Phillip Smith is like the Kim Dotcom of the Corrections Department

Turns out he’s quite angry that his plan didn’t work out, and now he “vil destroy anee boh dee”…

Convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith claims he paid $7000 to a “corrupt” prison officer at Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison to help him get a passport for his escape and other benefits.

Smith, 40, fled Auckland on a flight to Chile on November 6 just hours after getting out of Waikato’s Spring Hill Prison on temporary release. He left the country using a passport issued in his birth-name, Phillip Traynor.

He is currently being held in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo.

via Stuff

via Stuff

The Department of Corrections said tonight it is taking Smith’s claim about a prison guard seriously.

Smith, appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday via videolink, on charges of escaping custody and of gaining a passport by supplying a misleading particular.

It is alleged that he claimed to be living at a lower North Island address when he was actually in prison.

Tonight, he provided a media release via his lawyer, Tony Ellis, elaborating on how he allegedly got the passport.

He claims he met a prison officer in 2011 “who indicated that he was corrupt by offering me movies on a USB stick to watch on my TV.”

In the statement Smith claims he was aided by a “corrupt” prison officer.

Oh bugger… no…

“He also suggested that I could consider escaping to South America ‘as many of the Nazis did following the Second World War.’ Those were his words. He provided to me a passport application printed from the internet which I completed and gave to him for posting. He had also assisted me with the passport photos.”

In the statement Smith also claims that from a period spanning their first meeting to October or November 2012 the officer helped him attain a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and intelligence on prison searches to avoid detection of the phone. He says he kept the phone until December last year.

Corrections northern regional commissioner Jeanette Burns said police had been notified of Smith’s claim.

“The allegations made by prisoner Phillip Smith are as yet unsubstantiated and incomplete and have been referred to the Police.”

They can then form part of the ongoing investigation into his departure from New Zealand during a temporary release while under the supervision of his sponsor,” she said.

“These claims could also have an impact on the current court case in which he is facing charges.”

She added: The allegations may turn out to be serious but until they’re properly investigated and tested in court they remain just that, allegations.”

I heard a suggestion today that Judith Collins would make a good Corrections Minister at the first possible reshuffle opportunity.  It certainly looks like Corrections needs a complacency overhaul.   Nothing to do with the unions, I’m sure /TUI


– Talia Shadwell, Deidre Mussen, Stuff



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  • I have five words for Smith; put up or shut up.

    I suspect it’ll be the latter.

    • SlightlyStrange

      Sadly not until it has cost thousands of dollars in investigation costs.

  • cmm

    Meanwhile, on top of the $80k+ it costs to keep him as a prisoner, he’s costing the taxpayer tens of thousands in legal aid (funds earmarked for providing legal services to people in genuine need) and extra policing duties (taking police away from their core duties).

    He’s a psychopath. Anything he says or thinks about is delusional. His statements and opinions don’t matter.

  • Nige.

    I think he is just wanting to burn as much tax payer money as possible.

    Msm should just turn the switch off. They are just feeding into his massive massive ego.

    • Cadwallader

      Exactly, NZ would’ve been better served had he been left in South America.

      • Erm… so you’re ok with him pedophiling his way through South American kids then?

        • Cadwallader

          You’re making the assumption he’s still at it. The corrections people if they can be believed claim he is no longer a risk in that regard.

          • terrynaki

            you’re dead right,I think you should house him in his release period at you’re home cadwallader,after all he is no threat you say.

          • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

            Are you referring to the same corrections people that thought he could be trusted on day release?

    • Nige.

      Not only that but he’s trying to get back at corrections by doing this.

      Its pretty simple stuff really. Psychology 101 I recon. Am I wrong?

    • Salacious Crumb

      As with many of the nations scumbags; the media are their chief enablers.

      • Nige.

        Media are pronouncing words to descrube these types with enthusiasm and almost delight which 20 years ago would quite litteraly left any journalist with any moral disgusted or queezy at the thought of having to use.

    • DrQuack32

      The problem is that he is click bait because its a story. More clicks equals more dollars.

  • Kevin

    You’re right. Apart from the kiddy fiddling him and Dotcom are peas in a pod.

  • Woody

    Another possibility is that he is trying to fit up a prison officer who he doesn’t like.

    • I think that’s a decided possibility. Another similarity to Herr Schmitz, he of the fake Warners e-mail about John Key.

    • spanishbride

      Yeah, probably the one who took his wig ( and dignity ) away.

    • SlightlyStrange

      That’s our theory around here too.

  • Hollyfield

    Time will tell whether he’s telling the truth. However, he was regularly out of prison with I think a family member as a sponsor. Why would he need a prison officer to print an online passport application? Any of his family members or friends could have done that for him. Depending on how closely he was supervised he could have even printed it himself.

  • burns_well_eh

    This guy is a special kind of stupid. First, all the other inmates hate him because now they don’t get to go on day or weekend release (apart from the fact he’s a murdering kiddy-fiddler who now denies it). Then all the screws hate him because he’s played them for mugs and made them look bad, inviting a lot of scrutiny and no doubt tighter working conditions.

    Now he’s trying to take down one of the screws, meaning everybody in the system will hate him even more. Nobody likes a snitch, and if it’s going to make it harder to get contraband into prisons then he’ll be even less popular – if that’s possible.

  • Citizen

    Just sounds weird, that a prison guard offered him a usb stick to watch movies. Aren’t paedophiles the most roundly detested of the prison population, and yet a prison guard wants to be his friend? Unlikely one would think.

    • dgrogan

      Maybe they share the same fetish?

  • OT Richter

    His full statement also mentions that he was trying to get his life together by attending some sort of rehab course. But then this nasty corrections officer came along and hijacked his recovery by tempting him with gadgets and an escape plan. I foresee a lawsuit from Smith against corrections.

  • Hard1

    Smith is going to have a merry old time in the clink, adding nark to his child molester/murderer CV. What’s in it for Ellis?. Press exposure? Defending the low-function psychopath Smith surely will become a game of wits.

  • James

    Any chance that we can get this prison officer to assist all of our scum criminals in getting a passport so that they can flee the country? We just need to make sure that we cancel that passport when they are out of the country, inform the overseas authorities so that they can lock them up, and not make the mistake of bringing the criminals back here again!

    Even if we have to pay for their overseas incarceration I’m sure that we’ll save ourselves some serious dough!

  • oldmanNZ

    when I went to renew my passport online, all I had to do was provide another passport holder to confirm my identity (with there passport number and phone), weather they actually contacted this person I don’t know.
    I provide line for someone else and I was not contacted.

    So he could easily have gotten hold of someone passport number and applied online?(even a guards one)

  • Jaffa

    This is good!

    All the prisoners hate his guts, because he is a pedophile.

    Now all the prison staff will hate his guts, because he grassed on them, or lied,……… it doesn’t matter which.

    So, hopefully, the rest of his life will be hell!

    • Phoenician


  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Why would a prison officer supply him with the forms and organise the photos when he probably did it himself when on a free weekend off. The place he stayed at could’ve had internet access for him to print the forms and a walk to a local chemist for the photos. He better have concrete evidence or life for him is going to get even harder.

    • Refn8tor

      Don’t even need a chemist. I had to do a passport renewal recently and the whole thing can be done online – it’ll even tell you if your photo (from a smart phone) is acceptable. Just take another and upload it until it accepts one.

  • cows4me

    I’ve just figured out who has nicked Phillip’s head piece, I’m sure it’s WOs mate. He must have relatives in the prison service.

  • Teletubby

    What I want to know is how he got the rug. My understanding is a toupee is custom made and expensive so who paid and did the rug man come to the prison or was Smith taken to him. Did Corrections allow the guy to big bucks on the rug without questioning where the money came from or did taxpayer money contribute to his vanity project / disguise?

    • Garbageman

      He might have discovered them in the shower drain, while picking up the soap

  • edee

    I find it astonishing that this feral scumbag is allowed to provide a media release via his lawyer. Its just another channel for his lies, why is it allowed?

    Another thing is since his return he has been bleating about not being allowed his glasses, wig and other things. Where were his glasses in the photo of him when going through NZ Customs when he was escaping and there was no sign of him wearing glasses in the video of his arrest in Brazil.

    He denies a boy of his dignity and of his father and now he is disgruntled/indignant when he is denied his wig and glasses.

    Keep him locked up. Throw away the key and let all of us, except him, move on.

  • SlightlyStrange

    Its a shame the Brazillian government were so enthusiastic about sending him home. I wonder if he would still be complaining if he had had to spend a few months in one of their not-so-pleasant jails. Could you imagine him trying to bribe a guard there?

  • taurangaruru

    Names, details, dates, signed statement or otherwise shut up & crawl back under your rock Smith

  • Bobb

    Bloody hell! I can see why he wants his rug back!

  • DrQuack32

    Corrections would be a good role for her actually

  • Tom

    Maybe they should take his glasses as well as his hair piece, that’ll stop him complaining in writing.