child cruelty right there. The fact that we are now selling plus-sized uniforms for kids in schools is absolutely abhorrent to me.




– The Independent


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  • RightofSingapore

    Certainly, the more extreme cases like if the kid is a blob, should see the parents charged but not if the kids has just a little bit extra. Also parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids should also be charged with child neglect.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Vaccination is a very controversial and topical issue. Its one thing to with hold food going in, its another compelling by law people to put something into their child’s body without 100% knowing what it is and its ramifications.

      • Tux

        Agreed – both of our children are vaccinated but I totally accept those who choose not too do it. You cannot know for certain what is going in.

  • Wallace Westland

    A friend of mine, an early childhood teacher was here for a visit and saw a kid about 8 years old that there is no way I could have picked (my youngest is 10 and I pick her up no problems) up waddle past with her mother as I met her at the gate.
    She made EXACTLY the same the comment..and she made it loud!

    And the mothers filthy looks meant nothing to her. She cracks me up sometimes.

  • timemagazine

    As long as people don’t take responsibility for every single thing they do that has consequences in their lives nothing will change. And as long as people see the state or the government responsible for their lives nothing will change. The first step would be for the state and the government to slowly get out of people’s lives.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Im loving this lady, my kind of woman!

  • Lance Ralph

    I have read in The Daily Telegraph that the European Commission has declared obesity to be a disability. European employment law will require employers (over a critical size (no pun) ) to provide obese staff with a car park space, extra wide chairs etc.

  • 1951

    One point to note; I believe Fat people are undernourished. With choosing cheap, over-processed food which no-longer represents the original form has to be depleted of nutrients. They eat more & more as the body craves what it requires to maintain health.
    I feel that’s why the queues of people outside City Mission are over-weight. Good food isn’t cheap. It would have been kinder to give them a bag of greens, a jar of vegemite and a book on food choices, than have them line up for a plate laden of Maggie artificial gravy.

    • Wendy

      It is certainly true that obese people can be malnourished.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      ‘good food isn’t cheap’…. BIGGEST LIE EVER!!!! Just an excuse for people who are too lazy and stupid to eat rubbish!
      …..I say as I eat a packet of biscuits I got for xmas for lunch.

      • 1951

        Ok cookie monster… compare …… lightweight $loaf of white bread to that of Vogel’s mixed grain. Which is going to supply the most nutrients, which is going to sustain the appetite for longer…..which costs more ?

        • BlitzkriegNZ

          Easy, don’t buy bread. Seriously, everyone throws out crazy comparisons like they have some sort of human right to eat what everyone else who can afford it eats.
          Big bags of rice or oats are cheap and way better for you than bread and there’s also this thing called a garden.

          • 1951

            Absolutely agree, but if you don’t have the knowledge and you resort to the over-processed cheaper foods, your body is not going to respond the same as those who do.

          • metalnwood

            I agree that they dont know and they buy rubbish food – at least some of them do. Then there are the lazy ones that do know and cannot be bothered.

            I dont agree that good food is too expensive. It can be cheap if you are organised and you cook for yourself.

            people that decide they will cook a healthy dinner but rarely do it will put together a shopping list and go and buy a bunch of stuff and say, what? It costs that much for ingredients for one dinner?

            It’s usually because a lot of what they get is wasted but if they had the knowledge to plan a week in advance then everything they buy gets used and the $$ per meal price drops a lot. Lot’s of people don’t plan and that will cost them, not the cost of the ingredients.

          • 1951

            Knowledge is short in supply with some. If you haven’t grown up with a good example, how else are you going to find out? That is the problem with those calling on the City Mission.

          • metalnwood

            It is in short supply, but in response to your original post, it’s about the only thing thats going to fix things for them as we cannot tell them where to spend their money.

          • MaryLou

            There’s also an incredible amount of people who really just don’t understand the difference between good and bad. I’ve met people who swear black and blue that (for example) their children only eat nutritious food – there’s nothing wrong with luncheon sausage – it’s only “meat” after all. Really, I think we should bring back a version of home economics. And include price comparisons and nutritious cooking. It’d pay off in the long run.

      • Wendy

        I did my time on the dpb with two children and hardly two pennies to rub together. I am not too hard up in the brain cell department, and Im a genius in the kitchen and with a cash flow forecast. It is absolutely true that eating well is more expensive than living on cheap mince (padded out with rice) and bread and porridge (as I have had to).

        • MaryLou

          Yep – breadcrumbs make a little mince go a long way. But still – add something fresh and it’s still gotta be better for you than deep fried hot dog and chips. And cheaper.

      • jude

        The supermarkets over price some fresh fruit and veges.
        The best otion is to grow your own
        Nephew grows his vege in pots!
        I think also some people turn their noses up at the frozen vege, but I think they are as nutritious as fresh.

        • Tux

          Don’t buy it in a supermarket! Our local green grocer has been considerably cheaper for a long time.

    • Yeahright

      It’s easy to pick holes in your argument if you go to a supermarket, but you are onto some of the truth, the other is bad food is easy food, these people are just lazy!

  • TayheiNotts

    I saw a piece in a book about a bloke who rescued people from concentration camps about mid 1945. When the 23 year old women looked in a mirror they complained that they would never ever be beautiful in the whole of their life.
    Then I thought of the 9 year old obese young woman. She may say the same thing in 14 years time.

    • metalnwood

      Yep, it’s the self esteem and issues around that which can last longer than your weight and be more damaging when you are young.

  • Beetle

    Having almost suffocated after being squashed in a seat next to a very obese woman on an Air NZ flight, I have had time to think about this issue. The woman saw the look of fear on my face as she used the special sized belt to strap herself in and said “it’s not my fault I’m this size you know!” I think that if you are enormous air NZs should reqire that you pay for a bigger seat, as it’s not everyone else’s fault that you have become that size. I now ask at checkin not to be next to grossly obese passengers – I’ve paid for a whole seat, not 2/3 for me 1/3 for the person next to me.

    • Whafe

      And it is only going to get worse with time, it is becoming more common each month that passes by…

      Air NZ are far to scared to say anything about it, in case it causes negative media….

      What has the world come to?

      • metalnwood

        What airnz can start doing is placing obese people next to each other instead of next to other people that essentially have to give up their space.

        They will stop flying or they will voluntarily pay for two seats – or god forbid, they will lose weight.

        • Whafe

          Yep, reserve the back two rows for obese folk

          • metalnwood

            I know for people looking it seems like we are unfair and having a bit of a laugh but just wait until you are on a 10 hour flight as I have been fighting for my own seat space when I am already 6’2″ and have no leg room.

          • Whafe

            Yes, a 10 hour flight can be horrendous for sure with an obese person whom doesn’t give a dam.

            Must say, there are some obese folk whom are respectful re the room they take up.

          • 747 as a “tail dragger” Strewth.
            Brings a whole new meaning to flying a “jumbo”

    • OneTrack

      “it’s not my fault I’m this size you know!”

      Yes, it probably is.

      • mommadog

        I was just eating some potato chips while reading WO and this post has now ruined them for me. I feel like I should be going for a run instead. There are a few medications or medical conditions that will make people put on weight but you are right – for 99% of the overweight it is their faults. Every one is waiting for that magic pill so they can still eat what they want and don’t have to change their lifestyle. That pill is a long way off or it will come at a cost of major side effects.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    Here’s a good idea, chubby chasers might not be so keen but how about the extremely unhealthy and overweight people only breed between themselves, same with healthy, fit people… eventually we’ll evolve different sets of genetics and end up as 2 separate species with internals developed to process different diets. The more strictly we enforce it, the faster it’ll happen. Then if one day in the future the fit species discovers that the others taste really good, we’ll be able to feed the worlds hungry and maybe use their grease as biofuel! It’s like a green party wet dream of the future!… unless you’re their larping co-leader.

    • Whafe

      Am laughing hard

    • MaryLou

      Oh, that is so wrong, I’m trying very hard to keep the smile off my face

    • Cadwallader

      Blitzkrieg you are soooo German and I agree 100%

    • Tux

      Damn man that is brilliant but so wrong!

  • pisces8284 .

    My daughter was obese as a child over 30 years ago. We were a normal weight family eating normal nutritious meals but I couldn’t keep the weight off her. Her childhood was spent being told by our dr that maybe she was allergic to some foods so birthday parties were torture. School for her was a nightmare and finally in her early twenties she paid for gastric surgery herself and doesn’t regret it in the slightest. But thirty years on she is still at war with her body. Gluten intolerant, allergic to eggs and dairy, it is too simplistic to blame it on the parents

    • metalnwood

      I agree that there are cases and my brother was like your daughter, at 40 he still struggles with his weight, school was downright awful for him.

      Those are imho the minority and I am talking about, and I assume others, the obese kids walking around with obese parents and nothing can convice me it’s genetic when I see them eating the worse kinds of food.

      It’s because of what kids like your daughter wnet through that I have a real problem with so many parents who dont give a damn because they could have made a difference.

  • Our son was overweight when he was around 10 – 12 yeas old – so much so that we were referred to a local nutritionist and he had an MRI scan to check his Peturity gland for abnormalities. Nothing was found and the nutritionist could not fault his diet and exercise regime.

    Then at around 13 years old he started growing in height and we all understood why his body had put the weight on. One month he grew by around 1 foot! He now is around 6′ 4″ and is only 15 years old and still growing.

    Our bodies are weird things and – like our moms – sometimes know what is best for us. Just be at peace with changes in a child’s weight and see where it leads to. Too much tampering early on could adversely affect future outcomes.

  • Andy Brown

    My daughter makes smoothies. She put a bit of peach, some mango, and spinach together and blended it up. It was nasty at first but after the initial shock it tasted very good. Much better than cola.