Rob Hosking on Hager and his motivations and failures

The mouth breathers of the left would have you believe that every prognostication of Nicky Hager is gospel…they are wrong.

Rob Hosking at the NBR explains the disconnect and why Dirty Politics failed.

This confusion over hats was also, ultimately, why Nicky Hager’sDirty Politics – which dominated so much of politics since August – was ineffective.

Mr Hager’s supporters claim the book is factual, rather like a documentary. “Nicky Hager has never been proved wrong!” is not an uncommon claim made by his more mouth-breathy adherents.

Setting aside the fact that anyone claiming this sort of perfection in  another human being is in the grip of religious fervour rather than arriving at any sort of rational assessment, it actually isn’t correct.

A number of the claims within ‘Dirty Politics’ turned out to be quite dubious: the result of Mr Hager getting a hold of communications from Mr Slater at a time Mr Slater was wearing his “I’m Exaggerating Through My Teeth” hat.  Mr Hager can’t be blamed for the blogger’s overblown fulminations but it is hilarious he took so many of them at face value.

But the problem with Mr Hager’s approach, politically, is it asked – nay, demanded – to be taken as something other than it was.

It was clearly timed to disrupt the election campaign and hurt National. Nothing inherently  objectionable in that – it is a legitimate political ploy.

But Mr Hager likes to pretend he is above such things. In his world, he doesn’t do political ploys, other people do. But if you are going to then maintain you are not trying to affect the election result, and indeed you are innocent of any political motivation – as Mr Hager does – people are going to jump to two conclusions.

One is the hat you are wearing is different from the one you pretend to be wearing and is nowhere near as white.

Secondly, they’re going to be a bit annoyed at having their intelligence insulted.  People really don’t like that.

Dirty Politics was the left-wing’s own Dirty Politics.

They employed a hacker/criminal to attack a journalist’s private communications, then used other activists to sift through them to feed an author (Hager, he isn’t a journalist) in order to create ‘public interest’, and then fed sympathetic journalists.

It was a political criminal conspiracy and it was an attempt to subvert an election.

It failed because the general public could see where the real dirty politics lay, and it was not with John Key and National it was with the left-wing and their assorted hangers on.




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  • MaryLou

    Seeing as the “public” saw through it and voted accordingly in the September elections, you have to ask then, if Journalists are dumber than the national average since they didn’t see through it. And yet they claim to understand personal motivation and be able to see through it!

    • Reid

      They saw through it all right. But they took a convenient angle which suited their own personal bias, since they’d tried for 6 years to de-halo Key and they couldn’t understand why it hadn’t worn off, when with by contrast, in their opinion, Hulun – the best PM this country has ever had, by a long margin, her halo had by this time in her electoral cycle, long since been shed.

      It puzzled the hell out of them. So they took the first real cab off the rank which looked as if it might had a chance of obtaining what in their view was “justice” and they ran with it, like a pack of wolves.

      The only problem was, their utter contempt for the intelligence of their audience meant that not only was their own professional incompetence in terms of understanding politics about to be exposed, but also their complete lack of ethical standards was also similarly naked, for all to see.

      Making them all look of course, not like a pack of wolves, but a pack of galloping mentals at full roar. Which is precisely what they in fact all are.

      • 1951

        It seems too that none have taken sick-leave yet. That’s worrying.

      • gambler

        Would like to up vote this an infinity amount… post of the week for me

      • Grizz30

        In other words, they believed in their own hubris.

      • Sally

        They also saw it as a chance to put the boot into Cam and try and discredit him. They, and in particular the Herald, know Freed is a threat so it was an excellent chance to turn off investors and bring it down before it even started.

      • Intrigued

        In addition to summing it up beautifully, I just have to complement you Reid on that imagery which had me in stitches: “a pack of galloping mentals at full roar”! Love it. And so apt!

  • MaryLou

    I won’t hog the thread, but just 1 more thought: even if Winston had managed the above, he still couldn’t have done it without media assistance. Clearly journalism cannot be considered a profession, if they are not professional enough to filter through what they are given for a modicum of truth, and then share with us fairly and impartially. Obviously it’s just a low-skilled trade-in-words.

  • The “Hager has never been proved wrong” defence is about as credible as Lance Armstrong’s “I have never tested positive…”.

    I look forward to the day when we find out who was REALLY behind Hager’s book, and the hacking of personal information of many people.

  • Grizz30

    This blog has a story to tell about the Dirty Politics scam. When are we likely to get the real breakdown rather than being fed innuendo? Will it be the lead story in Freed when it eventually is first published or is there a series planned for this blog some time in the new year? Alternatively will it coincide with a book from the Whaleoil perspective and we will get fed the odd extract?

    Interest for this matter will wane as readers get tired of waiting for the real story to be told.

  • idbkiwi

    “Nicky Hager has never been proved wrong!” That statement’s a Tui billboard contender.

    Remember the last time the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (D.P. Neazor) inquired into claims made by Tricky Nicky?Hager claimed (as co-author with Anthony Hubbard): “SIS infiltrate and bug Maori organisations”

    What did the Neazor report (Allegations Concerning Activities by NZSIS. 31st March 2005) find then?….

    “the story, apart from some base facts about dealings with one iwi, was a work of fiction”
    Nicky Hager; Novelist.

  • paul468

    Two words really stuffed it up for the left. Think Positive. had they not come out with that, half the voting public probably wouldn’t have made such a direct connection between the novelist and the theft.

    • dgrogan

      Indeed. But, “Keep it clean”, might have been a bit too obvious, right? At least they tried to be subtle about it, which makes a nice change.

  • kloyd0306

    Surely the police are close to revealing what they know about the hacking of Cam’s emails.

    A crime was committed. WHODUNIT?

  • zotaccore

    The question is, what is Hager’s next move? What will he do to continue to push his own agenda that the whole world is against him because it seems his personal crusade is self-serving, and only that. Perhaps his self-importance attitude will continue to contribute to his ultimate undoing.