Red Radio on the Dodgy Socialist Dam

You know things are running strongly against socialists when Red Radio turns against them.

This segment shows how thoroughly the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council got their arse handed to them in the high court.

The High Court decision said the board would have to reconsider its terms of consent for the Ruataniwha water storage scheme and the management approach, to ensure farming practices in the Tukituki catchment would be managed to protect river health.

The court ruled there was an error of natural justice in that new evidence was presented following the close of the Board of Inquiry hearing earlier this year but not all parties got to consider it.

Listen to Kevin Hackwell from Forest and Bird on Checkpoint ( 4 min 5 sec )   

A Fish and Game spokesperson said the ruling was likely to further delay a final decision on the $600 million water storage project.

Forest and Bird’s Kevin Hackwell said it was an excellent decision because it meant water quality would be improved and communities consulted.

“A signal which is really good really good about this decision is that it sends a clear signal to all regional councils that when they’re doing their regional plan for water and land management that they must include methods that ensure that agreed water quality limits will be met.”

Listen to the “factual fiction” bit which allowed farmers to breech the rules for nitrogen leeching.

The dodgy rule said that you may not be meeting nitrogen levels but you don’t have to comply with it.

Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson must be starting to get worried his political career is going to come to a horrible end, especially since he has been promoting the dodgy socialist dam then claiming his votes for it are legitimate because he hasn’t formed an opinion on it.


– Radio NZ



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  • 2rotorbro

    It’s well past due that the big broom was taken through the front doors of the Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

  • cows4me

    It’s all fine Kevin, let’s see you live solely on fresh water. Yes by all means enforce your limits but at the same time you have to realise these limits will lower productivity which will in turn lower the tax take which will in turn lower the funding for fish and game which in turn could cost you your job, you go for it.

  • Peter

    The Hawkes Bay is both geographically and economically isolated from the rest of the country. What other resources does it have except to grow foodstuffs? The water project is pretty much the only thing that will lift this area out of an endless and vicious cycle controlled by the water resources. The existing allocation system has flaws as it permits taking of water at low flows. This project allocates water reserved at high flows. It will lift water quality in this region. It represents many millions of dollars injected into this local and therefore the main economy and constancy of employment for many many people. The government should put money into this scheme and make it happen.

  • Peter

    It is truly ironic that many of the great projects that provide things that we enjoy today were bitterly opposed at the time.

  • Peter

    In the Bay of Plenty we enjoy power provided by the Ruahihi Power Scheme. This project took water from a variety of rivers in the Kaimai Ranges and sent them through canal systems to hydro lakes and from there to the Rauhihi Power Station. In the process many small rivers were much reduced and major changes made to the water system in the Kaimais….Needless to say this project would have probably not gone ahead now. in particular the Wairoa River flows diminished to a fraction of what it was. The canals above the scheme collapsed at one point causing major sediment damage to the harbour. However all that is 20 years behind us now. The scheme generates power and income for the region. Trustpower, through the TECT project provides resources for parks and facilities from this income. Every year as power users we get a cheque as a shareholder in this enterprise. This year the cheque was a good one as income has been great….as it has for the last 20 years…
    In comparison Napier needs to rely on power from an antiquated diesel generator at Whirinaki…..How truly ironic then that the naysayers are damming the dam and consigning the region to the level of outdated technology and thinking.

  • Mainstream Mike

    You know Whale wants to come in from the cold when he starts linking to ’em..