Queenstown’s TSS Earnslaw


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  • Dave_1924

    Love the Earnslaw – great little jaunt across the lake and great views…. she has character that old boat….

  • conwaycaptain

    The Pre Dreadnoughts were powered by these engines. Imagine propelling 12,000 tons of steel at 20 odd knots using this. The rods would have been a BLURR

  • seismac

    Just imagine coming in to the wharf and knowing the engineer has to stop the engine first and then change it to rotate backwards to stop and tie up
    If the crew are grumpy with the skipper they ignore his commands and send him round the bay once more –its the blind leading the blind

  • Primrose

    A few years back my mother got a free trip on the Earnslaw as she was older than it was.

  • Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful machine. Its been a few years since I’ve been to Queenstown, but everytime I do I can’t help thinking I would of loved to go through that engineroom with my Grandfather. He was a stationary steam engine driver at the Ohai Coal Mines and was also qualified on the ORB steam locomotives, it was because of him and the facination he engendered in me for fluid flow and the power contained in flowing fluid that I became an engineer.

  • Lemuzz

    The Company my father worked for Scouler & Chisolm were furniture makers and were the suppliers of the original seating on the earnslaw

  • island time

    Its a smoky nuisance in my opinion