Random Impertinent Questions

Did Wayne Eagleson become personally involved in the Sky City convention centre negotiations?

How many times did he fly to Auckland to meet Sky City executives when the deal was being put together?

Did the taxpayer pay for the flights? Or someone else?

While we are at it on random impertinent questions…   

Did Mike Sabin advise anyone in the National party he was under investigation?

Did he disclose everything?

Was it only after he was pushed on details that he fessed up, and then after 24 hours had elapsed?

Why has National sat on this waiting for the proverbial to hit the fan instead of neutering it politically?


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  • stanman

    I think the last question is very valid.

    Furthermore,now it is out there ,and will become fodder for the left in Feb – i d suggest Nats sort this issue efficiently and brutally whilst the guise of holidayness is upon thee

    • mommadog

      I hope JK is reading this and taking the advise rather than already being in holiday, lets play golf in Hawaii mode. Now I have nothing against him playing golf in Hawaii and taking a break but he needs to take care of business first.

      • burns_well_eh

        He’s already in Hawaii I believe, no doubt in let’s play golf mode, possibly with his mate Baz.

      • island time

        It would be pretty naive to believe that JK ignores NZ while on leave. He is probably quite productive while away as he gets less disruptions and distractions and time to reflect. I sometimes wonder what drives him to be PM when he does not need the job as much as NZ needs him in the job.

  • STAG

    Best to remove him quickly and assertively, leave nothing for the morons and melons on the Left to play with. By – election in late Feb or early March. .

    • wooted

      Yes, it doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or not.

      • STAG

        No, he is tainted by the accusations and investigation. Possibly an innocent victim, but those are the rules of successful and stable government.

  • HSV325

    Yep agree cauterise the wound in the next couple of weeks

  • So, the damaging scandals come out after the election? This is surreal.

    EDIT to add: Assault. Doesn’t that need someone to complain to police? Wouldn’t that person normally be one of the first to leak this? Why is there such a complete cone of silence?

    • Michael_l_c

      A complaint from the victim is not necessarily needed. A witness could make the complaint, even a friend. Could be harder to investigate but still quite possible. In domestic assaults the victim often decides they don’t want to co-operate but that doesn’t necessarily stop the investigation.
      The cone of silence, you know more than us but guessing it is a relative, privacy. Other influence.

      Suggesting keeping it under wraps till after the election & releasing the info at Xmas all seems a bit stupid. JK should have fessed up with it after the coalition discussions. He now faces calls that he covered up which will be hard to disprove.

      Seems third term stupidity & arrogance is well in place.

  • old dad

    and so the inevitable implosion begins… you’d think the toffs on the right would have got their s**t in one sock before now. Just goes to show that in politics there’s not much difference in the moral compasses of any of the pollies. The left are nasty and paranoid the right are often arrogant and willfully blind. At the end of the day it’s all about power and prestige.

  • Sally

    Remember this cartoon in the Herald a couple of weeks ago.
    According to the Herald Cam has been left in charge. So lets sort it while everyone is on holiday because otherwise all this will just fester and the Opposition will be over it like a rash.

  • ratesarerevolting

    pfffffffttt wayne Eagleson

    * Degrees in law, political science, history.
    * Began his career in National’s research unit.
    * Worked in office of former Prime Minister Jim Bolger.
    * Experienced in private sector public affairs roles in banking, energy, brewing.
    * Rejoined National in 2005 when hired as chief of staff by Don Brash.

    Career trougher NZ’s answer to Humphrey Appleby