Pimping the Poor – Timaru Herald style


ON STRUGGLE STREET: But can afford to dye her hair, get multiple tattoos and afford the internet and a cellphone

All the media loves pimping the poor and Timaru Herald is no different…except they actually do add in some quotes that are enlightening with the person they’ve chosen to pimp out.

The high level of poverty in some streets in the Marchwiel area was highlighted last week in a social justice report commissioned by Anglican Care.

Kelvin St resident Racheal Gates is one of many people living day-to-day and struggling to make ends meet.

“There’s a lot like me around here who are struggling,” the 37-year-old said yesterday.

Report author Ruth Swale spoke to more than 30 agencies, organisations and individuals in South Canterbury over a six-month period, and the issue which stood out to her was the level of poverty in the Marchwiel area.

The research found some streets in the north-end area were within the lowest categories (9 and 10) on the deprivation index.

Gates receives a supported living benefit from Work and Income and has a casual part-time job at Strathallan Lifecare.

Three years ago, she tipped the scales at 150kg and struggled to find work.

After having gastric bypass surgery, she is now half the size she was.

“I feel good, but I have had a few underlying health issues, like chronic fatigue . . . so I can’t do a lot of physical work or work long hours.”

With a diploma in social services, Gates said she would one day like to work in mental health. She also suffers from anxiety.

A litany of excuses to explain her work-shy attitude.

And here comes the blame the government for her predicament statements.

Because of her surgery, Gates can only eat healthy foods and this is where most of her money goes.

“I can only tolerate certain foods. Healthy foods are so expensive and my grocery bill is where I suffer the most.

“I wish the Government would drop the GST on meat and veges and put it on the junk food.”

Gates says she has tried to access a special food allowance from Work and Income.

“I had a letter from my doctor but they turned me down.

“I hate going in there to ask for help because of the way they make me feel . . . it’s like the money is coming out of their own pockets.”

Who are these WINZ people, find them and give them a medal, that is exactly the right attitude…and Gates has exactly teh wrong attitude, showing us her bludger entitlement mentality. It’s the government’s money why can’t she have more of it.

Her statement about GST is pure politics…this lardo/heifer ate herself to more than 150kgs, lacked the self control to lose weight herself, took the short cut and is now bleating about GST causing her enormous food intake rather than blaming herself for a lack of self-control.

“My outgoings are way more than my incomings and I should be able to feel like they will help me, but I don’t.”

She said all her money went on bills, and often after “payday” her money was gone.

“Some people will ask me how I can afford my tattoos, colour my hair, afford the internet or cellphone, but I tell them I don’t smoke, drink or go out. All my money goes on my son and my bills. I am more fortunate than others . . . probably because I am getting off my butt and working at it.”

Nice of the Timaru Herald to put in her confession over tattoos, hair colouring, the internet and cellphone…She needs to get off her butt from the looks of it, it is literally expanding in the photo.

But what of her statements…let’s see what Facebook reveals.

Oh look, plenty of money to spend at Marcia’s Hair and Beauty.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.08.42 pm

She says she doesn’t drink but likes Vodka Cruiser, Lindauer and Wine Sale NZ. I think we can put the “doesn’t drink” lie to bed…I mean seriously who like Lindauer except those conditioned to drink it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.12.19 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.17.50 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.15.10 pm

Can’t afford to pay her bills but likes Dominos and Muffin Break:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.12.49 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.17.29 pm

I think we can work how she got so large as well:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.17.15 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.14.26 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.14.46 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.14.00 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.16.35 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.18.08 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.18.20 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.18.02 pm

When will the media learn to do their research and catch these liars out.

She might her life improves considerably if she stopped spending money on tattoos, junk food and useless stuff.

More often than not these people are poor because of poor personal life choices.

the media should stop pimping these hard people who aren’t…real poverty is deserving of attention, not these attention seeking bludgers wanting more.


– Timaru Herald



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  • Hollyfield

    “I hate going in there to ask for help because of the way they make me feel . . . it’s like the money is coming out of their own pockets.”

    It actually is coming out of their own pockets through the taxes they pay.

    • 1951

      Great job Paula B did turning the mind-set of WINZ case workers around from giving out the dosh to actually challenging people to get off their butts.

      • Cadwallader

        Youtude has a great sketch of Al Bundy in his shoe store “Crimes Against Obesity.” (Circa late 1980s.) It ought be compulsory reading for fatties. There’s no way msm would show this today.

  • metalnwood

    How can the paper try to make any link between this and poverty? Why was poverty even mentioned? This has nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with making the wrong choices that impact on your health and the consequences that come with it.

    Guys in poverty, with the energy they still have left will be telling about the story of the middle class white girl who ate her way to poverty. They wont believe the irony or the fact that she was likened to being in poverty.

  • JC

    Way to go girl.. all those likes but this is what the Mayo Clinic recommends for food and drink in the short and long term after GB surgery..


    She’s killing herself with her food habits, nothing to do with special healthy foods.


  • Lion_ess

    Gawd, Marcias Hair and Beauty earns a big LOL. 4 style hair just for you. That’ll be blue fringe, red back, cropped sides with fluffy blonde top. Um, less is more, if you get my drift.

    • Catriona

      Yep, I checked Marcia’s out. Crikey – what the heck are women thinking with some of the crazy colours they insist make them look attractive?

  • Funny how NZ’s poverty seems to disappear when using the comparative methodology observed reality analysis, instead of statistical ideology comparisons.

    @$150 plus for a colour change… That’s a lot of apples and bananas…

  • LabTested

    …Gates can only eat healthy foods and this is where most of her money goes.

    at this point even a reporter on their first assignment might have suggest a photo next to the vegetable garden… oh wait. I bet there wasn’t one.

    • Catriona

      We’ve got a vege garden. It’s not big but it’s great. It’s a real pleasure going out to pick veg for dinner. we’re even giving stuff away and blanching excess veg as well – to be used in stirfrys. It’s so much fun watching the produce bloom. Yep, Rachel should get the Timaru weekly to go to a Lions Club or something and rally the troops to put two or three vege planters, plant it up and help her on her way. She’ll feel better too. And cut out the rubbish soft drinks. They’ll make you on their own!

  • mommadog

    I don’t know which part annoys me the most in this story, most of it for the reasons already mentioned. The statement about Winz staff and you would think the money is coming out of their own pockets… dah! it is. They work, they pay tax. It is also coming out of my pocket and every other working NZer. I wonder where she thinks the government gets the money from or whether she is a Russell Norman “just get the printing press to print more” supporter. As for wanting to work in mental health – I’m not saying she has a problem but it is interesting phenomenon that many in heath care gravitate towards the areas that they need help in. I have seen it time and time again. Unresolved grief and that person wants to work for hospice (thankfully hospices are usually good at screening employees for this). A few unresolved issues in your own life, want to work in mental health and so it goes…

  • Jayar

    As one whose only modest hair colour changes come self applied, I can certainly see that this woman’s hair style would be achieved after much time and money spent in the hair salon. Thank goodness for WO who can see through these “hard luck” stories.

    • 1951

      Even when we do it ourselves it isn’t cheap.

  • Eddie

    Why doesn’t NZ try a universal minimum income? Remove all the uncomfortable WINZ meetings and most of the staff, give everyone the same opportunity and zero-out the stats!

    • OneTrack

      Because there would be the same raft of people wanting “top-ups” and “special payments” (hair colouring and cell-phone charges).

      • Eddie

        There would be no such thing. Fewer staff would have to speak “no” slowly to those people and, because there would be a little more cash, there might be fewer questions.

  • damm good thrashing

    Looks like she can afford cat food too.

    • Cadwallader

      I wonder whether there’s a pit-bull in the backyard?

  • Cadwallader

    I suppose WE paid for the gastric bypass surgery which seems to have had the sole effect of reducing what grey matter was in her head to begin with. I certainly didn’t reduce the remainder of her!

    • PsychoKea

      Expensive publically funded surgery for people with no will power, trying to fix a psychological issue with surgery is not really a good long term solution , it also causes a lot of other long term health issues that will end up costing the tax payer in the long run

      • phronesis

        Sewing lips shut would have similar benefits without the nasty long term side effects. Gastric Bypass surgery is what you get when you let the cutters (surgeons) treat the mentally ill.

      • Cadwallader

        Are the long term health issues worse than those you inherit if you continue to eat crap food and sit on your butt? I recall Lange working hard to maintain a lower weight after his surgery but it seemed not to add to his life expectancy. I recall the MP (ACT I think) who claimed she’d lost weight through lifestyle change but had actually had a stomach stapling. I wonder whether she is still alive?

        • PsychoKea

          People who have had GB often try and still jam as much high energy food into their gobs , because basically the overeating is a behavioral issue, the excess weight is just a manifestation

  • PsychoKea

    Am sick of the portrayed myth that healthy foods cost more, apart from exception of comparing carbonated beverages with water which is a supermarket loss leader to tempt people with poor self control, that last time I looked you can get an awful lot of vegetables for $20 or so, and gardening is very reasonable on the wallet, how about instead of a $ handout provide vouchers to the local garden shop to buy vegetable seedlings

    • LabTested

      On the train yesterday, in Melbourne we passed an allotment. The first I have seen here. These are very common in europe. A reasonably big area within the city where people can apply for an individual garden allotment. These are used to grow vegetables & you get the sense that on the weekend it becomes a group – community thing. Some of the larger allotments even have sheds that look suspiciously like overnight sleep outs.

      They are popular in europe as most people do not have a back yard garden to grow vegetables. Maybe why it never took off in NZ. Of course if you don’t use your allotment you lose it.

      I would rather see Auckland Council using land to encourage this activity than building $30m white water rafting centers in South Auckland.

      ps it also gives dad an excuse to get away from the wife & kids for the day.

      • PsychoKea

        That won’t work Lens crew want to get rid of any green space in the city and turn it into slum housing

      • Sally

        The land that is sitting unused in Christchurch because of the earthquake could be put to this use. Instead of more handouts maybe the government could setup a scheme for the unemployed to make use of the vacant land to grow vegetables. Employ some gardeners who could go around and show how to do it and get some seed companies on board.

      • Reaper

        Down here in Ypuk we had a community garden, it has recently closed down due to lack of support and is being reconverted into paddocks. I have offered a portion of my own land for anyone that is keen to grow vegetables, but there have been no takers. No takers keen to pick up a spade, I mean, still plenty of ‘takers’ out there.

        • Cadwallader

          In Ypuk do you have a KFC, McD’s or similar? That may be the answer to the failure of the community garden. The truth is nobody can blame the fast food companies for their own obesity but like the politicians the fatties frequently do so.

          • Reaper

            No, we don’t have KFC or McDs, though you wouldn’t think it due to the amount of their litter on the roadsides. I guess people drive up to Hastings and buy that stuff, then throw their wrappings out down here. The only answer to the failure of the community garden is laziness imo. Me offering land is a moot point anyway, as everyone has enough earth to grow something if they actually wanted to. People in Manhatten are able grow vegetable in pots in their apartments.

          • Cadwallader

            The issue of a vegetable garden is interesting. I recall that most state houses had sections of about 600m2 at least. I know many people who grew up in them and their dads generally grew some vegetables. For that matter chook houses were reasonably common too. Now that so many people worry about chemicals being added to their food you’d question why there aren’t more urban vegetable gardens to avoid perceived contaminants?

          • Reaper

            The contaminants are one of the reasons I grow my own veges, keep my own chooks and raise my own beef (even though I am vegetarian myself – yes, a vege beef breeder – other family members still need to eat) but then I don’t dye my hair or have expensive tattoos to pay for, so I guess I can.

          • Betty Swallocks

            This woman lives in a state house on a 1/4 acre section. Unless she’s been extremely busy of late, there appears to be nothing more than an expanse of lawn at the back of the property. Obviously vegetables aren’t on the list of foods she can ‘tolerate’.

      • peterwn

        I know of a refugee family in a Porirua state house. They probably could not believe how much land came with the house and put it to good use by growing vegetables.

  • john Doe

    Question. Why are there so many people with Social Service Diplomas and Degrees in NZ? I would have thought with so much hardship and poverty around that there would be greater need for these people in the workforce.

  • HSV325

    Classic!!! Busted big time. Interesting they all do degrees which consign them to a lifetime of poverty. Why not do a degree which can get them a real job and earn some decent coin or even do a trade?

    • Betty Swallocks

      If she’s talking about doing a Social services diploma then Aoraki Polytech offers it, then it’s a level 5 course and not quite a degree. It doesn’t appear to be of much benefit to anyone apart from the Polytech as it doesn’t in itself provide much in the way of specialised knowledge.

  • RightofSingapore

    This is why I love Whaleoil-exposing these charlatans for the charlatans that they are-charlatans.

  • johnnyB

    Hard to see the news content here – in fact this article almost needs a promoter statement as a political broadcast

  • oldmanNZ

    a 10kg budget sack of rice cost $10, this will last her over a month.
    a can of tuna cost $1.80 or bakebeans cost $1.25

    Bakebeans, egg and rice for dinner, around $2.30 what I have sometimes.

    that is healthy non junk food. Why is it expensive?

  • Wheninrome

    These individuals are silly, silly, silly, they love bursting into print with information that only makes them look sillier.
    It is non news, those amongst us know that it goes on, we despair. Try and take a hard line and you are told we must take pity on the poverty stricken among us.
    These particular individuals do no service to those with real issues.

  • Lord Evans

    Is that a cat I see sitting next to her? Animals ain’t cheap to keep either… Just sayin’

  • Aucky

    Chronically fatigued? I should be so lucky to be able to wheel that out as an excuse.
    At 69 I’m still working 30 hours a week and pay sufficient taxes to cover my own super and Racheal’s (sic) benefits. Just get off your arse girl & find a permanent job – other solo mums manage it. Can’t afford healthy food? A veggie garden is a good start.

    • Wheninrome

      Some supermarket checkouts even have chairs for the staff to sit on. However I can see another issue, chronic overuse syndrome reaching for groceries.

    • Cadwallader

      Her gob may well be chronically fatigued?

    • steve and monique

      Here here Aucky I was just thinking the same thing. We have a veggie garden and I have just harvested my potatoes, handy when you hear there is a shortage of them and they cost like gold. I had to snigger at the piece in the article where rachael said it’s like the money is coming out of WINZ staff’s own pockets – well effectively – it is! They work as do most of us and it’s our tax money that is paying you. Chronic fatigue, you look pretty okay to me, try having two kids and starting work at 5am and still doing the school run and returning back to work afterwards. Who paid for the course you did? You shouldn’t be getting tattoos on the taxpayer, all your money should be going on your son and bills, that’s called being a responsible parent, when you earn more of your own money you can do with it as you wish. I know you have a part time job but economics suggest that instead of going to WINZ for more money, get more hours, I know the healthcare sector is always screaming out for people.

  • Catriona

    No, this is sensationalism from a silly little journalist in the provinces. Why the heck these people agree to have their story told. Nobody cares! This individual no doubt had her gastric by-pass surgery courtesy of the taxpayer. Cut out the alcohol for starters, go back to basics and cook meals like your mother used to i.e. no takeaways, meat & three veg – and there are lots of ways you can use mince and turn it into a nourishing meal etc. etc. We’ve got a lady in our town who had the surgery. The local rag did an article about her and her weight loss. Now she’s as fat as she was because she continues to gorge herself without any shame. I’ve seen it for myself in a local cafe. Nearly fell off my chair. ‘But, But, But ….. I wanted to say to her. Do you know that my favourite quencher drink is water out of the tap with lemon juice squeezed into it and a sprig of mint for flavouring. Doesn’t cost me anything. I suggest she goes back to basics.

  • Catriona

    You know, on re-reading the article, I get the picture that Racheal is probably slightly depressed. Is there some kind employer in Timaru who is prepared to give Racheal a crack at a job – the 90 day trial is perfect for people like Racheal – and see if it can be a life changer for her? I don’t think she’s unemployable – just not in the right mindset to think about work. Racheal, you’ll be heaps better of by getting out of bed, going to work and your life will turn around. Sometimes you’ve just gotta stop thinking about your fatigue etc, etc, and say ‘Goddamit – I need to work for my health and emotional wellbeing”.

    • Mags

      I’d be depressed if I had had a by pass operation too. What a life not being able to eat properly again with family and friends. She is probably malnourished from lack of food. Maybe that’s why she is chronically fatigued.

  • KGB

    Why do they keep doing it? Perhaps they don’t read WO? Surely someone they know does? If they are embarrassed heading into WINZ for a hand-out, surely they are devastated by this type of exposure?
    Silly woman.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Maybe someone at the paper knows her and knows what a waste of space she is and set her up especially for a shaming on Whale Oil? Hopefully someone has sent her a link, she’ll see it of course because she can afford internet but not a few seeds to plant in the garden.

  • Michael_l_c

    The sad joke is that the msm pimping the poor stories all seem to reinforce the preconceived ideas we are accused of having.

    • Cadwallader

      Well put. I wonder who suggested to this woman that she ought to acquire a Diploma of Social whatever? Did she not do her homework beforehand to realize that this form of low level qualification is not hungrily sought after by the market-place? Why not train to be a plumber/electrician/builder? All those genuine skills are in short supply throughout Canterbury; Timaru included.

      • Michael_l_c

        Quite happy to be corrected but, going back a few years, I think I recall that if you were on a benefit there was encouragement to study & some $ in it. That was all very well if you studied for something useful, not a BA in nothing useful.

        • Cadwallader

          I think you’re correct. But doing a trade would be far too demanding as the hours of work would require you to get out of bed, scrub-up, cut your lunch (snigger) and work to walk (snigger again) all before noon.

          • Dave

            Whilst we are a million miles away from Timaru, we recently needed a trades assistant or trainee. A lot of replies, I suggest of similar attitude / aptitude to Rachael, and one applicant who we declined at first cut had his dad call and try to convince us to give him a go. Reluctantly, we agreed for an interview. This young man turned up, nose piercing was a bit off putting, but the attitude soon came out. He did want a job, no doubt about it, but on his terms. When we talked about the 6.00 am starts twice a week he was shocked, when we discussed about working outside most days he asked about the indoors retail component and that he preferred to be inside. In the end, he said he didn’t think this job was for him, his dad was a bit taken back, but had the audacity to ask if we could offer him a job in retail as it was possibly more suitable for his little darling. I replied, no! This role was for someone prepared to work as a trades assistant most of the time and assist occasionally in the workshop or occasionally in retail. We cannot pick the role apart and offer bits to individuals. I strongly suspect it’s similar with Racheal and many other people, it’s more about their needs, than what the “Market” wants. A BA in flower arranging or social services isn’t going to help feed the nation, or fix their plumbing, but might offer a sole a bit of self datisfaction while they line up at WINZ.

  • Rocket

    No P.C.
    She’s a fat ugly cow.

    • Cadwallader

      That is unfair, even by my standards!

      I pose this question: Did she have her hair coloured to improve her work opportunities or was it a product of vanity? I would never stand in the way of a striver hence if she was trying to enhance her attractiveness to a potential employer, albeit on taxpayers’ largesse, then good on her!

      Another thought: She must have had an inkling that somebody beyond the Timaru Herald might check her background? If she didn’t and this airing on WO comes as a surprise then I don’t fancy her chances of any work which requires forethought.

      It is easy to get irate with these stories but sadness sometimes creeps in. The msm should leave well alone.

      • Rocket

        Sorry. I apologize.
        I missed stupid and vain.

        • Cadwallader

          Noted; Merry Christmas!

      • Catriona

        Women feel much better when their hair has been cut nicely and coloured. It lifts their self-esteem. In this case Racheal is presentable and needs a break to get off the beneficiary merry go round. Racheal, you are going to have to manage your Chronic Fatigue somehow if you are serious about getting employment. You need to break the cycle and if getting your hair done now and then makes you feel good, then so be it. I don’t begrudge her that. But get rid of the purple. So bogan. Remember, there just might be some conservative employers who don’t want to employ women with purple hair and that is their right. I suggest have it toned down and cover up the tats too when going for an interview.

    • Catriona

      And how attractive are you?

    • MaryLou

      Huh! My first “downvote” ever. Congratulations.

  • Day Day

    Maybe it’s those who have chosen to exploit Rachel’s personal situation, to generate the MSM story, are the ones deserving of criticism.

    • MaryLou

      Most definitely. But, there is still an underlying entitlement thing going on here, that the MSM will never identify, and whilst I feel sorry for these people being picked out because of their poor choices, it’s something that needs to be addressed, in order to be overcome. Re Cowgirls’ comment above, and Dave above that – there are a number of solutions to her situation, and they’ve pretty much all been outlined here.

      Maybe the MSM could at least point the lady in the direction of a “life coach” or similar at the same time as making money off her!

      • Rocket

        “With a diploma in social services, Gates said she would one day like to work in mental health. She also suffers from anxiety.”
        So the mad caring for the mad.
        “Gates receives a supported living benefit from Work and Income and has a casual part-time job at Strathallan Lifecare.”
        Hi ML. Did you read any of this?
        She already works in the flakey “life coach” industry, for goodness’ sake.
        I reckon we taxpayers have supported this woman enough, and it’s about time she took stock of her foolish bludging. Toughen up – face life and enjoy the challenges.

        • MaryLou

          Yep read it. And I still don’t see that your comment re fat or ugly contributed a single thing to the conversation. What you’ve written this time has a valid viewpoint – your first lot – none at all.

          So in response to the bits that are worth it – yes, many people get into industries they have some sympathy or life experience in. Employment options – yes, limited so we should be discussing why in hell the taxpayer offers the chance to take courses paid for by our taxes in industries where the chances of getting a job is minimal.

          Yes she needs a job, and that’s why I’m disappointed in a way, that Paula Bennett has been moved on. She was making good inroads into dealing with these things.

          If you want a decent response, take the time to make a decent argument.

        • dgrogan

          Flakey ‘life coach’ industry? Strathallan is a pensioner village, which includes a hospital, dementia and rest home units.

          • Rocket

            I’m very sorry. My mistake. Apologies to all residents and their families.

    • Jonathan P

      Why go after an expose on the MSM (which is coming, it has been promised after all) when the lower hanging fruit are so much easier.
      And its so much more fun name calling and making fun of pawn in other peoples games.

  • Cowgirl

    None of her choices appear to be improving her chances of more work – blue hair and tattoos don’t cut the mustard with many employers.
    All of her money goes on bills and her son? No, quite a bit goes on hairstyles and tattoos. Those don’t count amongst regular bills IMO.
    She doesn’t go out? Then why spend a fortune on your hair? Is it just for work?
    She can only eat ‘healthy’ food now? Poor thing, how awful for her – perhaps we shouldn’t have paid for her surgery so she could still eat rubbish?

  • Ginny

    The MSM has a lot to answer for here. They have used a vulnerable women to sell their papers when what they should have done is found an advocate to help her with her issues. Shame on you MSM, you have reduced this woman’s chance of getting a job and getting off the benefit.

    • Huia

      Everyone has issues but most just get on with it (it being life itself), they don’t sit on there hind quarters whining about their issues.
      What good is a diploma in social services? this seems to be the popular “higher” education amongst the unemployable these days. Why do they not do something practical and train for something where jobs are actually available, everyone starts a job at the bottom and works way up, often doing degrees at the same time to better their lot. This social services degree is a whitewash, and an expensive time waster but I guess its better to be seen to be doing something instead of working and it keeps the benefit rolling in.
      My word we are bringing immigrants in to work because they cant get kiwi workers and then the MSM put something like this up. Staggers belief at the attitude of people like this woman.

  • Dave

    Can only eat healthy food. Suggest a quick tour of google, “food producers in Timaru” oh yeah, you can grow healthy food in Timaru. so, today dig up 1 sq/m of lawn, tomorrow dig another 1sq/m of lawn. ask neighbors for their lawn clippings. dig these through on third day with some mature organic fertilizer, and water in well. get a few seeds, and plant. spend approx an hour a day tending your patch. twice a week, spend an hour digging another sq/m, and after 4 weeks, you will start to reap the rewards. after 8 weeks, you will start to harvest.
    after 12 weeks, if you have been careful with your choices you will be able to produce most of your veges. Now think of the health and weight loss benefits.

    Rachel Gates – your 35, now think of this……My grandmother lived in Oamaru and always had a huge garden filled with veges, spuds and fruit trees, plus chocks for eggs, she tended it herself up to her mid 80’s when her family insisted she move to Timaru, so family could assist her, and provide some care. Within weeks of moving, she had dug up a lot of her small backyard and was once again growing her own veges. Slowly, but surely. People like Rachael Gates really annoy me, your not on struggle street sweetie, you just lack motivation and the desire to really support yourself.

    • Cadwallader

      Dave O/T but why is it that the North Island media cannot pronounce Oamaru as South Islanders do? “Om-a-ru.” I heard some young bird on the radio this morning pronounce it as “O-amm-a-ru.” Sometimes they try too hard to get the PC maori lingo right.

      • dgrogan

        In my experience, many South Islanders aren’t too good at pronouncing Maori at all. Examples: Rangeeora. Remeew Papanewie.

        • Cadwallader

          Usage and correct pronunciation seem to be distant cousins at times. But Oamaru really gets mangled. I am not certain what the correct way to say it is?

          • david

            Apparently every vowel is a syllable. Try following that rule and you get O A ma ru. But then apply the same rule to Kaikoura and what do you get? I give up.

          • Cadwallader

            Then migrate to Wales and start over again?

      • Dave

        Very true Cadwallader. Staying with my grandmother most holidays and spending time in Oamaru it was just that! No academics or PC idiots telling me of the significance of the local Maori pronunciation, which might have deprived me of the other pronunciations of O-am-ar-u. Hold on, I can’t recall too many if any Maori there! It was just Oamaru, still is Loved the gardens the pool, the port and wharves to fish from, getting sweets from Regina factory and catching butterflies on the Zig Zag between Greta and Severn street, or to my uncles farm at Enfield. A wonderful place to grow up in!

        • Cadwallader

          In 2011 Oamaru was on the New York Times “must see” list due to its Heritage Victorian area. I visited there a few years ago and a Bollywood take on Sherlock Holmes was being filmed in the Heritage precinct at the time. A remarkable town in many ways.

      • Champagneshane

        Wait till you have a go at Para-pa-ram!

    • Michael_l_c

      I have been thinking & saying this for years. Unfortunately reinforces the stereotype. It is most satisfying growing your own veges & fruit.

  • dgrogan

    The Timaru Herald is a bland, local rag. It was useful in winter to help light the fire, I recall.
    But it did have gardening articles in it from time to time during spring/summer. I’m surprised Ms Gates has not found the paper’s gardening tips useful, rather than to garner some mis-placed sympathy for her ‘poverty’.

  • Whitey

    Have to agree with you re. Lindauer.

    Gates’ comments about WINZ speak volumes. The money does come out of the employees’ pockets – it’s called tax, and something tells me she’s in there quite often with her hand out.

  • Tom

    The blimp lives in Timmers. Nough said.

  • kehua

    Snapped, good enough to go on the Trophy Wall.

  • Jdogg

    When you can’t find a job, you go out and volunteer – contributing to society, opening doors and networking.
    When you need (or want to) eat healthy food, you turn your backyard into a productive one. Even if you rent and can’t dig your backyard into a garden you can use containers, old tyres, black garden bags double as compost bins.
    Really surprised not many people have the nouse to grow edibles and gardens anymore. Get productive, get exercising which will in turn stimulate the feel good endorphins and prepare your mind-set better, to meet daily challenges, change the colour of your hair back to something not purple and the job choices will increase.

  • Bartman

    This is a great example of how hollow the arguments of the left have become, and that despite the MSM hanging on for grim life, the majority of Kiwis see the charade that the left try to perpetuate, and vote actively against it.
    National have nothing to fear but themselves in 2017 and onwards.

    • Ok, this is really starting to bug me.. What in the whole wide world is MSM? I’ve seen a lot of people mention it, but no meaning whatsoever! Thanks in advance to the person/s who answer this!

      • Canucktoo

        Main Stream Media (useless as tits on the proverbial – that’s why you are here!!!)

        • Max

          They probably all have Diplomas in Social Services ,that really useful taxpayer funded qualification that opens doors to great careers.

  • Meep Meep MEEEEP!!!

    She has enough money to buy the large amount of food required to overeat herself to 150kgs but not enough money to buy a greatly reduced amount of healthy food…? This just doesnt add up…?