Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West are being labelled “far right” by the media, but essentially it is a move by Europeans to stop what they see as their way of life being under threat.

At least 17,500 people took part in a protest against Islamization in Germany’s eastern city of Dresden, according to police. The Monday rally comes as the latest round of demonstrations organized by the rising far-right PEGIDA movement.

Thousands gathered by Dresden’s iconic opera house, the Semperoper, to demand stricter immigration rules.

PEGIDA’s founder and leader Lutz Bachmann [spoke] at the event, stating that “Germany is no immigrant’s land” and demanding that those who wish to live in the country do so by adhering to a “culture based on the Christian-Jewish” values and “humanism.”

PEGIDA’s organizers have said that they are standing up against extremism and not against immigrants as such, but the rallies have spread concerns over a rising far-right movement in Germany.

The group’s supporters refer to themselves as “patriots,” who are worried about the “watering down”of Germany’s Christian culture and values.

The same has happened with UKIP in Britain.  They are being called far right racists as well.  But anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty can see that by the time the invited guests tell the owners of the house how they can live, things have gone too far.

The anti-immigration movement has been gaining followers as Germany became the number one destination for asylum seekers in Europe. Moreover, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said in a report that Germany is the second most-favored destination after the US for refugees and asylum seekers.

Many German politicians, except for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, have spoken out against the movement. Meanwhile, locals have been stepping up their efforts in fighting off the rising nationalistic trend.

There is a judeo-Christian “white flight” taking place, and New Zealand is getting its share of “refugees”.  While European politicians refuse to listen to their own people, chosing to label them “far right” and comparing them to Nazis, there is no other option but for the movement to rise up.

Wanting to preserve your own culture and way of life is considered “far right” by media and politicians that are happily enabling the continued Islamification of Europe.   All this with a backdrop of “lone wolf” killings and radicalisation of people we would have considered our neighbours not long ago.

What the media and politicians refuse to acknowlegde is that we were happy to welcome Muslims into our way of life.  What we didn’t realise is that they aren’t interested in that.  With sufficient numbers, they now want to enforce their way of life onto us.  And they are willing to kill to make their point.

When media and politicians no longer serve you, what do you do then?


– Russia Today


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  • tinfoilhatguy

    Interesting that it’s taken the Germans to start standing up en masse to the tidal wave of intolerant violent Islam swamping the West. Good on them – more power to them. I hope this movement spreads across Europe.

    Not many here would consider themselves ‘far right’ but honestly I think a movement to towards a nationalistic right is the only thing that save many Western countries from becoming islamic states in 20 years.

    • Albert Lane

      The Germans have had to put up with Muslim residents for quite a long time. When the German economy started to boom, they found they needed labourers, and it was decided to bring in Turkish immigrants who were called Gast Arbeiters (hope the spelling is right). Yes. Guest workers. And over the years their numbers have grown, and now they are a real problem. So what should the Germans do about it? There really isn’t an answer. You let people in to democratic countries, and they marry and have children in those countries. Democracy doesn’t allow you to deport them. Neither does the EU. So what next? What can we learn from their mistakes?

      • Zippy

        A solution is for the state to first recognise that Islam is treason, being a declaration of war on all non-believers who refuse to surrender or pay tribute, and is contrary to any concepts of equality, decency or justice. That way any support for Islam can be dealt with as a treasonable offence punishable by deportation for immigrants or internment as a prisoner of war for the indigenous, with release only being possible after being de-programmed like the nazi youth had to be, or until the Islamic ideology has been defeated worldwide. That way you counter the threat posed by the supporters of the enemy ideology without targeting any race, and it also would encourage a mass exodus of ‘moderate’ muslims from Islam who wish they could leave it but currently fear their fellow muslims more than those who wish to defeat Islam.
        Muslims make not following Islam a losing choice in the areas they control – we need to turn that on its head and make supporting Islam the only losing choice. If we wish to prevail there is only one satisfactory outcome.. WE win and THEY lose. Anything else is surrender.

  • In Vino Veritas

    It always annoys me when I hear the right being labelled as Nazis. The Nazis were in fact socialists, and there are oodles of records that prove this (Hermann Rauschning’s Hitler Speaks of 1939 and the notes of Otto Wagener and Joseph Goebbels are a good place to start). Having the right branded as fascists is one of the most amazing propaganda coups of all time by the left. Fascism evolved from the left in the 1920’s and 30’s and is just the right spectrum of the left, just like communism is the left of the left.

    • kloyd0306

      Amen. Hitler’s party was the National SOCIALIST Party. Leftists thru and thru.

      • Andy

        The National Socialist German Workers Party, to give its full name in English

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    We’ll take all of the European ‘refugees’ who’d rather not be slaves to islam! Imagine how hard it’ll be for the left of NZ to ever get back in power if the majority of our immigrants were nationalist europeans. Ooooh and don’t forget all the hot scandinavian women!

    • MaryLou

      What nationality is Arnie :)

      • ex-JAFA

        Schwarzenegger? He’s Austrian – like Hitler and Eichmann. Arnie’s offer to dub his (English) lines for the German release of one of his movies was turned down because, apparently, his accent is that of “a dumb-arse farmer”. Seeing as a German we’re trying to get rid of thinks that’s all we are, Arnie would likely fit in nicely.

        • Pharmachick

          I believe that Mr. Schwarzenegger’s father was a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

  • Michael_l_c

    ‘When media and politicians no longer serve you, what do you do then?’

    After trying the peaceful ways, you either roll over & take it, or revolution. All you have to do is look through history. Look around the world.

  • dgrogan

    We can only fight extremism with extremism. Pacifism will give extremism what it strives for.

    • Benoni

      We dont need to be extremist. As long as we are not doormats and we allow no coercion to take place people will exit of their own accord from the lie and spiritual bankruptcy that is Islam. We allow no Sharia law, no burqua or niquab wearing, no anti-jewish books like the Koran, . That is we take Islam seriously to be what it says it is, an anti-democratic political system that has no place in a democracy.

      • dgrogan

        I think many would agree, exactly what you propose is extreme. Apart from semantics, I think we agree.

        • spanishbride

          How is that extreme apart from perhaps banning the Koran?
          In Bali they made my mother cover her head in order to visit certain sites that she had paid to visit. When in Rome you have to do as the romans do. We are not a repressive regime in NZ. Women are not made to cover their heads or faces, therefore they need to respect our culture or go back to their own.In their homelands Christians, homosexuals and women are persecuted,made slaves and put to death yet we quibble about telling them they can’t wear a head scarf?

          • ex-JAFA

            If people WANT to cover their faces, they are and should be allowed to do so. But they must understand that for security reasons they may not be welcome in some places like banks. If it’s made too impractical for them to cover their faces, they’ll choose not to.

          • Benoni

            Face covering is a tool of religous repression and should be outlawed outside the home. The chinese have banned it. The French have banned it . We should ban it. If you want to wear a face covering outside the home as an expression of religous conformity then go to North Africa. Now that is a win win result.

          • ex-JAFA

            Last time I went hunting and wore a balaclava as part of my camouflage, that was religious repression. When I was walking in a howling gale and covered my face with a scarf, that was religious repression. When I covered serious facial burns, that was religious repression.

            You don’t run a successful and happy society by banning some things and making other things mandatory. You let people do what they will, while making them responsible for any damage or loss their actions cause others.

          • Benoni

            You can make bad applications of the general rule eg face masks at a fancy dress party, but that does not invalidate the general rule. It is real easy to disallow Islamic coercion and repression. The only problem is lack of political will.

          • Old Man, Torbay.

            Covered faces won’t be impractical for the radicals. They’ll just insist that special rooms be provided where they can lift the veil for identification purposes.
            Of course they will insist that only a women can to see a females face.
            In some organizations the PC brigade already grovel to this Islamic demand.

          • dgrogan

            No argument from me at all, SB.

          • JAFA Gazza

            Totally agree. FIFO rule should be enshrined in law. Fit In or **** Off.
            Ed: typo.

          • Benoni

            The Koran has 100 anti-jewish statements. It is politically unacceptable. We ban it for its political content. If muslims want to bring the book into NZ they will have to cut out and remove all such traces of bigotry. The same applies to the Hadith.

      • OneTrack

        Is that what New Zealand is doing?

        • Benoni

          I would have done better to write “We should not allow Sharia Law, no burqua or niquab wearing, no anti-jewish books like the Koran.” So no that is not what NZ is doing. We are acting like a doormat and letting people bring into our democratic free society undemocratic behaviour and coercion of individuals consistent with Islamic rule.

          • Terence Hodgson

            Slowly it is done. Just wait till we have imams going around excluding menstruating schoolgirls from prayers, or, as in Canada, all schools having to rework their buildings so the toilets don’t face mecca. Just watch it start. Had one case a few years ago when a muslim accidentally got ham in a takeaway delivery and went to Campbell Live demanding a free trip to Mecca! Anyone remember that?

  • kloyd0306

    Multiculturalism has, is, and will forever, continue to fail, backed by a recent British poll which agreed 4 to 1 that the experiment is a disaster.

    • The UK is actually a very good example why Multiculturism does work. You don’t for example hear of discrimination against the Cornish any more do you, but the Cornish spoke there very own language that was commonly spoken up until 300 years ago.

      • dgrogan

        But it took a war between Royalist and Parliamentarians to get the thing sorted, IINM. The rule of force will be required to solve this problem too I’m thinking.

        • Good point, but those damned Cornish heathens had it coming!

          • dgrogan

            Ha, ha. But they knew how to make seaworthy sailing boats (Example: Falmouth Quay punts) so as far as I’m concerned, they are forgiven. :)

  • andrewo

    The article in The Independent (a better source than RT!) is far less biased and admits:

    “What has startled politicians, though, is that many Pegida supporters are not extremists or neo-Nazis but middle-class office workers, parents and pensioners.”

  • Wallace Westland

    Why is it then that you are a patriot if you stand up and complain about the Islamification of your country but a xenophobic racist if you complain about the Asianation of same country?

    • Honcho

      I am not scared of asians chopping my head off or blowing me up, I don’t have a problem with Asian immigration, I don’t think many kiwi’s do, however I do have a problem with the number of TOTAL migrants, and those who use exploits like ‘family reunification’, either jump through the same hoops or stay home, we have enough people who offer little.

      • Terence Hodgson

        Difficult to know what the total number of immigrants is as Statistics NZ includes people here for university study which I would never class as immigration.

    • spanishbride

      Asians assimilate to our way of life. They do not want to make our country a replica of what they left behind. They are a race not an ideology. See the difference?

    • I don’t like walking around New Zealand to find there are shops that have absolutely no English signage whatsoever. It makes me deeply sad. But that is still a long way away from Chinese migrants telling me how to run my life.

      • david

        Not to contradict you at all, but if you walk round a modern western style shopping mall in almost any country in the world all you will see is English. That includes Beijing and Hong Kong. I guess the difference is that its their (customer’s) choice.

      • Terence Hodgson

        Just had an Asian woman from an auckland shop Diamond Galleria tell us we should open shops on Christmas Day to cater to all the tourists from China, Indonesia etc. Saw it on TV3 news. Now if that’s not immigrants telling us off, what is!

  • Captain Darling

    I suspect it’s already way to late. I saw a tv programme recently about Belgium, where the muslims are just waiting, they breed at a far greater rate than the natives, so it’s only a matter of time before they become the majority.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Haven’t they got their own political party there too? They’ve already got the numbers to get voted in and in 20 years they’ll have enough to be a major party….. bye bye Belgium.

  • Whafe

    The global MSM will put more spin on this than is possible. It will not at all be far right supporters, it will be most sane thinking, realistic people.. This is what will be worrying the politicians and pathetic MSM..

    The fear the politicians have more or less lost control, and they sure have…. The movement of blogs such as our Whaleoil, many others around the globe, the politicians and MSM can no longer hide what is occurring Islamisation.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Is Christianity a race? Is Buddhism a race? No of course not. Why whenever someone or some group stands up to islam are they immediately shouted down as a racist? The MSM especially throws that in like there’s no tomorrow and left love it.

  • Eiselmann

    Ah the default Far -right label ….its a sad world we live in when the voice against terrorism in the name of God, slavery, child brides , honour killings, the subjugation of women, public execution, executing women because they were raped(must be their fault), is branded as extreme by the caring sharing leftwing media.
    The left has lost its soul.

    • JAFA Gazza

      Nailed it. Excellent summary. You win the internet today!

  • Tom McKechnie

    I think with the NZ contribution in the fight against the IS terrorists shows to anyone who cares to know, where NZ stands regards extremist threats.

    Should anybody of whatever religion or faith, disagree or take offence with our Government’s decision to become involved in the fight to eliminate this curse on humankind, they need to think again about what it means to be

  • paul468

    If media and politicians no longer serve you, do you do as them but be better, or do you come up with some other way to serve the people?

  • Michelle

    l heard them labeling them the far right and l thought yep they are on the right side of thinking and not the same side as the MSM and politicians

    Europe needs to watch out for a Spring rising from it’s people to tell the politicians what they want