“Please just stop, and don’t do it again…”



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  • Radvad

    Haha. The aim now is to be the sole winner next year. Go the Whale.

  • Quinton Hogg

    I see in the court lists this morning, that Mr Hagars applications against the police and their corresponding applications are for mention. I would like to be a fly on the wall.

  • SP

    Ahhhhh!!! The penny has dropped! Of course why didn’t I see it! Cam and Hagar were in on it together! Dirty Politics was the ultimate dirty politics… I mean who in their left mind would push an agenda guaranteed to firm up middle NZ against the 5-headed hydra that was headed for government? @Whaleoil:disqus, you must have some doozy dirt on Hagar!

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Exactly. Nice deduction.

      Cam and Hagar, i salute you in your most excellent endeavour. Well played gents, well played indeed.

    • spanishbride

      Why else do you think that he always looks so miserable? LOL

  • conwaycaptain

    Which paper/magazine is this in??

    • RM

      the Listener

  • Edward Bufe

    Just keep the cup away from Hater, he will just hack it to pieces, poor disillusioned soul that he is.

  • Sooty

    I would have rather seen Cam standing on feret faces head, holding a loft the trophy!

  • parorchestia

    The Hater’s cup has yet to be stolen.

  • Woody

    They might have both consolidated devout followings this year, but I would suggest that Cam has a massive lead in both quantity and more importantly, quality of follower.