Remember the outrage? …whoopsy no evidence, just like the so called Moment of Truth

Remember the outrage when the traitor Edward Snowden ‘revealed’ that the US had spied on Angela Merkel’s cellphone?

Seems it was just like the so-called ‘Moment of Truth’…complete rubbish.

Germany’s top public prosecutor said an investigation into suspected tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone by U.S. spies had so far failed to find any concrete evidence.

Revelations by former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden that Washington carried out large-scale electronic espionage in Germany provoked widespread outrage — particularly the allegation that the NSA had bugged Merkel’s phone.

Harald Range launched an official investigation in June, believing there was enough preliminary evidence to show unknown U.S. intelligence officers had tapped the phone, although there was not enough clarity on the issue to bring charges.

On Wednesday he said however, “the document presented in public as proof of an actual tapping of the mobile phone is not an authentic surveillance order by the NSA. It does not come from the NSA database.  

“There is no proof at the moment which could lead to charges that Chancellor Merkel’s phone connection data was collected or her calls tapped.”

Range said neither a reporter for German news magazine Spiegel who presented the document, nor Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency, nor Snowden had provided further details to his office. The investigation continues, however.

I wonder when people are going to realise that Edward Snowden is an anarchist criminal who consorts with the anarchist left in order to debase the corporate and governmental structures he despises.

All he is doing is aiding and abetting our enemies or nations that don;t care about international niceties and spy willy-nilly. He is simply hamstrings democracies of the world by making them adhere to rules of his own imagination while China and Russia amongst others do as they please.

I know who our friends are and it isn’t totalitarian regimes.


– Reuter


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  • Yeahright

    Edward Snowden and Nicky Hager must be related!

    • Chris EM

      They’re certainly possessed by similar demons.

    • Rick H

      No, they must be locked up, at the very least.

  • dgrogan

    The socialist mantra: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

  • Kevin

    Snotden is a nutjob. Pure and simple.

    • Billythekid

      A very damaging nut job but !

  • 1951

    Dirty word in this age of PCisms…..Fools!
    It is so easy to undermine what is good, yet Snowden & co haven’t the wisdom to see what they do. Fools is too kind.

  • Pete

    As well an an anarchist criminal, you forgot to mention Snowden is also a traitor.

  • Dog Breath

    Snowdon was a contractor. I would have thought that Contractors in general are contracted to do specific tasks. Consequently I suspect that in this circumstance, Snowdon was not privy to the decision making or the factors that help make decisions consequently he could only assume and guess. I suspect this is why many of his assertions have been found to be incorrect, an exaggeration or a strange interpretation of events. This certainly seems to be the case in the so called moment of truth.