Pimping the Poor – Bludger family attacks Salvation Army

If you were wanting to draw attention to your plight of poverty it isn’t a good way go attacking the Salvation Army and blaming them for your predicament.

An Invercargill couple say their six young kids will go without on Christmas day and it’s the Salvation Army’s fault.

However, the Salvation Army says the parents are to blame for their family’s predicament because they have relied on handouts rather than trying to help themselves.

Shelly Edwards and Leo Hewett said their six children aged 3-10 will get no presents and have a diet of chicken and bread on Christmas day because the Salvation Army failed to help them in their time of need.

“How can we tell the kids there’s nothing for Christmas?” Shelly asked from their south Invercargill state house yesterday.

The Salvation Army is to blame, eh? They forced you to flip it up at least 6 times and produce a horde of ravenous mouths to feed and are to blame for your own poverty?

No presents eh? What is that under the tree?

No presents?

No presents?

It gets worse.

Struggling to afford a decent Christmas for their kids, they thought it was sorted when the Nga Kete trust referred them to the Salvation Army scheme called adopt-a-family, which sees businesses and individuals sponsor struggling families during Christmas by providing them with a hamper filled with food and treats.

The family had been on the same scheme last year and received presents for their children, a supermarket voucher and a food hamper, they said.

However, when Shelly failed to turn up to a budget advice meeting early this month she was told she had been taken off the adopt-a-family scheme this year, she said.

She said she did not go to the meeting because she had no petrol money for their vehicle and it would have been difficult to take her six kids, one of whom is disabled, on public transport to the meeting.

The couple said they had always believed the Salvation Army was there to look after people, “not push them away”.

“We were relying on adopt-a-family … it’s sad they won’t help people like us,” Shelly said.

The children would not be getting any presents and the family would eat what was in the fridge, including bread and chicken on Christmas day, they said.

“I feel sad for my kids because they are going to miss out on Christmas … we were counting on that for Christmas,” Shelly said.

The entitlement is strong in this one…relying on the Sallies…expecting them to provide presents. The Sallies didn’t force her into poverty, she did by producing a family of six kids when they can barely afford two.

The Sallies aren’t having a bar of being the blame-hounds in this pimping the poor episode.

Salvation Army spokeswoman Brenda King said the family had never been put on the adopt-a-family scheme this year, effectively because they had failed to help themselves.

Shelly had been using the services of the Salvation Army for about two years and when she received more than three food parcels in one year she was referred to a budget advice centre to receive financial planning assistance, King said.

However, Shelly had not engaged with the budget advisory service so was not put on the adopt-a-family scheme, King said.

The Salvation Army’s aim was for its clients to get to the point where they could look after themselves and be self sufficient.

“If we keep handing out we are enabling them to stay in the situation they are in. We aren’t actually helping them at all in the long run.”

Shelly and her partner had six children and they were responsible for them, King said.

“I have been in touch with her budget advisor and she assures me they do have money. Like everyone Shelly has known Christmas is coming.”

Good on the Sallies..what a refreshing attitude. There is the reason why the Salvation Army is winning more and more government contracts…they actually have solutions which weans bludgers off support.

But it seems that this woman has been pimping this story for weeks on Facebook. A quick check shows she has been pushing via social media, and some gullible reporter jumped on the chance to pimp the poor.

Jubilee Budget Advisory Service manager Sharon Soper confirmed Shelly had been on its books in the past but said she had not called in to see the a budget advisor since July 11 and she had failed to front for a meeting on December 4.

Soper said it was a shame the focus had gone on the incident given all the good the Salvation Army did in the community.

“Those people around there are volunteers and have been working 10 to 11 hours days to get the hampers out. It’s amazing what they have done for families for christmas.”

The issue highlighted the need for people to plan for Christmas during the year, she said.

Failed to turn up to a simple meeting, no responsibility for own actions and trying to blame the good folk at the Salvation Army. Just another bludger family looking for a handout being enabled by a stupid media.

What else can we find out about this bludger family?

It seems she has a bit of a record.

Shelly Mary Edwards, 26, was sentenced to 10 weeks’ home detention and ordered to pay $10,000 reparation for eight charges of dishonestly attempting to use a document for pecuniary advantage on February 23.

So she is a fraudster…how much of her story do you believe now?

Far be it from me to argue with a judge in his assessment of her character.

Shelly Mary Edwards, 28, was sentenced to four months’ community detention for dishonestly using a document, namely a cheque, with intent to obtain pecuniary advantage on February 8. The court was told she presented a cheque for $3960 at an auction and was adamant there were sufficient funds but she knew the account was not operating at all and had no funds. “You are a thoroughly dishonest woman,” Judge Phillips said.

She can’t even manage to stay at home when ordered by the courts.

Shelly Mary Edwards, 26, was convicted and discharged for breaching her home detention on June 8.

Two times convicted fraudster and breaches of home detention…scumbag, bludger and fraudster.

She is also an discharged bankrupt and uses multiple names.


How about her parenting skills?

Perhaps if she didn’t feed her kids junk food for school lunches she might have fared a bit better this year.


Perhaps if they hadn’t spent heaps on a home gym the kids might have had a better Christmas. (Photo posted in September)


And it looks like the story about last Christmas was rubbish too, nice flat screen TV and big stereo in the back ground.


Yep total rubbish…look what they got last year for Christmas.


This is just another feral family on the bludge, using a compliant media who fail to do basic research.

If she was looking for sympathy she should have used a dictionary, it’s in there right between shit and syphilis.

Instead she has mounted a crusade against the Salvation Army.

What a scumbag.

I bet some putz sets up a Give-A-Little campaign for the scummy fraudster.


– Southland Times



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  • Guest

    A bit of sunlight is a great thing indeed!

  • RightofSingapore

    Love this! She’s dissing the Sallies-some people are actually beyond help.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Nothing like a healthy dose of sunlight. Absolutely back the Sallies on this one, its an abhorrent level of entitlement this one has

  • EvoDriver

    When I saw this story on stuff, I couldn’t wait to see Cam’s take on it. And I was absolutely 100% not disappointed! This is real journalism ;-)

    • R&BAvenger

      If this is an example of the type of journalism being FREED from the msm will bring about, bring it on!!

  • pisces8284 .

    Just about vomited listening to Kerri McIvor on the radio talking about this – someone send her this information please!!

    • Yellow Admiral

      I was going to do just that, but it seems NewstalkZB has redesigned its web page and no longer makes it easy to link to the email addresses of the on-air hosts.
      Does anyone have McIvor’s address at hand?

      • pisces8284 .

        The ZB text number is zbzb

        • Yellow Admiral

          thx – I’ managed to get an email away.

  • Michael_l_c

    The real problem is how they look after the children. From the photos they have got their priorities very skewed. Perhaps the children should be cared for by a family that is competent.

    • Wheninrome

      Unfortunately the children will learn habits for the future from their parents.

    • Hard1

      Put the children in charge of the parents.

  • Hoju

    The journo (EVAN HARDING) must have known the storm of ridicule this would create, I initially thought it was a satire piece. Perhaps 12 year olds don’t undersand satire yet.

  • Friel Lane

    Check out Shelly Edwards’ Facebook page. She seems to have a little sideline in selling plates of Cook Island food at $10 a pop. There’s one posting that says she has 28 plates available. Apparently she is also working, according to her page, at Shop Direct Lifestyle NZ. There’s also one post that shows her latest mobile number…..

    • Reid

      Let’s hope WINZ sees that.

    • Rodger T

      Jeepers ,NO MONEY NO FOOD. : /

      • ozbob68

        LOL, “NO MONEY NO FOOD”. Loving the irony there.

    • burns_well_eh

      Random impertinent questions:

      I wonder if that food, being sold for profit, was prepared in a licenced commercial kitchen i.e. separate from the kitchen used for preparing domestic meals, as is required by the law?

      Has it been inspected by the council, and does it have a hygiene rating?

      I wonder if she’s been on a food-handling course, and has a current certificate for that?

      Wouldn’t it be awful if someone got sick from eating this food?

      I wonder if IRD and WINZ know about her little sideline?

      • Mark

        I suspect the answers to your questions are as follows: No, No, No, Yes, No.

  • Pluto

    Love the Tui moment in the last pic.
    But seriously, here is the child poverty in NZ laid bare for all to see. Too many kids, wasteful spending, too lazy to help themselves, someone else’s fault.
    Do Wussel and Material Girl really think that throwing more money their way will solve this ? There will just be more kids and more wasted.

  • Reid

    The real question is: What is the root cause of this entitlement mentality? IMO it’s systemic. You can see it operating in mental health, in welfare, in the family court system. All of those systems and more teach certain classes of “clients” how to be victims. And when you’re a deemed “victim” supported in every way by a big faceless corporation, it’s hard to escape it. But escape it one must, if one is to have success. For success is impossible, if your every comfort is taken care of, by “the system.”

    • T. Akston

      This didn’t happen by accident, there’s been sixty years of crafting the welfare state. It is always just a few tweaks away from socialist nirvana, just a bit more of the state’s long arm in your pocket, a few more of your freedoms given up. Russel and Andrew are working on the blueprint as we speak.

      • Wheninrome

        Having dependency beneficiary voters is what the left is all about, used to keep you in power. While most of NZ has been doing okay they will not vote labour.
        However in “beneficiary” I also include Working for New Zealand, Family Support etc.,
        These are for genuine cases. Go Paula Bennett. She realises there is a lost generation or two and is focussing on the next.

      • Reid

        No it didn’t but the interesting thing is, the conservative govts do very little to wind it back, during the years they are in power. Despite them having a vested interest in doing so. Whereas of course, the lefties have a vested interest in not doing so.

      • Mark

        Great “Handle” by the way. Love that Diners fare…

        • T. Akston

          Yes, good nourishing food, great patrons, inspiring conversation.

  • Cracker1963

    Why blot out their address on the NAP notice? This is on the public record & anybody can access it.

    • Pharmachick

      Courtesy … there’s hundreds of thousands of readers of this blog, but the number that will look that up for themselves is likely in the low tens or dozens. This person might be in need of some moral and ethical guidance, but that doesn’t mean that W/O needs to give a huge number of readers (both regular and casual) the ammo to troll her.

      • Cracker1963

        Yes true, but all NAPS are printed in Daily Newspapers, the Mercantile Gazette & District Court Reports- so any reader of, say, the NZ Herald can find this information out by reading the Public Notices Section (and you would be surprised just how many do read the Public Notices!!). Public Record is Public Record & its amazing just what is available for you to find out about people if you took the time.

  • T. Akston

    Another stunning piece of investigative journalism from the MSM. Fearlessly asking the hard questions, leaving no stone unturned, working tirelessly to make the deadline, keeping us peasants informed about the things that really matter in our lives.

    Thank the Lord that we have these real journalists to keep bloggers honest.

  • cows4me

    It’s taken the salvation army some time to figure it out hasn’t it. “If we keep handing out we are enabling the situation they are in. We aren’t actually helping them in he long run”, may I suggest a chocolate whale for the Salvation army spokesperson. Sadly I suspect this will not over ride the leftist tendencies of those at the head of the army. They clearly except that some of their polices are not helping to so called poor so will they be making serious policy changes, I won’t hold my breath.

  • burns_well_eh

    Full marks to the Sallies spokeswoman for telling it like it is. I have no doubt she’s said the exact same thing to the bludgers on several occasions. But you know, bludgers be bludgers, and Tiny Tim’s ever so ‘ungry.

  • Brian Badonde

    Listening to Kerry on ZB at the moment. When asked why these people have so many kids, Kerry replied “Maybe it’s their currency”.
    Well it that case, stop taking my currency to support their currency!

    • CheesyEarWax

      Your currency have devalued because of them “printing” their currency.

  • Crookednose

    The stuff page has shut down comments (that was very fast btw) after 99.9% of posters gave it to them. And that’s without Whale oil highlighting the BS!
    Just when I’d lost all faith in Stuff commentators, they prove me wrong. Xmas – time for miracles!

  • Jim460

    All the good work the Sallies do is based on volunteers. Attack their enthusiasm and motivation in a completely unjustified attack and they can do less good. Have the Sallies screwed up? Hell no, they’re doing just fine. But this journalist completely failed (or even worse, knew exactly the sort of person they were dealing with) to spend ten minutes doing a simple Google search, and gave a Christmas present of a punch in the guts to a bunch of decent folks giving up their own time at Christmas. And a Merry Christmas to you, too, Southland Times.

  • Wheninrome

    Love the answer to Occupation on the Insolvency details form “Beneficiary”. So this is now a recognised occupation.
    Good on the Salvation Army. Long been my charity of choice proving again and again they are there to help people in their time of trouble and need, to assist them to help themselves, not to a way of life choice.

  • metalnwood

    The kids looked happy, it’s sad for them but the sort of thing thats needed to make sure they have happy Christmases in the future.

    I notice on FB her friends say how bad the sallies are for not helping but I dont see them offering to help the kids. I guess the best friends help you blame strangers but dont offer help themselves.

    • Aaron

      Gee I do not know about you. But if my friends need help I do try to help them where I can so they do not need to go to places like the sallies.

      • metalnwood

        Absolutely and that was my point, if her friends can they should be helping, not bleating about people that neither of them know not helping.

        When your friends dont help it’s probably because they know when you are throwing away money. I have people I will help and then I have people I wont help.

        For instance I wont throw away my money to people that dont have money for the sole reason that they spent it on smokes, beer, pub, tv etc. If they spend their food money on discretionary items then I wont give up my toys to ensure they have food and keep their toys.

        • MaryLou

          Or your friends are dong the exact same thing, and truly believe they should get what they want from the gummint and the Sally’s.

  • Mark J

    I have been waiting for this (the real story behind the bludger) since I saw the poor excuse for reporting on the stuff page. Thank you.

  • Wheninrome

    Laila could take them skiing with her, the children I mean, show them another way of life

  • dolebludgersnemesis

    Her phone number and address are publicly accessible on her own FB page…

    • Nechtan

      As dodgy as this whole “the Salvation Army won’t give us Xmas” story is, and the woman herself. It would only take a few angry calls, texts etc.. to have the MSM rallying behind her (again) and turn this win into a loss.

    • Wheninrome

      “Private message me your orders” I wonder why?
      Where did she get the “ingredients to make these Plates” is she going to food banks to get the ingredients?
      Social Welfare need a Tom and Jerry to keep track of Social Media for all the rots that are taking place.

      • Sally

        Maybe she was banking on the Sallies to provide the food for these ‘plates’.

      • Diddle_De_Dee

        I would hope she is declaring her secondary income earnings to both WINZ and IRD. But probably not.

    • Cowgirl

      Why that sounds like a feed fit for Christmas Day! Where does this food evaporate to on the days when it’s needed for the kids? I don’t think that bread and chicken is anything to sneeze at myself (chicken sandwiches are yum), but since the parents thinks a meal consisting of this will constitute extreme hardship for the kids on Christmas Day, perhaps she could consider whipping one of these plates up for her own progeny?

      • burns_well_eh

        Often on a Sunday if we’re coming back from somewhere or it’s been a really busy weekend and nobody feels like cooking, my wife and I go “Cooked chook!” and off we go to the supermarket.

        A cooked chook, fresh white bread, maybe some coleslaw. It’s a damn fine meal, and there’s enough left over for sandwiches on Monday.

      • Pharmachick

        A roast chicken on the center of the table (even a supermarket rotisserie job – actually, you’d probably need two for 8 people), some fresh white bread [a couple of those $1 loaves the baker’s union has been whingeing about], a couple of tomatoes (so lets say that’s an extra $3). All sitting round the table together with glasses of Raro (last I looked its a few cents a packet), having a meal together and being a family… THAT’S Xmas.

  • knight

    The so called journalist, Evan Harding, putting his name to this story is a union flunky. Described as a union “hard man” in this article.


    • CheesyEarWax

      Oh dear, there won’t be any more pay rises for him after this article.

  • jaundiced

    Agree totally with the sentiments of these comments, and with the Sallies hard line stance against this sense of entitlement.
    But I’d now hope that now that this family has been exposed, their facebook pages scrutinised by every man and his dog, that we all think about the kids and back off. Give the parents heaps, but I’m not so comfortable seeing the kids photos here – its not their fault and they live in a small town..

    • That’s why their faces are obscured. But note that Stuff didn’t hide the faces of the kids…there they all are looking sad faced in the Southland Times and on Stuff.

      • burns_well_eh

        Compare and contrast – actions of this blog in doing some basic research, introducing some sunlight, but having the decency to redact the address and obscure the kids’ faces.

        Actions of Southland Times reporter – presumably a “decent reporter, trained and skilled”: not even basic research, print the tale of woe verbatim, name all the kids, show full-face photos.

        One is doing it properly, the other’s just phoning it in. If this is an example of what Freed-om looks like, I’ll have some please.

  • Orion

    Self entitled and absolute scum that think the world owes them everything. It’s devisive people like Willy Jackson and Co that drive this ‘whites should pay for everything’ culture in NZ pitting maori against the rest. People like this will never get themselves out of the gutter as long as they have their apologists like the above mentioned.
    It’s always someone elses fault especially if you’re brown.

    • MaryLou

      Agreed, to all of that. But from personal experience – you wouldn’t believe how many slack(bottomed), entitled white people I come across every day.

    • I.M Bach

      Maoridom is worth billions, they should help their own a bit more.

      • W.

        she’s not NZ Maori?

        • I.M Bach

          Ah, yes, my mistake so the comment isn’t applicable in this case. (It would be applicable generally speaking though.) Perhaps the PI community/churches should assist then? Either way I think the Sallies are making the right decison here.

    • W.

      ??? This has nothing to do with anything Maori….they’re not even Maori for a start…but don’t let that get in the way of your diatribe…

  • shykiwibloke

    I think the crux of welfare is “How long do you continue to help those that will not help themselves?” – Clearly left and right will disagree on where to peg it, but the question is universal. I for one would support more ‘tough love’ the Sallies have determined as the best approach here. Perhaps they would be better at running the free money handouts than a govt dept?

    • Fredd Dagg

      I used to have business dealings with the Sallies and they’re great people… they are totally unstinting in their help and will do anything for people… so long as they are willing to help themselves. But the Sallies are not stupid and they’ve hear it all before… if you won’t help yourself, they move on to those with whom they can actually make a difference.

  • Peter Maguire

    Someone needs to archive her FB page before she cottons on to everyone looking at it. She appears to sell cook island food at a local market I presume. This one needs an even more of a thorough investigation.

  • MrBarrington

    Well I don’t know about the Southland Times… giving in and bashing the Sallies… I’m now not sure who is the bigger scumbag… Brenda King or the dope editor at the Southland Times which let this story run… Way to go Fairfax….

  • Sally

    This is a legacy that has been created by our social welfare system over many years. These children weren’t all born yesterday. It has taken years living on benefits to build up large families.
    I loved the comment Key made last week on Leighton Smith’s show. He said he has to be there for all NZers not only those on benefits. He needs to look after those who work hard and pay their taxes.

  • Bart67

    When I saw this story on Stuff this morning, I just knew the Whale Army would be all over this, and so it has proved. Why is it that this unofficial collection of citizen journalists CONSISTENTLY outperform the MSM in checking backstories, verifying facts, and just doing simple, basic research? We do not have the resources of the mainstream media, yet we seem to be able to find out so much more! Perhaps the GCSB should contract out to us? That would put a firecracker up Russell Norman’s posterior!!

  • Orion

    It’s like them pictures last week or so in the Auckland city mission. All in the line were fat brown people looking for a free feed. They have no shame and the media won’t or refuse to pick up on the real truth. Self entitled parasites with the full backing of a sycophantic left wing NZ media who’s constant portrayal of NZ’s brown people as down trodden and hard done by is truly counterproductive and do Maori and PI’s no favours at all.

  • LabTested

    When I read this this morning I thought – well done Sallies. So I sent them $100. I prefer that my charity money goes where it is actually going to do some good. I hope the Auckland City Mission is paying attention.

    • The Adopt a Family scheme works really well; when there is a response from the family, it makes the time and effort worth while

  • pirate vs ninja

    While this reporter is clearly an incompetent fool, it is actually one of the first times I’ve seen anyone in the MSM try to at least represent the other side of these ‘pimping the poor’ stories. These sorts of stories are rarely published with the kinds of comments the Sallies have been able to make here. That said, any reporter with an ounce of ability would have taken the Sallies comments back to the ‘poor’ and challenged them on their dishonesty. Once again the MSM fail to follow the real story leads……..

  • Yellow Admiral

    As a result of my email, McIvor has just made reference to this article and quoted some of the woman’s background. Now perhaps she (McIvor) can keep some balance in her comments. (And Kerre gave credit to WhaleOil for doing the research!)

    • Polly

      And ir was my email she read out with the details! She’s frustrated me this morning with lack of balance

  • Ginny

    I always give to the Sallies because you never see the ostentation seen in other so called charities .. Think Destiny Church.

  • timemagazine

    They should write to Metiria and ask her to help them for Christmas. She could action her jacket. Remember that story? It was so funny. But unfortunatly she is an aetheist like all of her party colleges.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Are you trying to say atheists don’t donate?
      I’m sure plenty do, and they don’t need to be told by a book what the right thing to do is.
      I’d be putting money on the likelihood that this family has ripped off local churches the same way too.
      Edit- extra stuff.

      • steve and monique

        True, I know plenty of atheist’s that could teach Christians a thing or two about selflessness and non judgment. As you say, they didn’t learn it from a book. I hope this couple have woken up feeling really humiliated and shamed (if they know what that is)

  • Wheninrome

    Notice on her facebook site she had some sort of a sales job earlier in the year, then noticed she was selling an IPod docking radio on her site.

  • Max

    If she is Maori where is her Iwi or Hapu or whanau or whatever Waitangi claims gravy train rider group she might be affiliated to at this time?
    Dissing the Sallies ,what a dead beat!
    I wonder if she and her partner smoke or have tattoos?

    • W.

      She’s an islander (so is her partner)…

  • Lion_ess

    While I agree with many of the comments made here about this particular woman and her pathetic accusation, Diane Robertson has written a thought provoking article about people she sees who are genuinely in need and which ends with ..”Compassion is one of the greatest gifts we give to each other. If that is the only gift you give this Christmas, to those you love, and to your wider community, you’ve made the world a better place”.

    All credit to Diane Robertson and those involved in helping others genuinely less fortunate.


    • sarahmw

      there is helping and there is enabling people to turn there lives around. Unfortunately there appears to be an idea now that you need help everyone whether or not it is deserving. If you need to be seen to be compassionate then show the compassion to the genuinely in need and not the ‘you have to give me this’ mentality. Good people donate to your cause out of the goodness of the heart. City Mission I hope you listen to what is being commented here.

  • twr

    This sort of thing is why I’m now reading WO instead of news sites, rather than as well.

    • mommadog

      This family issue is being talked about on ZB talkback this morning and about 15 minutes ago the announcer (Kerry filling in for Leighton) talked about the article on WhaleOil pointing out that the family has not helped itself. It wasn’t negative and a great free advertisement for WhaleOil.

  • R&BAvenger

    Good on the Salvation Army for sticking to their guns. Say Yes to responsibility and No to bludging. 6 children, 10 years and younger. If you’d stopped at 2 it’d be a lot more manageable.
    Another example of everything that has been wrought on this country and certain sections of society by the expansion of the welfare state over the past 25 years.

    Lesson to be learned by the Auckland City Mission – refer to this example.

    I dropped off our companies donations to the Christchurch City Mission’s Foodbank yesterday. Noticeable to see no long line of people queuing up there.

    EDIT : To add more info.

    • MrsRight Winger

      Quite right – I’d never donate to the Akl City Mission because they just hand out freebies to anyone and their cousin. Kids grow up learning that they don’t have to help themselves because others will feed them.

    • exactchange

      The Auckland day with the queue was the special Christmas one which includes presents for the children and Christmas food. They have WINZ on site that day, I assume to verify situation and probably also the number of children in the family. The cynic in me thinks it could also be to stop double dipping.

  • Geordie

    Stuff has all the names of the family below the photo. Why is the oldest child called McKay-Edwards and the rest of the children are Rura. The eldest daughter obviously has a different Dad, but surely the son called Leo is Leo Hewitt’s, so where does the name Rura come from? Does any one know if you ale allowed to use a random surname when you register children and why would you?

    • metalnwood

      Looking in her FB it looks like the father Leo has a name from the cook islands. It doesnt look overly easy to pronounce so I guess he has an english name as well. His other last name seemed to be Rura.

  • El Jorge

    Quote from her facebook page:
    to all the people that think the salvation army adopt a family program for christmas hamper and presents for the struggling families in invercargill me and my f…amily have been kicked off the list for this year because i never went to 1 of my jubille appointments i had told the lady the day before that i could not come on that day because we had no gas to go anywhere and she turned around and told me catch the bus i was not gonna drag all of my 6 kids on the bus to that 1 appointment we are a family on a Invalids benefit thats $217.00 and IRD $414.00 thats $631.00 a week out of that goed the rent $130.00 and mr rentals $106 and fines $39.99 and gas $60.00 and food $200 , power $80.00 and all that is left is $15.01 you tell me where is the money to pay for chistmas presents and xmas dinner for the kids and us we a family of 2 adults and 6 kids we were counting on the salvation armys help but now we have to tell the family there will be nothing for christmas how do tell 5 kids and 1 special needs kid that there is nothing

    Income $631 x 52 / 12 = $2734/mth -normal
    Rent $130 x 52 / 12 = $563/mth -normal
    Mr Rentals $106 x 52 / 12 =$460/mth -????????????
    FINES $39.99 x 52 /12 = $173/mth -spose that can be normal……….
    Gas $60 x 52 / 12 = $260/mth -could be normal with a regular commute to work, but then again with a budget of $60/wk surely she had enough gas to get to her budgeting appointment???
    Food $200 x 52 / 12 = $867/mth -normal (quite impressive for a family of 8 actually –full credit to them!)
    Power $80 x 52 / 12 =$346/mth -????????

    How can Mr Rentals be $460/mth?!?!? Surely the quoted 106/wk must be $106/mth?? I’m calling BS on that one.
    Also how can power be $80/wk? That’s $346/mth, I can understand that maybe 2x winter bills can be that high but this time of year you would be lucky to go over $40/wk or $1703/mth

    Something really truly stinks about this story, how can you get yourself in that much strife and then have the nerve to criticise The Sallies?!?!

    I also see Shelly likes to play the pokies on Facebook, as does her fiancé Leo: https://www.facebook.com/leo.hewett.1
    I know correlation doesn’t equal causation but……………
    Also, being of PI origin, how much money is tithed to the church???

    • metalnwood

      I will tell you where the money is. It’s the $146 a WEEK you pay in fines and Mr Rentals. Thats your disposable income but you already decided where you wanted to put it and it wasn’t under your kids tree.

      • Mike

        Can someone tell me what “Mr Rentals” is?

        • metalnwood


          Its one place you go when you are a bankrupt and cannot get anything on credit.

          • Mike

            Ah , thanks.

        • Bartman

          For people who can’t afford to buy (or get credit for) appliances, you rent them at extortionate prices! TV’s, fridges, stereos, washing machines typically.

          • Janine Wilson

            For two weeks worth of what they pay out to Mr Rentals, they could probably get everythign they need from TM second hand. Or through Winz loan etc.

          • Gaynor

            Didn’t WINZ bring in a scheme where they provide brand new appliances for you and you pay them back at a very small amount per week. Shouldn’t be any need for Mr Rentals …

          • Stuarts.burgers

            Yes they had a scheme with Haier where they supplied at a discounted rate to Winz and you paid back out of your benefit

    • CheesyEarWax

      You have proven why she should have gone to the budgeting appointments.

      • Rachael Membery

        Perhaps she has already attended all of the bludgeting appointments she needed to. lol. Yes, bludgeting.

      • terrynaki

        easy,shes getting handouts,OTHER MONIES SHE HASNT EARNT,if she wants this money then she should meet the requirements of those gifting money.

    • MaryLou

      It does look she has some income, from creating and selling plates of food…

    • sarahmw

      I am wondering how many working families are earning this amount and are not asking for help. Some people have no shame. They sure seem to have a lot of stuff. That workout equipment can’t be cheap. My suggestion is you get to the budgeting appt and sort your life out then you can give your children a great christmas.The operative word is ‘you’. And getting a bus…too much trouble??? Not that long ago I took 2 buses to get to a job. There is too much allowance made for people who don’t give a dang and just want handouts.

      • Janine Wilson

        We only just bought our first flat screen tv together, and we’re earning incomes. We had a standard big tv before that, we even had a friend laugh on facebook at the fact we had the old kind of TV’s. But we knew that when it was time we save up and buy one, and then we did.
        This family has more free cash available to them than we do as a 1 income family (due to change soon)

        • We had old Phillips K9 TVs for years…off trademe or from garage sales…it wasn’t until I was earning well over $100k that I could afford something new.

          Our first couch was an old one from the National Bank board room, bought for $100 and lasted a good 7 years or so. I think we sold it for $100 too.

          • HR

            My mum and dad had a Phillips K9 TV for years. When I went to university they gave it to me. Damn things are indestructible!

    • Chris Chitens

      Mr Rentals….. *starts shaking head*.. As far as I am aware a washing machine is about 5 bucks a week to rent. She must be renting everything in the house! Fools know no bounds.

      • exactchange

        On the GD thread today someone pointed out that a previous bankruptcy (NAP) likely means no HP or other credit available.

        ETA A family of 8 will be hard on appliances.

        • Janine Wilson

          When I became a solo Mum quite a few years ago I literally started with nothing, but kept looking on trademe, found a dining table for $20, a tv for $20, couches and coffee tables for $75 (decent ones too) I got everything I needed looking through adverts in the paper and TM. Then I didn’t have to deal with extra cost. I think anyone budget goal is to remove unnecessary expenses as a #1. And 100something on rental furniture is very very excessive.

          • Pharmachick

            When my Mum became a solo mum, she did the same thing. We had a black-and-white TV into the early 90s, seriously. One of the things I remember so much, was when we moved in with my Step Father in the early 90s, and mum sold our old dining table (solid wood, with 6 chairs) for $50 in the “for sale” section of the local paper [yeah, it was before the internet]. The key thing was the buyer had to come get it and take it away. So many people called us and asked if they could have it “only if we would deliver” … then one guy called about it and he later turned up to get it – he had 3 kids and his wife had died and he was raising them himself as a farm worker. They had thought it would be a formica table or something and were amazed it was a solid wood (walnut) set. I sometimes think of that dad – back then I thought he was old, but he can’t have been more than ~30. There are a HUGE number of great people that struggle but get by in NZ. This family are not one of them.

  • Yellow Admiral

    Have spent a few minutes running thru her Facebook. Noted that the rant against the Sallies was posted twice – Dec 17 and Dec 21. Perhaps she didn’t get any traction from the first post and pushed it again.

    Its obvious she does a lot of ‘buying and selling’ and peddles CI food hampers and other stuff.

    People need to remember that putting their history on Facebook makes it easy to expose the rorts.

  • HogsWorth

    2 adults?, one looks after kids, other goes on bus to meeting?

    • Bartman

      Too easy, but most likely the response would have been, “nahh, can’t be arsed, let’s have a drink instead. The Sallies will do the righty thing eh!”

      • Or ‘the bash’ for interrupting the ‘gaming’

    • Forrest Ranger

      Glad you mentioned this quite obvious fact the ST reporter should have asked about. The answer would probably have been he wasn’t able to because the appointment conflicted with a busy afternoon at the pub or TAB

  • Diddle_De_Dee

    This makes me mad. The Sallies do an amazing job of helping people in need using mostly unpaid volunteers and their own funding. To be publically s##t on by this ungrateful family of bludgers whom the Sallies have helped in the past is the lowest act.
    They deserve nothing this Christmas although I do feel for their kids as it’s not their fault that their parents are retarded bludgers. Merry Christmas to all the Salvation Army Workers, your great efforts are appreciated.

  • I.M Bach

    Those lunch boxes speak volumes.

    • Janine Wilson

      No they don’t actually, while there is a little too much junk the fact that they have a full packed lunch means their Mum DOES care for them very well. She’s just crap with budgeting :P

      • I.M Bach

        A little too much junk? Surely you jest? Everything in there is in a packet, not even an apple (or slices thereof), nothing fresh at all.

        • Janine Wilson

          There yoghurt? lol, I’m hoping there’s a salad sandwich under all of that. BUT at least she is giving them lunches and plenty of it even if it is junk.
          I know I am guilty of putting chips and a muesli bar with my kids lunch, if it Make it TOOOO healthy it all comes back. At least they eat it this way. I would advise more fruit and veggies and less junk though. But like I said, at least they have lunches at school. I see so many kids with nothing go to school.

          • I.M Bach

            I don’t see yoghurt, I see ‘dairy food’, which is just sugar-laden rubbish. I gave my kids a punnet of yoghurt in their lunch box and often a muesli bar, sometimes even a bag of chippies or Twisties or whatever but it was always in a balance with fresh food. I was house hubby for three years, I know the drill. I also know that most of it was eaten as the teachers used to watch over the kids having their lunch and there were no rubbish bins! Kids took their lunch rubbish home so you could (mostly) see what was going on.

          • Janine Wilson

            I’m quite lucky with my daughter, she’ll eat anything I put in her lunch, my son is a very picky eater. It does get very tempting to just put junk in his lunch because at least he will eat it, but I still put healthy food in there because I am stubborn and convinced one day it won’t come home :P

            Junk food is usually easier than a fight, and though I personally choose to keep having that fight I can see why someone would give up and just give them all foods that they will eat.

            Lets just hope they are getting veggies with Dinner and at least some fruit in the mornings/afternoon snack.

            Though by the looks of that lunchbox it’s enough to feed 2 adults really, so I don’t imagine that they are snacking after school unless it’s causing carb spikes during the day.

          • Janine Wilson

            I also don’t give my kids yoghurt in their lunches generally ( I don’t like the thought that the school doesn’t have fridges to put them in and kids tend to leave their lunchboxes in the sun at playtime), but they do have a glass of the calci trim plus when they get home generally :)

          • I.M Bach

            During summer I sometimes gave my kids a small smoothie before heading off, chuck some yoghurt in there, a bit of fruit and a teaspoon of honey.

          • I.M Bach

            Ahh, the old “easier than a fight” stance. Yes, you’re right, many people do that but good on you for being stubborn. My two still snack on carrot/celery sticks and they are now in their mid 20’s! It’s about healthy habits. I also thought there was enough for two in each lunchbox and perhaps a sandwich would change that; bread fills you up and with the right filling can be quite yummy.

      • Sunshine

        Nope, that is a lunchbox from a lazy, can’t be bothered Mother. A real parent thinks about the child’s health and makes some real food choices that might take a bit of effort.

      • Michelle

        that is probably the only day she bothered to do their lunches and decided to record it for posterity

        wonder if the kids line up for school breakfasts?

        this is child abuse l feel for them putting them in the MSM for their friends etc to see

    • Whitey

      They surely do.

  • Nic C

    How many times are the MSM going to keep rolling these stories out, when every time they get ripped apart and laid bare by WOBH?? It’s getting beyond pathetic now.

    But where do these particular types of ‘ferals’ get off, thinking that attempting to ‘expose the cruel and heartless underbelly of the Sallies’?? Are they really that stupid or has years, generations even, of bludging and institutionalised welfarism just put their heads in a place where ‘entitlement’ trumps ‘humility’ in their skewed and distorted reality? I fear the real blow-back of all these similar stories of late, will be the families out there in real need… especially at this time of the year. As much as these stories rile us and make those of us who fund the lifestyles of these parasites through personal taxes and those demanded of our businesses too, let’s try and not forget how incredibly fortunate and privileged some of us really are, compared to a vast proportion of our fellow New Zealanders.

    Merry Xmas all and big ups to Cam, SB, Peter and the rest of the WOBH staff… sterling effort this year guys… all the best for 2015.

    PS: Stopped giving to the Sallies years ago unfortunately when I took a perfectly good TV down to them that we had sitting around spare and was informed ‘No Thanks… our ‘Client’s’ will only accept flat screen TVs”. Not impressed.

    • Jas

      Why was that their fault? If the clients won’t take the TV it just means they have to store it somewhere and/or take it to be destroyed.
      Not saying you but too many people see the Salvation army or the City Mission etc as a place to dump their old stuff and not have to pay a dumping fee

      • Nic C

        Hear ya… but was easier for me to just dump it, but the missus demanded I take it to the Sallies as ‘its a perfectly good TV!’.

        I should’ve explained it better, but to be fair, the lady at the Sallies certainly wasn’t overly ‘comfortable’ with having to convey that company line!

  • Just a thought …

    I vote for Brenda King from the Sallies to become the new Minister for Work and Income…….. you go girl,, we need more people like you in decision making roles ……

  • steve and monique

    Who’s on the invalids benefit? She got a job as a supermarket demonstrator and only months earlier was “working” for a sales direct company. He had an induction at a job last year so what happened there? Too many questions and judging by her poor text talk grammar, I wouldn’t employ her to proof read my 5 year old’s homework. A couple of self entitled, irresponsible drop kicks. Where is all that money for the island food going? Church, pockets, what? Get a job in a rest home kitchen if you can cook food for sale. I noticed the white Christmas tree was for sale along with many other items like a sub speaker thingy and a touch screen phone and an IPOD docking speaker. Did you put that money aside for Christmas? You have $15.01 left AFTER paying bills and rent at only a measly $160 a week AND your fines of course. Not sure if that includes the court imposed fine for fraud. You are both a disgrace and make a mockery of genuinely deserving people and to insult the Sallies who help many more than either of you two parasites do is just proof affirmative of your lack of personal responsibility and maturity. I feel for the children and hope they remove themselves from this situation and turn out the complete opposite to their parents. It is noted that you seem to have children very close in age, one after the other. Put something on the end of it for the sake of those of us you are sucking dry. The “journalist” should be sacked, is it April Fools day already?

    • ex-JAFA

      Amongst her weekly bills, she lists $80 for power. A week! Is she running her own aluminium smelter out the back or something?

      • steve and monique

        Probably to pay for all the island meals she’s cooking and selling!

      • Janine Wilson

        It’s more normal than you know. We pay that, but then we run a heater in the babies room through the winter months and dehumidifier since she’s suffered lung problems since she was born.

      • Peter Maguire

        That’s understandable given the number of them living in the house

      • steve and monique

        Cooking more then food?

      • Ngahuiroimata Langdale

        I agree this is the norm for a family these days and as she does have a disabled son at least they are keeping their home warm which the children need.

  • Win

    Here we have a brilliant example of CHILD POVERTY, the left’s hot topic during the last election campaign.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    “Adopt a family” is a fantastic scheme for anyone wanting to be charitable. I did it, not only does the recipient gain but I enjoyed getting the hamper and gifts together. You select a family type, I wanted either a solo dad (because dads dont get a fair go) or a family where the primary income earner had been made redundant in the past 3 months. I didnt know the recipients were required to attend budget advice ,Im happy to read that.

    Here’s to all the social services and their people who do everything within their briefs to ensure community people get what they need at Xmas time.

    The photos are a telling story I’m disgusted at the gall of this person… take ownership lady!

    I have a query and observation
    This person and her partner will be recieving income this week via benefit I wonder where that money is going? Solution: If so desperate for presents for your children ring whom you owe money to and seek delayed payment for this weeks debts!!
    I have partaken in various secret santas leading up to Xmas with limits being $10. I found there are amazing good quality items out in many of the shops. Consequentially I struggle to understand that anyone needs to go without and especially children, what sort of mother is she?

  • kaykaybee

    So, once again we have the blogosphere exposing easily accessed details that a cub reporter should have discovered before going public.

    Will someone remind me of the relevance of the NZ MSM again please!

  • MaryLou

    Seems like it’s time to call an end to this whopping great social experiment that is universal welfare. Once it becomes viewed as a right and an option to actually working for a living, you know it’s a failed concept. The Sally’s approach to this is correct. We’ll help to give you a hand up when you need it, but it’s more a once-off, after that there need to be real benchmarks you need to achieve to get yourself out of the situation you are in. Imagine how much better we could support those who really needed if WINZ adopted the Sally’s criteria!

    EDIT: That’s me being relatively PC. The other bit is imagine how much less tax we’d all be paying!

  • Mike

    I agree with everyone that this story is a beat-up, but what say you to the people who say that its the kids who feel the pinch if you throw some tough soup at the parents?

    • MaryLou

      I reckon they’re already feeling it. And if the parents can find a way to shield them now, they can do the same when they’re made to use their own labour to earn a living rather than some one elses.

      I astound myself. How attitudes can change in the space of one month! Thanks WO. I’d never have gotten round to following up on these stories by myself.

      • I.M Bach

        That’s why people come here. Facts, research, you know….the stuff the MSM can’t seem to obtain.

  • northern

    Let’s all show our support for the Sallies’ common sense approach by donating to them today! I gave them a couple of hundred just two weeks ago but simply on the basis of this story I’m sending them an extra $100 as a gesture of support for their excellent stance here.

    • ex-JAFA

      Make sure you tell ’em why, so they know to keep up the good work.

  • kiwirog

    Either whale oilers have been busy, or the tide is turning against bludgers — the comments on socialist news site stuff are overwhelmingly in favour of the sallies. At the time of writing someone has +365 up votes for “if you’re going to bring 6 kids into the world you had better have a plan to provide for them”.If you’re going to bring 6 kids into this world you better have a plan to provide for them.If you’re going to bring 6 kids into this world you better have a plan to provide for them.”if y” “ff

    And a sarcastic “so lets embarrass and make them feel worse” has -126.

    • R&BAvenger

      I’m not certain about my WO colleagues, but I do not login to Stuff any more and therefore do not post or ‘upvote/downvote’ any comments.
      Once FREED is up and running I will not be visiting Stuff on a regular basis at all.

      EDIT – fixing typos

  • tripp
    • metalnwood

      lol, carpet cleaner, used once. Forget to mention 4th owner.

    • Danyelle Sarah

      Yup tried buying my Samsung s5 which I said no because she previously complained about no money for her kids .
      Then posts on the cellphone page i run asking for help for a phone because she has a disabled son when I say no to selling her my one .

  • Pluto

    Meanwhile, Xmas 2015…
    “Shelly Edwards and Leo Hewitt, and their seven children blame John Key and the Salvation Army and WINZ for ruining their Christmas….”

  • Karen Sim

    I bet Southland Times have egg on there faces now after running this story

  • Whitey

    There must be families out there who really are struggling, but every time the MSM cooks up one of these stories they show us people who are blatantly on the take, with a sense of entitlement big enough to be seen from space. Why they don’t do basic fact checking is beyond me. Why not do a story on all the good work the Sallies are doing helping people who are going through a rough patch? Helping people gain life skills to get out of poverty and stay out would make a brilliant story.

  • Tom McKechnie

    Rather than another ” Pimping the poor ” story, this to me is 2 parents pimping their kids because they simply couldn’t be bothered to make Christmas day, a happy day for their children.

  • Daniel Church

    Gold. What a piece of scum. Shame on mainstream media for falling for this BS.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas Whale Oil :)

  • dolebludgersnemesis

    She can afford a mobile phone.

  • Danyelle Sarah

    Sadly this woman is a right scam , I run a cellphone page on Facebook where she has scammed nice caring people out of their really nice phones for her broken ones because she uses her disabled son as an excuse , then complains a few hours later for another phone cause she doesnt like it . she also tried to buy my Samsung s5 for cash which I turned down for the fact it could be used for her kids etc for Christmas not a phone !
    Sad to see people do this & abuse the help people who need it can get , people like this lady ruin it for everyone else .
    Pathetic .

  • Beetle

    What’s particularly galling about this story is that the parents and Fairfax are fine to use the six children to promote their grown-up agendas. Those kids deserve a whole lot better than parents who not only cannot get their act together, but think it’s OK to use them as media fodder for their own selfish games.

  • Warren Murray

    When I first read this story, it seemed more balanced than the usual one-sided pimping the poor stories that get served up at this time of the year. So i think Southland Times deserves a little credit (unless the Sallies’ side came later).

    I agree with others’ condemnation of the parents. What lessons are the six kids learning fro their parents? It’s a worry.

    • Catriona

      Learning that boozing is a way of life, living on junk food is the way to go, doing the pokies, smoking and living in a filthy hovel no doubt.
      Heck, when i went back to school last century, my mother filled our lunch boxes with good old fashion sandwiches, an apple or an orange and a piece of homemaking and a drink bottle. No stuff in packets for us. And the lunch was sufficient I have to say. We were never allowed jam sandwiches though – usually egg with chives, or tomato and lettuce during the lettuce season, or cheese and marmite. Sometimes luncheon sausage with a dollop of tomato sauce. And we were only allowed to buy our lunch on our birthday. Who were we to complain? I repeated all the above when my children went to school.

      • I recognise all that however admit to the little packet of Sunrise raisins . . .

  • Kizzy MCD

    What you failed to add to this is that Shelly gambles. She apparently has won 3 $900 plus jackpots in 2013 so my guess is that she has gambled all that money away or it has paid for all the things you have shown here. WHen I saw that I was livid, how dare she cry poor mouth when she can do the things she does. I just feel sorry for those kids. not only are they going to miss out on Xmas because of their parents but they are learning negative behaviours for when they are adults themselves.

    • mark

      As someone who likes to play the pokies she must have gambled a s**t load! From my estimates she might have to have spent well over 30K to win that many jackpots (maybe even much more)

  • Catriona

    Obviously this silly woman puts all these photos up on Facebook for the entire world to see. That’s where WO comes in – goes snooping and gets the evidence. Makes you wonder why the silly little journalist hoping to make it big time didn’t do a bit of investigating before they wrote the story and then just may then, they may have decided to do a runner. The Journalist has been conned through their own stupidity.
    Anyway, back to the story – it now seems that all the so-called ‘poor people’ expect to keep on blowing their budgets ad nauseum and think it’s their right for the agencies to fund their Christmas. High Fives to the Sallies for calling their bluff. We support the Sallies and always have done. City Mission will never ever see anything from us – it’s now become a joke.

  • adam wilkinson

    i am main admin for invercargill cellphone trader along with danyelle sarah i can confirm she was using her poor child to obtain phones an scamming members off our page so we as admins had to remove her an ban her for doin so its pretty sad if you cant budget or you waste yr coin on crap i alwayss thort kids cme first likes of you need a roof ova yr head food an clothes then power well it tells us that she is the opposite to everyone an then layin a guit trip on the salvation army because she could not go the budget place or keep to appointments after all because of her poor judgement yes there kids are missin out because of them……..all i can say is lady kids come first

    • Philonholidat

      Gee that was hard to read. There are only 8 full stops in your post and 7 of them don’t really count! Throw in a capital letter or two your comments could have actually made sense. Just a thought.

      • Sandysure

        Still a valuable and candid contribution made by Adam – regardless of punctuation

      • adam wilkinson

        still read able

      • adam wilkinson

        oh an whats yr point dnt see you makin any comments just a thort have a awesome day

  • Guest

    She def isn’t tight on money.. $200 for a flat screen within the last month..
    This just disgusts me! There are genuine families in need, and then you have this woman… =(

  • Jaylene Barwick

    What a refreshing article, shows a well rounded account of the story. Pleased to see someone looking behind the façade to show the real story.

  • Eiselmann

    I saw this post several hours ago and attempted to add my own opinion only to realise I was so angry at these parents that I couldn’t get past the first few words without using language that would get me banned.
    I thought of all the sacrifices my father had to make to keep food on the table for me for a number of years in the wake of my mothers death and then we have these people that wouldn’t know sacrifice if it landed on them. Even just on the surface (without the exposure of their real circumstance) these people have it good compared to lots of others …and that for me was the real thing that made me angry. You see there are people out there that do everything right and still struggle to make ends met , those people should be the focus of any charity efforts and yet people like Shelly Edwards and her partner too often use and abuse the goodwill of others making those n real need less likely to get the help they might otherwise get.
    Then finally we have her kids who I do feel sorry for, I hope that they find the will within themselves to break out of the trap of ‘do nothing and bludge’ that their parents have ensnarled them in….by New Zealand standards life for me as a kid was tough but I grew up with a father who demonstrated the importance of work and what little time he could spare with me…well it mattered….this woman’s poor kids have none of that…….sadly Shelley won’t learn and will teach her kids nothing of self-worth

  • Dog Breath

    This is why the Salvation Army and other similar organisations should play a greater role in government funded socisl services. You can’t pull the wool over their eyes.

    • MaryLou

      Well, some of these organisations. Auckland City Mission could learn a thing or two…

  • Lisa Carter

    Its is not Societies or any welfare agencies or the Salvation Army’s problem, you decided to have kids if you could not afford them, then use birth control, so one of you in on a invalids benefit getting over 600 bucks a week, I am guessing that is more than either one of you would earn working, but its not there to be abused. Part of the benefit you receive is for your children and not for hire purchases for whatever. Fact is simple you were to lazy to attend budgeting because you wouldn’t like what they were going to tell you… Stop living beyond your means, stop thinking Society owes you and should support your kids. Get out and get a job, if you cant afford Christmas dinner sell you darn car and use the petrol money…The only person who can change this situation is YOU and you got a hand out last Christmas from the Salvation Army…There are others in need as well and they are the ones that want to change their lifestyle and improve their living conditions. IT IS NO BODYS FAULT THAT YOUR KIDS ARE HAVING NO CHRISTMAS BUT YOUR OWN so I hope you feel totally rotten on Christmas day.. Normally I am one of the first to offer something to help out, but not this family, They need to help themselves first… before getting any hand outs, a life of hand outs without them taking responsibility for the lifestyle and want change.

  • REKT

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    Why dont they show these bludgers how to grow veges? Not hard to do and will save them some money.

    Oh yeah too hard and its much more convenient to just put your hand out

  • Rex

    Pay the benefit for the first three kids only. Any more then do not pay any more benefit! That’ll stop them breeding!