All politics is a circus

The hard left couldn’t believe Dirty Politics didn’t work.

They failed to understand that the public think that all politicians are dodgy and just by catching out one side doesn’t mean the other is worthy of a “vote positive”.

It is the same story in the United Kingdom.

Those voters who are most attracted to Ukip’s anti-Establishment message, who hate the mainstream media and its closeness to the political elite, who want to protest about immigration and political correctness, who hate the downsides of globalisation, who want to shock the system, are not likely to be put off by rows in the media and resigning candidates. They think all politics is a circus. So what if Ukip is shown to have its own share of clowns?

The problem with dirty politics is that it was terribly beltway, stirred up by media, but totally and utterly focussed on legitimate political strategies.

If you show me a politician who says that their party doesn’t play dirty politics, then I’ll show you a liar.

Politics is a grubby business, so what.

The sanctimony and hypocrisy of some will be revealed in due course.

You will find that those who crowed the loudest over dirty politics were deeply involved in their own dirty politics.


– The Telegraph



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  • botti

    It certainly seemed to backfire and probably detracted from Labour’s efforts to put out its messages.

    Not surprised UKIP is getting significant support. Based on Pew Global survey results the majority in all 47 countries they looked at wanted less immigration.* That is pretty much the opposite of what all main parties in the West offer, so there’s plenty of ground for UKIP, Swedish Democrats, or other parties to get a foothold. Of course they get demonised as evil people, but at least they’re reflecting what a significant portion of the voters want.

    The problem for UKIP is they don’t have proportional voting, so they’ll probably split the conservative/right wing vote and allow Labour back in.


  • Andrew Gibson

    A classic for Politics 101. Potentially a brilliant strategy, but overplaying their hand ensured humiliation. I wonder if Hagar’s book had come out 6 months earlier AND Labour had condemned it as the work of criminals?

  • I had to stop and think on this one before i commented on this one. I very much like what your saying here, but it seems to me you are forcing 2 issues together that really aren’t quite meshing.

    I agree the left in NZ seriously miscalculated with Dirty Politics, they thought they were exposing something new and horible, but the public seen it as simply documenting what they expected from that level of politics. The questions that dirty politics really made the public ask was how was the information sourced and verified before publishing? Are the parties that tried to benefit from this “hit” fit to govern.

    The anti immigration issues from various countries overseas is another issue and offers very little insight to how the MSM in NZ portray politics. If I was in the UK or really anywhere in europe at the moment, i too would be looking at immigration restrictions, probably an allowable immigration country of origin list that would exclude most islam countries.

    • botti

      I recall when I bought a copy of Dirty Politics the book seller raised that same concern with me – how did Hager source the information? Wasn’t is massively hypocritical to basically steal private correspondence and accuse others of dirty politics? I agreed 100%.

      • Teletubby

        You actually bought it!!
        I really want to read both ” Hollow Men” and “Dirty Politocs” so that I am in a better position to comment on them but my stubborn refusal to reward Hager with any of my cash has prevented me from reading either of them. I did find one of his earlier efforts in a book fare 12 years ago and the cover offered such promise of scandal that I bought it. I have never before or since read such a load of rubbish. The leaps of logic were unbelievable, even now I can still remember feeling ripped of that my $1 purchase at a book fair had promised so much on the cover and turned out to be not even worth $1

  • Plan B

    Hey Cam, long time reader, first time poster. Let me say I generally enjoy reading your forthright views, etc… but your repeated “I’ve got the real dirt on Dirty Politics” teaser comments are somewhat perplexing.
    Given your rant against David “billy goat” Parkers, etc…. for him to speak up or shut up why are you teasing but holding back on the dirty politics back story?
    It’s getting a KDC “moment of truth” whiff about it to me.
    All the best.