Prepare to be an organ donor

The dunderhead arrested for drug offences in China was allegedly carrying 30kg of ‘ice’.

The chances of builder Peter Gardiner avoiding the death penalty in China have rapidly deteriorated with Customs officials revealing they believe he was the owner of two pieces of luggage stuffed with 30 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Yesterday marked D-Day for New Zealand-born Gardiner, 25, as it was his 37th day in detention, the longest Chinese authorities can keep a person without letting them go or charging them.

However, a newspaper report indicated that Customs officials believed he was involved in a drug-smuggling plot and his Australian travelling partner, Kalynda Davis, 22, had no knowledge or involvement.

Guangzhou Customs said Gardiner, who holds New Zealand and Australian citizenship and lives in Sydney, was the owner of two drug-filled bags checked in to flight CZ325 from Guangzhou to Sydney.

The zippers were sealed with super glue and, when they were prised open in an interrogation room at Baiyun Airport, officials said they found 60 vacuum-sealed bags of suspicious particles, later proven to be 30kg of the drug ice – the largest single haul of ice headed overseas seized by Guangzhou customs.

He’s a dead man. Given he is a dual citizen of Australia and NZ I wonder which country China will send the bill for the cost of the bullet to?

Perhaps we could split teh cost, 50c each.


– Fairfax


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  • Kip_Dynamite

    You’d have to be a total moron to try to smuggle that kind of weight through China – the old ‘I didn’t know it was there’ argument doesn’t really sound convincing with an extra 30Kg in your bag.

    Maybe with a couple of kilos he could beg for some leniency and get life behind bars, not with 30Kg, they’ll want to make an example of him.

  • Monty

    what stupidity. these guys must know the risks. The Asian authorities are just not that forgiving and they have not even heard of tiddlywinks

  • Simon Brown

    30kg? Well, that was his first mistake. Should have stuck to the 23kg limit for checked baggage. I guess he figured he could pay the over weight fee with all the profit he was going to make.

  • Reaper

    It seems a bit strange that the girlfriend had no knowledge of it. How do you not notice that the person you are travelling with suddenly has an extra 30kg of luggage?

  • FredFrog

    What is unusual is that he was caught on the way *OUT* of China.

    Beginning to wonder what is going on re. drugs and China; it seems that China is the source for most of the PE based tablets being smuggled into NZ, and now also seems to be a source for the finished product too. Very pleased to see that the Chinese authorities seem to be fairly vigilant – either that, or he was arrested because the bribe to look the other way was not paid beforehand.

    • Michael_l_c

      With the amount of drugs & precursors that arrive here the Chinese are not being particularly vigilant. More likely this sucker didn’t pay off the right people.

  • D.Dave

    Well, I think I can assure ‘Oilers that Aussie won’t be claiming this particular kiwi as ‘one of them”.