Rodney Hide calls out Greens and their Charter Schools hatred

Rodney Hide gives Catherine Delahunty and her pals in the Green taliban a good kicking.

Parliament is a House of Representatives and, with the Green’s Catherine Delahunty, the stupid and the rude have a voice.

Ms Delahunty this week attacked a partnership school, Vanguard Military. She did so without visiting, talking to students, parents or teachers. That’s despite having an open invitation to do so.

The Greens have never let facts spoil their politics. Ms Delahunty continues the tradition.

Ms Delahunty’s complaint was Vanguard’s high turnover. The roll had “plunged.” Hers was no throwaway line. It was a prepared media hit.

She delivered it publicly and viciously. Green hugs and cuddles don’t extend to partnership schools, their students, staff or parents.

Had Ms Delahunty made rudimentary inquiry, she would have learned that Vanguard’s high turnover is a consequence of its phenomenal success.

Vanguard students are passing in unprecedented numbers at unprecedented speed. The school has a 91% success rate. And remember, Vanguard is targeting the very students the state school system is failing.

It takes a special stupid to read success as failure and do so publicly. It takes a special rudeness to attack a new school – and thereby the school’s students – when both are working hard to achieve against the odds.

Yes and Catherine Delahunty is a special kind of stupid.

But wait.

Ms Delahunty attacks Vanguard for failing – when it’s not. She then declares partnership schools a success but only because of “over-funding.”

“If state schools received the same amount of resources, they would be able to achieve amazing things for their students as well.”

Hang on, she just said Vanguard is failing (when it’s not). Now, she says, partnership schools are achieving “amazing things.” In Ms Delahunty’s world partnership schools are both failing and succeeding.

And, either way, she’s against them.

“The problem with charter schools is that they suck resources and students away from public schools.” It doesn’t occur to Ms Delahunty that parents are choosing Vanguard Military School. It’s not a black hole. It has no field of force sucking parents and children in. Parents are choosing Vanguard because it’s succeeding with the very students state schools are failing.

She lied, and used the lies to get headlines, and so far only Radio Live has called her out. This is why politicians lie, because they can get away with it.

But wait.

Ms Delahunty claimed Vanguard was being paid $27,000 a year per student, compared with $7000 for a state school student.

It’s not. Her numbers are wildly out. Ministry of Education figures show the funding of state and partnership schools to be comparable.

The operational funding of a primary state school of 45 students is $7490 a student and for a partnership school of 50 students it’s $7573. They are the same.

For a state secondary school of 307 students, it’s $9594, and for a partnership school of 300, it’s $8452.

I emailed Ms Delahunty requesting explanation. She replied. Dear heaven. She included in her comparison Vanguard’s property, insurance and what the ministry calls central funding support – all of which state schools don’t pay for (the Ministry of Education does).

She also included establishment costs – think what a state school costs to build – and ignored the costs of teaching the students who had passed and graduated.

So she built upon her lies…used mismatched numbers, and compared apples with oranges. She is just inherently dishonest, but also unable to admit it.

Radio Live’s Duncan Garner asked Ms Delahunty whether she had visited Vanguard. “I have been to Alwyn Poole’s school,” was her reply. Mr Poole has set up two partnership schools. Fair enough.

But Mr Garner then asked Mr Poole about her visit. “She’s been nowhere near South Auckland Middle School or our new West Auckland site,” he said.

She had visited Mr Poole’s Mt Hobson Middle School some years ago but before partnership schools were up and running. Mt Hobson is not a partnership school.

Ms Delahunty is stupid, rude and tricky.

Ms Delahunty is the Green’s spokeswoman on education. Perfect.

The perfect person to represent the interests of equally stupid, rude and tricky teacher unions.




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  • Nechtan

    Catherine Delahunty seems to display a lack of cognitive thought process, perhaps this why she never finished her degree?

    • Mad Captain

      She might have benefitted from a charter university?

      • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

        Nope. No cure for stupid.

    • Most likely she turned up to the wrong classroom all the time – and got everything wrong

    • Cadwallader

      No, she was away on dirty weekends with her husband the mountain she claims to be married to. This woman is not simply stupid but unfathomly weird.

  • Salacious Crumb

    No doubt her idea of a model education system is where children learn the teachings of Marx, wear little green uniforms and sing songs praising of the workers all the while under a giant portrait of Chairman Russell.

  • Fritz

    Does Trans Tasman do negative ratings of pollies? If not, they’ll need to next year.

  • Positan

    Just wondering – have we ever heard anything actual or relevant from any of the Greens? What on earth justifies their presence in parliament?

    • Wasapilot

      That’s MMP for you. Not one melon won an electorate seat, or even got close, and then the MSM give them a dispraportionate ammount of oxygen to expouse their lunatic views.
      If I was Alwyn Poole, I’d be talking to a lawyer wrt suing the mad cow.

  • Curly1952

    The real problem is she and her fellow greens believe their lies. We pay these people to be in Parliament and in the greens case NOT one, repeat NOT one of them was voted into Parliament through and electoral seat. Enough said

    • Hard1

      Making the Green’s position and relevance in our society identical to Rangatira Iwi. Well fed, quick to criticise and never, ever say thank you.

  • Cowgirl

    I really wish this column was in the Herald. It deserves a much wider viewing, as a beautiful synopsis of everything wrong with Delahunty’s press release the other day, and the Greens in general.

    • OneTrack

      Which is probably one reason the herald wouldn’t print it.

  • Alright

    I think the expression is “ripped apart” Ms Delahunty.

    Is it going to take another 25 years for your “team” to be part of a viable government?

    On ya Rodney. Please ring Dallas Gurney offering to take Smith’s place on ZB 9 to noon.

  • Dairy_Flat

    Rodney, were it not for the Super City Debacle that is largely your doing I would really like you; you talk a lot of sense and like the owner of this blog you unearth the truth. Sadly I find it very difficult to forgive you for overlooking giving us the ability to recall the mayor.

    • Rick H

      I believe that if the SS was set up as Rodney intended, it would resemble something a “far away distance” as to how it has ended up.

    • Wahbonnah

      Has Rodney actually commented on his feelings on how the Super City is operating, good or bad?
      It would be interesting to read an article on his feelings about how this has gone.

  • Eiselmann

    These kids might make the world a better place for themselves , their families and by extension all of us ,so its no real surprise the luddites object to that success.

  • helmann

    kudos to Rodney, but isn’t this old new Whaleoil fans? Cam had this figured 3 days ago.

  • Michael_l_c

    The real question is why does she not sue Rodney if he is telling lies. Obvious answer, he isn’t. He is telling the truth.
    Next question, why don’t the rest of the MSM call her on what she has said. Ooops silly me, face slap, so pleased to be unbanned.

  • Rick H

    Catherine Delahunty – – -yet another part of the tail.
    Never won any election she’s ever contested.

    Why, Oh Why do we still have to put up with these nobodys?

  • Timboh

    I think WO’s sobriquet for Ms Delahunty is “the member for Mars”.I would also add that she speaks for Uranus.

    • Chiefsfan73

      More like through her

  • Hard1

    Catherine has just got her 15 minutes/shot in the arm. The failings of the MSM, or more importantly the clubby atmosphere across the opposition, ensure that all the real change being carried out by National is relatively by stealth. There are hundreds of good, experienced unemployed journalists, so the ones in employment have to toe the line.×225.jpg

  • Tom McKechnie

    Prime News ran this story & debunked the nonsense from Catherine Delahunty.
    That her lies would appear on the Greens website is a disgrace.

  • D.Dave

    My biggest concern is the overuse of oxygen by the Gweens, as a result of which they expel more CO2 than the rest of us. There fore they contribute more to “global warming ” than the rest of us. It is shameful and they should be held to account. Catherine’s rant is clear evidence of my argument.

  • island time

    Good Grief,,,,,Greens = SNAFU

  • Grizz30

    I want the resource allocated to where it will get the best bang for the buck. It sounds like in a State school it was wasted as the kid was failing. At Vanguard it was getting results, hence the money allocated to that child was more effectively spent. Hard to argue against this.