Playing politics like Fiji plays rugby (reminder)

fiji-tackle-danie-rossouwIn case you missed it a few days ago:

It’s the silly season.  Best MP, worst dress, most awesome pie.  I mean, whatever.

Massey Uni want to know “the Best Quote”

The utterances of politicians and bloggers caught up in the 2014 election campaign dominate public voting opportunities in Massey University’s 2014 New Zealand quote of the year competition.

Former Labour Party leader David Cunliffe’s apology for being a man, and an emotional tirade by Internet Party press secretary Pam Corkery feature in the top 10 quote competition.

In her outburst Corkery described journalists during the 2014 election campaign as being “glovepuppets of blogger Cameron Slater.”

Slater makes the list for his statement that he plays politics like Fijians play rugby. 

Last year’s winner was then-Cabinet Minister Maurice Williamson for his “most enormous big gay rainbow” quote during a speech in Parliament supporting the gay marriage law.

The 10 shortlisted one-liners for the 2014 New Zealand Quote of the Year competition [were selected] by Massey speech writing specialist Dr Heather Kavan.

If you feel like putting your vote in, you can do it here.



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  • Nige.

    I wonder if any one actually took the time to pay attention and ponder Cams one.

    They cant say that they were’nt warned. At least it has a bit of guts behind it.

    • Isherman

      It may have come too late to make the list, but Cam’s “go fly a kite” peach to Tristram Clayton, was actually my favourite one liner of the year.

      • JC

        Nah, Key’s “..since Russel’s high horse pulled up lame outside the Dotcom Mansion” best does it for me.


  • andrewo

    Cam – I hope you play a smarter game than some of those dumb spear tackles in the vid.