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Photo: Recycled / CFP In the city of Qingdao, a new apartment complex is raising eyebrows. Some of the windows, it seems, aren't windows. They're paint.

Photo: Recycled / CFP
In the city of Qingdao, a new apartment complex is raising eyebrows. Some of the windows, it seems, aren’t windows. They’re paint.

Rooms With No View

Fake Windows Adorn These Apartments In China

In China, there are government-owned apartments designated to be affordable so that low-income earners can buy or rent, putting them in high demand. These apartments, according to Chinese reports, fall into that category, but it looks like corners were cut to save cash. Corners?  … Sorry, I meant windows.

Civil engineers keep coming up with wonderful and amazing engineering products. One of the main factors that they need to consider is cost efficiency of the particular project. How to save materials and how to utilize them smartly are very important. However, no one saw this coming.

In China, new apartment complex has been constructed in the city of Qingdao and is being mentioned in news these days because of its peculiar nature. Why? Because to cut down costs they have removed the windows and now all that you’re left with is a painting of a window on the outside and a wall behind it.

Looking at the building from a distance will make you believe that these windows are real. However, if you’re standing close enough one can easily tell that the window has been painted. China is advancing and the price of living in China is increasing as well. Government had to take action and it chose to construct apartment complexes in order to provide homes to its citizens.

This is also a step which the government has taken towards urbanization. There is a high demand for low cost residences in the city and these particular apartments were constructed to meet that need. However, windows have been left out to save some more money.

We believe that although being peculiar this idea won’t kick off since living in apartments such as these, one craves for sunlight and fresh air.

Then there’s also the habit of looking out of one’s window and we think people living in those apartments will get bored of seeing the wall over and over again. What do you think of this new trend in China?
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  • wanarunna

    Surely it wouldn’t have been too difficult to have the fake windows at the same level as the real ones?

  • sheppy

    Looks like Len’s Auckland dream, then again if it means saving money rather than wasting it he’ll never go for the idea

    • shykiwibloke

      Never mind the bookcase. ALL the bathrooms are hidden….

  • HtD

    Unhappiness, crime and suicide will become rampant. Horrible.

    • FredFrog

      Yeah, you’ll have so many depressed residents jumping out of the windows…. Wait a minute….maybe it’s a good idea!

  • KinaRolf

    Makes me laugh as a China Kiwi. Behind that wall with the painted windows is the staircase and elevators. Not the apartments. The painted windows are just a decoration to avoid the “flat look”. The real windows are as you can see on the side. I see little point in making windows to the elevator shafts. The apartments are to the left and right of the staircase and elevator shafts. If you don’t believe me, come and look for yourself.

    • Sticktotheknitting

      Yes I see what you mean. The windows are behind each little balcony.

      • KinaRolf

        This is the back of the house, behind the painted windows are the staircases and elevator shafts, usually two elevators, The balconies you see are where the people always put their washing machine and where they hang the laundry. Usually the kitchen is behind those windows you see. On the other side of the house, not shown here, there is a bigger balcony, often like 25 Sq meters, and the main living room with big sliding doors and bedroom, and here people have a small garden. Chinese homes are built differently from New Zealand ones.

    • Davo42

      I won’t come and take a look, I am happy to take your word for it. Mind you with air quality like this I don’t blame them for painting on some windows.

      • KinaRolf

        When you talk about pollution and China, first dump the US China hate-propaganda. Beijing has problems, and Beijing is 1.5% of China and has very unusual weather conditions that is the real problem. Other problem areas are around Shanghai, where Qingdao is, and Guangzhou, north of Hong Kong. The problem areas are about 10% of China. The rest is as clean as New Zealand if not better, and the nature stunning, even run rings around old Aotearoa. You should come and visit, China is a stunning and yet undiscovered place.

      • KinaRolf

        Take a look at this site, Robin is an independent photojournalist in China, he is a pakeha, and here are a few of his photographs (the email is wrong though)

  • peterwn

    I wonder if they were designed so windows could be retrofitted. In the 19th century some houses were built with ‘ordinary’ windows, and when the owners got the mortgage under control they would rip these windows out and install bay windows. This happened with the Katherine Mansfield house in Wellington. The house was restored some years ago and part of the project was to remove the bay windows and install ‘ordinary’ windows as it would have when she lived there.

  • metalnwood

    Labour and the greens would do it so that everyone is equal. Why should someone have a higher priced apartment because it is higher up with a better view.

    I know, lets get rid of the windows and close the inequality gap.

    Although I suppose the unintended consequence is that now the lower floors cost more because whats the point in having to take a long elevator ride every time you go home.

  • BG

    Side issue but I thought that this is where the saying ‘Daylight Robbery’ came from.

    Wasn’t there a tax in the UK where you’d get charged for the number of windows you had in your house (ie the wealthier the house the more windows it tended to have) so the fashion of the time was to not have many windows but merely paint ones on. I think I saw them in Edinburgh.

    BTW I didn’t google this.

    • Terence Hodgson

      There was a glass tax in England up till about 1850 as all glass before was imported, so easy to tax it at the wharves. Hence the use of ‘blind windows’.

  • Jaffa

    They could have painted bigger windows, with curtains, and someone looking out!
    No imagination!

  • xennex

    Two things this reminded me of:
    1. UK window tax
    2. Windows painted to look bigger & false windows in Portofino (Italian Rivera)

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Eewww creepy, mind you I hate closed in spaces I would go crazy. Give me a tent in the wilderness over that any day