Pimping the Poor – Bludger family attacks Salvation Army

If you were?wanting to draw attention to your plight of poverty it isn’t a good way go attacking the Salvation Army and blaming them for your predicament.

An Invercargill couple say their six young kids will go without on Christmas day and it’s the Salvation Army’s fault.

However, the Salvation Army says the parents are to blame for their family’s predicament because they have relied on handouts rather than trying to help themselves.

Shelly Edwards and Leo Hewett said their six children aged 3-10 will get no presents and have a diet of chicken and bread on Christmas day because the Salvation Army failed to help them in their time of need.

“How can we tell the kids there’s nothing for Christmas?” Shelly asked from their south Invercargill state house yesterday.

The Salvation Army is to blame, eh? They forced you to flip it up at least 6 times and produce a horde of ravenous mouths to feed and are to blame for your own poverty?

No presents eh? What is that under the tree?

No presents?

No presents?

It gets worse.

Struggling to afford a decent Christmas for their kids, they thought it was sorted when the Nga Kete trust referred them to the Salvation Army scheme called adopt-a-family, which sees businesses and individuals sponsor struggling families during Christmas by providing them with a hamper filled with food and treats.

The family had been on the same scheme last year and received presents for their children, a supermarket voucher and a food hamper, they said.

However, when Shelly failed to turn up to a budget advice meeting early this month she was told she had been taken off the adopt-a-family scheme this year, she said.

She said she did not go to the meeting because she had no petrol money for their vehicle and it would have been difficult to take her six kids, one of whom is disabled, on public transport to the meeting.

The couple said they had always believed the Salvation Army was there to look after people, “not push them away”.

“We were relying on adopt-a-family … it’s sad they won’t help people like us,” Shelly said.

The children would not be getting any presents and the family would eat what was in the fridge, including bread and chicken on Christmas day, they said.

“I feel sad for my kids because they are going to miss out on Christmas … we were counting on that for Christmas,” Shelly said.

The entitlement is strong in this one…relying on the Sallies…expecting them to provide presents. The Sallies didn’t force her into poverty, she did by producing a family of six kids?when they can barely afford?two.

The Sallies aren’t having a bar of being the blame-hounds in this pimping the poor episode.

Salvation Army spokeswoman Brenda King said the family had never been put on the adopt-a-family scheme this year, effectively because they had failed to help themselves.

Shelly had been using the services of the Salvation Army for about two years and when she received more than three food parcels in one year she was referred to a budget advice centre to receive financial planning assistance, King said.

However, Shelly had not engaged with the budget advisory service so was not put on the adopt-a-family scheme, King said.

The Salvation Army’s aim was for its clients to get to the point where they could look after themselves and be self sufficient.

“If we keep handing out we are enabling them to stay in the situation they are in. We aren’t actually helping them at all in the long run.”

Shelly and her partner had six children and they were responsible for them, King said.

“I have been in touch with her budget advisor and she assures me they do have money. Like everyone Shelly has known Christmas is coming.”

Good on the Sallies..what a refreshing attitude. There is the reason why the Salvation Army is winning more and more government contracts…they actually have solutions which weans bludgers off support.

But it seems that this woman has been pimping this story for weeks on Facebook. A quick check shows she has been pushing via social media, and some gullible reporter jumped on the chance to pimp the poor.

Jubilee Budget Advisory Service manager Sharon Soper confirmed Shelly had been on its books in the past but said she had not called in to see the a budget advisor since July 11 and she had failed to front for a meeting on?December 4.

Soper said it was a shame the focus had gone on the incident given all the good the Salvation Army did in the community.

“Those people around there are volunteers and have been working 10 to 11 hours days to get the hampers out. It’s amazing what they have done for families for christmas.”

The issue highlighted the need for people to plan for Christmas during the year, she said.

Failed to turn up to a simple meeting, no responsibility for own actions and trying to blame the good folk at the Salvation Army. Just another bludger family looking for a handout being enabled by a stupid media.

What else can we find out about this bludger family?

It seems she has a bit of a record.

Shelly Mary Edwards, 26, was sentenced to 10 weeks’ home detention and ordered to pay $10,000 reparation for eight charges of dishonestly attempting to use a document for pecuniary advantage on February 23.

So she is a fraudster…how much of her story do you believe now?

Far be it from me to argue with a judge in his assessment of her character.

Shelly Mary Edwards, 28, was sentenced to four months’ community detention for dishonestly using a document, namely a cheque, with intent to obtain pecuniary advantage on February 8. The court was told she presented a cheque for $3960 at an auction and was adamant there were sufficient funds but she knew the account was not operating at all and had no funds. “You are a thoroughly dishonest woman,” Judge Phillips said.

She can’t even manage to stay at home when ordered by the courts.

Shelly Mary Edwards, 26, was convicted and discharged for breaching her home detention on June 8.

Two times convicted fraudster and breaches of home detention…scumbag, bludger and fraudster.

She is also an discharged bankrupt and uses multiple names.


How about her parenting skills?

Perhaps if she didn’t feed her kids junk food for school lunches she might have fared a bit better this year.


Perhaps if they hadn’t spent heaps on a home gym the kids might have had a better Christmas. (Photo posted in September)


And it looks like the story about last Christmas was rubbish too, nice flat screen TV and big stereo in the back ground.


Yep total rubbish…look what they got last year for Christmas.


This is just another feral family on the bludge, using a compliant media who fail to do basic research.

If she was looking for sympathy she should have used a dictionary, it’s in there right between shit and syphilis.

Instead she has mounted a crusade against the Salvation Army.

What a scumbag.

I bet some putz sets up a Give-A-Little campaign for the scummy fraudster.


– Southland Times