Registered and selling drugs at pre-school

The teacher unions and their proxies in parliament, the Green party and the Labour party, all oppose charter schools. The one main issue they have is that there is no requirement for all teachers at charter schools to be registered.

Apparently registration is there to protect the kids.

Yet there isn’t a day that goes by where one registered teacher or another is hauled before the courts or the Teachers Tribunal for a range of offences.

The latest is two registered drug dealing pre-school teachers.

A “one-off” drug deal at a Wanaka preschool has resulted in two teachers having their registrations torn up.

Wanaka early childhood teachers Catherine Ngaire Williamson and Gemma Ward were deregistered by the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal and censured for serious misconduct after Ecstasy changed hands at Oanaka EduCare in the resort town.

In November last year, Ms Williamson took to the preschool three Ecstasy tablets, which were bought by Ms Ward.

Oanaka EduCare owner Sandie Dodds said she felt the right decision was made.

“I don’t think there’s any room for any teacher to have drugs at an early childhood centre,” she said.

There is no such thing as a one off drug deal.

“The simple fact of the matter is that this teacher has made a conscious decision to sell a Class B drug to a colleague at the preschool.

“Dealing in drugs is something which is universally prohibited for students in schools … The public and the profession are entitled to expect that the same rule should apply to teachers whose responsibilities include enforcing such rules.”

Ms Williamson had told the complaints assessment committee of the New Zealand Teachers Council that she would “frequently find myself crying at the end of the day” because of the bullying she alleged she suffered at the hands of a superior.

She was befriended by Ms Ward and asked to supply her with drugs, she told the committee.

“Given Gemma’s kindness and her support in the workplace, I felt I needed to repay her,” she said.

“This was the motivation behind this supply, although I accept it was a very serious error of judgment on my part.”

Cry me a river tears…what about the kids?


– Otago Daily Times


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  • We’ve all had arsehole bosses, when did that ever become an excuse to break the law? In my case, i found another job, resigned while he was on holiday, gave him a week to learn what he hadn’t even tried to learn for 6 months and left him to it (He lost his manager title within weeks of me leaving, and his job 3 months later). I certainly didn’t resort to drug.

  • Justsayn

    Professional registration does have some good benefits, be it doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, teachers, (cough cough ) even journalists. It lets people be disciplined for things that warrant it but do not amount to criminal offending, and may not amount to a sackable offence under usual employment lay standards. It can also check that people have the qualifications to undertake the work that the public might expect of them.

    These instances of scum being scum that you are highlighting may actually be examples of registration working. It cannot prevent the problems (they would they have been less likely to happen if there was no registration?) but they are examples of things beyond the employment and criminal law happening to scum that do scum stuff.

    What worries me about the registration process is that the unions seem to use it as a way to monopolise the supply of teachers under their control. But that is not an issue with registration per se, it is an issue with the unions themselves.

  • Peter

    This merely shows that the pre vetting and management of teachers has flaws.
    I am all for charter schools however.
    What is most relevant for me is that teachers be paid for what they are worth and not how long they have been teaching. Having 4 kids in the system has shown me there a lot of teachers in the system doing the time but not making any more effort than they absolutely have to.. Those teachers should be encouraged to sort themselves out or change their jobs to something more suited to their skill sets.

    • Justsayn

      Agree. I’m a fan of charter schools as well, but I don’t see the relevance of these cases to the registration issue.

      If the unions are saying that registration prevents these things, well that is clearly wrong. But would this have been more or less likely to occur if there was no requirement for the registration of teachers? Registration doesn’t prevent these things, but is certainly doesn’t cause them and may actually reduce their frequency.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    At last these dregs in the registered teachers ranks are now being named and shamed which might prove to be a greater deterrent than the anonymity enjoyed before.
    It is a step up from the wet bus ticket punishment adopted earlier.

  • Radiodog

    The owner Sandie Dodds was quoted as saying ‘ I don’t think there’s any room……’
    Shouldn’t she be saying ‘There is NO room……
    When are people going to grow some testicles, and make a firm stand against drop-kicks in this country, with firm opinions as to how things should be.

  • Peter

    Every now and then there seems to be a shortfall of teachers/nurses/police in this country. We then open the gates (equals drop our standards) to bring up the numbers. Of that new group there are always some who should not be there, I guess the trick would be to locate and remove those individuals before they get through the system. Better vetting process….?

  • Cadwallader

    Interesting. I wonder who among the registered teachers blew the whistle on these two idiots. Perhaps it was a parent? It amuses me how teachers scream that they are a “profession” yet as soon as they don’t get their way the unions bellyache like spoilt children. I assume Charter Schools will be entirely union-free?

  • Michael

    I’m sure that if Ms Ward and Ms Williamson had completed the transaction outside of work hours at one of their residences then they would not have been de-registered. The error was to complete the transaction in the most convenient manner, i.e. when they were already scheduled to work together.

    Given the past decisions of the board, that would have been deemed a private matter.

  • Andy Brown

    Party girls …