The realities of war


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  • caochladh

    That’s my sort of guy. Well done!

  • Just a thought …

    Good man. I support what you did 100%.
    Mind you Wussel would have expected you to fly by and have a conversation with him and sort things out that way…..
    Bugger that… good job and just blow the loser away……. problem solved…..

  • Wasapilot

    I am absolutely certain I would have done the same thing. Great skills to damage his aircraft only enough to make him bail out too.

  • Pete

    If you ever wanted to see some dog meat, you needed to see what happened in operation Judy. It was the beginning of the end for the PIRA … but one of them is still alive and well in the USA .

  • Tom

    “Rough men stand ready”

  • Betty Swallocks

    Some of the Polish pilots who escaped to Britain and flew in the Battle of Britain were noted for flying their fighters close above the parachutes of Luftwaffe pilots who’d bailed out and making the canopies collapse.

  • Bob D

    Of course that was how things escalated. Had any Luftwaffe pilots witnessed him shooting the guy in the chute (not knowing that he had good reason), they would have retaliated in kind.

    And so it goes on.

  • Gulag

    The Allies also committed atrocities with aircraft machine guns.

    • Bob D

      Clive Caldwell was known to do this (although he claims it was because he saw a German do it first).

      The JG-27 Luftwaffe members (including Neumann and Marseilles) had a meeting about it when they witnessed him doing it, but they decided they would never stoop to doing it.

      In fact, Marseilles got into trouble regularly after escorting damaged enemy planes down to crash land, by personally dropping messages at the Allied air bases (a very hazardous undertaking, bearing in mind their AA defences) with news of their capture, so they wouldn’t be posted as missing in the desert.

    • its war, bad things happen.