Where is that rapidly rising sea level when you need it?


Is it just me or does this hippy/green ‘head in the sand’ thing have a Jonestown massacre look to it?

It is certainly what they would all look like if ISIS ever took control.

Still, there has been no warming for 18 years and global sea ice extent is at long term average – It is weird that Groser is even bothering, but the US has said that whatever NZ is doing is the gold standard.

Meanwhile the hippies and luddites all have their heads buried in the sand…literally.

Hundreds of people across the country have buried their heads in the sand to protest the Government’s “inaction” on climate change.

About 60 people braved the angry skies over Wellington’s Oriental Bay beach to take part in the protest co-organised by the Coal Action Network Aotearoa, Oil Free Wellington, and climate group 350.org.  

Wellington organiser Frances Mountier said the total number of protesters was still being tallied. But with 12 events held between Auckland and Invercargill, alongside similar protests in Australia, she expected it to be in the high hundreds.

The protest was timed to coincide with the UN’s climate talks in Lima, she said.

“It’s a funny way of generating discussion on a topic that is very serious. It’s great so many people were willing to come down and bury their heads in the sand in weather like this.”

The protesters were particularly concerned with the on-going threats to this country’s environment from mining, Mountier said.

Former Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, who now works for the Coal Action Network Aotearoa, said that while the rest of the world was taking action on climate change, New Zealand’s emissions were set to go through the roof.

“Ministers are wining and dining oil industry leaders and offering them opportunities to develop our fossil fuel resources for a song.”

The population of NZ is some 4.5 million and just hundreds of people nationwide protested.

Oil Free eh? How did they all get to the beach…and did those tools in their wetsuits and fibreglass surfboards wonder where they came from?

The rest of us all enjoyed a day in the sun.

But one thing concerns me…yesterday of all days would have been the best day for that rapidly rising sea level they have been banging on about.


– Fairfax


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  • Dairy_Flat

    I thought the head in the sand stunt very appropriate. These green sheeples continue to ignore the hard scientific evidence that there has been, and continues to be, no warming for the past 18 years. Nothing but anarchists with an agenda.

    • friardo

      Can you be an anarchist with an agenda?

  • Michael_l_c

    How did they organize this? Computers, cell phones, all have plastic components which means oil was used. How did they all get there? Cars, bus, horse, bicycle, walk. Oil is used in car parts, bicycle tyres, shoes. All a bit idealist & stupid. We need oil but ensure the most up to date remotely operated shut down valves are at the well head.

  • Day Day

    Looks like a alarmist butt kicking contest.

    • Justsayn

      A bike rack?

      We can, and should, make fun of them but you do have to hand it to their marketing department… for better or worse we are talking about them and about their views on climate change. Isn’t that what they wanted?

  • WCMiner

    I was in Nelson a couple of weeks ago and there was a raving lunatic harassing people on the street to attend.
    Funny how they had cellphones, travelled by car and used computers to get their message out there.
    Obviously none of which are made by using anything that is mined out of the ground.
    This woman was kind enough to ask me to attend the protest and show the government they had their head in the sand, I kindly accepted her offer but on the condition her and her soap dodging friends removed their heads from their own backsides and hell being frozen over.

  • NotGandalf

    I think whoever organised this must have been having a laugh at his own people ‘lets see what halfwitted and pointless stunt we can pull to make fools of ourselves in the name of our pseudo cause’. Twits,

  • Graeme

    Thes clowns should ask the older generation what the climate was like here 60 or 70 years ago. In 1955 I spent 3 months at Whenuapai doing my CMT training. I arrived in Serptmeber and it was so hot from then on That we sunbathed during most of the three months when we had a chance. Swimming began on Labour weekend and ende at Easter at the local swimming baths od which few had water filter systems and changed the water when irt go too green to see below the surface.

    • ex-JAFA

      They will have “corrected” data from that time which clearly demonstrates that you have false memories, probably embedded against your will by a capitalist government.

      • Graeme

        I know, I know, but remember that they still take the temperature from the same spot and the same time that they were taken some centuries ago

        • Bob D

          And yet the older temperatures are suddenly way lower than when they were read. Funny thing, these ‘adjustments’.

  • Andy

    They are looking for some more cliches. We are in serious danger of reaching peak cliche and need to dig for more.

  • cows4me

    There was 15 protesters here in Taranaki, you almost have to feel sorry for them. Saw a couple of these leading clowns been interviewed on the box last night. You only have to look at them and listen to a couple of their words to know there’s not a lot going on between the ears. The local coordinator for these loons in Taranaki is the infamous Urs Signer who came to prominence in the Ureweras and the famous terrorism case, he’s just a foreign poo stirrer that should have been tossed out of the country years ago.

    • Nige.

      often it seems they’ve found a cause to latch on to…dont want to know the other side of the argument…often best just left to make fools of themselves.

      • cows4me

        No this guy knows what he is doing, he’s an anarchistic pure and simple.

        • Sooty

          He should be followed and monitored by the Spys till he dies, along with Emily Bailey.

          • cows4me


  • sheppy

    Couldn’t have been many of them, we’re staying in Oriental Bay and didn’t see anything….

  • Kevin

    The thing is, even if AGW is real, there are much better ways of tackling it than what amounts to tax on business that these idiots advocate.

    Socialism by stealth – tax private business out of business so the State can then take over.

    • James

      If AGW were real (and it ain’t but let us roll with the assumption that government works with) then the cheapest way of dealing with it is a straight forward carbon tax. You get various economists and scientists together to work out the best estimate of the future cost of climate change, less the effects of any benefits, discounted into today’s dollars. Then you use that to work out a cost per tonne of CO2e.

      At this point you implement a carbon tax equal to this amount as a true pigou tax. In order to ensure that it is revenue neutral you provide every citizen with a “carbon tax discount” on their income tax bill.

      After that you do absolutely nothing – as a government you have done all that you need to do. You have ensured that the future cost of the emissions is paid for by the people benefitting from those emissions. If there is a way of producing that item now that becomes cheaper if an alternative form of energy / production is used then the market will ensure that it is used; if it isn’t then the item will be more expensive – but not to the point that you are making today’s populace poorer than they need to be (or poorer than people in the future would be if you hadn’t made those emissions – no point spending $100 now to save yourself $20 in the future).

      But Greens and Governments don’t like this “solution” as it doesn’t raise revenue (a true pigou tax should always be offset elsewhere, and obviously so to ensure buy in) and, most importantly, it stops Governments from meddling by providing subsidies, exemptions, and allowing conferences in various beach resorts around the world.

      The other problem is that, under these criteria, the level of carbon tax would be $0 per tonne of CO2 equivalents as AGW is a complete con – but at least this way we’ll eventually get to that $0 without government meddling and damage!

      • cows4me

        “revenue neutral”, haha, jolly joker. The whole point of this scam is to generate revenue, revenue neutral, heresy.

        • James

          I know and apologise profusely; I shall do penance by reading and absorbing such socialist tomes as Das Kapital, Mein Kampf and the Little Red Book.

          • cows4me

            Very good James, go and sin no more.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Better ways indeed. Maybe even just adapt and get on with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw5Lda06iK0

  • Bryan

    and i wonder how much CO2 was emitted when they bent over and compressed the lower body.

  • BJ

    If they really buried their heads in the sand they would have snuffed themselves out. I just had a thought – when confronted with a sand storm muhammed put his head down and tucked it under to avoid the sand and while he was there feeling safe and foetal like from the world he decided on how easy it would be to convince people to feel vulnerable in the big bad nasty evil world contrasted by the safety of the womblike position they had to assume when praying. If any of you have ever curled up in the foetal position you know that it is the greatest escape from reality.

  • I’m sure we all agree that less pollution would be good.

    I’m sure most would agree that the climate changes in a dynamic way that we don’t really understand, and has had periods of warm and cold over time and historically.

    NZ emissions profile shows that agriculture contributed 47.1% of total emissions (cows/methane) , and energy (including transport); 43.4%. Which surprises me as I thought most of our energy was renewable source, but about 70 per cent of primary energy supply comes from hydrocarbon fuels and about 30 per cent coming from renewable sources.

    To the chase though, I’d like to go with “relative” to other emitting nations by way of volume, and I’m sure NZ is pretty insignificant in the range of 0.2% of total contribution to the greenhouse gases released.

    We could resolve this by getting rid of agriculture and farming, removing our export-led economy and installing a few nuclear power stations.

    Next: Climate Change refugees……

  • fergus

    Is it me, or as I drink my 2nd Nespresso and look at this picture, …there seems to be an awful lot of beach in this picture (for them to bury their heads in) considering rising sea levels and all.

  • The Whinging Pom

    12 events across the country and yet, even according to the organisers (who tend to be serial over-estimators) the attendance was ‘in the high hundreds’.

    Sounds to me that very few are interested, apart from the ‘Me, I’m against everything’ brigade.

    • Rick H

      Here in Timaru, the “Riviera of the South”, there were two participants.
      one at either end of Caroline Bay – they couldn’t even organise a meeting, so as to have a decent multiple person protest.

  • Brian

    They could have spent that time looking for a job….

  • BR

    Fully paid up members of the Anal Presentation Parade.


  • Luis Cannon

    Don’t try and grow veges on the beach. It won’t work.

  • Bob D

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • elton_fred

    “It is .. what they would look like if ISIS ever took control” – classic, best comment in the article!!!

  • Forrest Ranger

    Forget rising sea levels, where is a tsunami when you need one?

  • Saggy

    Someone should have scheduled an arse-kicking competition for the same time.

  • Frank N Further

    “Wellington organiser Frances Mountier said the total number of protesters was still being tallied.”
    What did they do, a head count?

    • The Whinging Pom

      Probably still emailing each other, trying to ‘come to a consensus’ on what is the biggest number they can claim before even their mates in the media tell them to get real.

  • LesleyNZ

    Ha ha – I had a good laugh just now. How stupid of them. They look idiotic.

  • Edward Bufe

    Never seem so many bums in one place. Its a wonder the Red Cross was not there to help them out with free goodies.

  • Kiwibabe

    How exactly will this lot stop the progress from peasant existence to polluting consumerism that 2-3 billion humans want and governments strive for? Then there is the remaining 2-3 billion living in cities consuming vast energy and other resources which the green fraternity’s efforts would barely tickle. Heads in sand alright.

    • Disinfectant

      And this is the real point – overpopulation.
      The Greens and every other environmental group should be banging the drum about controlling population growth.
      But that would require tackling the religions which advocate more and more kids and the lower Socio-economic groups who are paid by the State through welfare to produce ever more kids.
      And it is these very people which the Greens rely upon for support in the name of fundamentalist socialism.
      Edit: omitted word.

  • GazzaNZ

    Let’s hope a few of them suffocated whilst carrying out their own acts of stupidity