Rodney Hide on what would have happened if Winston had been given the hacked information

Rodney Hide uses his column in the NBR to explain what would have happened if Winston Peters had gotten his hands on the documents of the illegal hacker/criminal who attacked me.

Mr Hager took the emails and made quite a story. Post-election, his claims haven’t stood up. But no matter. It was big news ahead of the election. The media loved it. Dirty Politics dominated the election campaign.

Now imagine Mr Peters with the same material. He could weave a far better story. He would make it sound truly shocking, terrible and totally corrupt. With Mr Peters it would sound believable.

By comparison, Mr Hager lacks gravitas. He was good – he convinced people he was an investigative journalist – but he’s nowhere near as good as Mr Peters.

More than that, Mr Peters had the protection and platform of Parliament. He could have said anything.

He would have been the news every night

And he would have sustained the attacks day in, day out. He would have done so for months. With that material, and that story, no matter that it wasn’t true, Mr Peters would have brought the government down. Every page of Dirty Politics would be another day’s shocking news. And when he ran out of pages he would be busy alluding to what was to come.  

Mr Peters isn’t as powerful as he once was but with that material, and with time, he could still cast the darkest of aspersions and falsely engulf an administration in an apparent web of deceit and corruption. The man is a master at it.

Mr Peters would have had a field day. He would pick ministers off at will. He would render the prime minister’s office non-operational under withering attack.

It only requires a morsel for Mr Peters to make a feast.

And imagine if Kim Dotcom had thrown his millions at Mr Peters. With that money Mr Peters would have been on fire. He would have had a proper campaign with an advertising spend that would have blitzed National and Labour.

Mr Cunliffe would be prime minister, Mr Peters would be his deputy and treasurer. There would be a royal commission. John Minto would head it. Former prime minister John Key and National’s campaign manager Steven Joyce would be jailed for the new crime of “being Tory scum.”

Mr Dotcom would be governor-general. The Queen may have objected. But a day in Parliament would sort her.

We are lucky, indeed, that the hacker chose Mr Hager and Mr Dotcom chose Mr Harawira.

Political fools, committing political and criminal crimes.




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  • Blue Tim

    Just watched yesterday’s The Nation. Owen, Gower & most of their “guests” still don’t get it. There wasn’t one real issue discussed

    • GoingRight

      No they don’t, but did you see Meteria Turei had brought her knitting and was happily knitting whilst at the TV3 doo! Unbelievable! No social graces!

      • Good on her.
        I think the greens are nuts, but at least this one time Meteria did something positive in her life.

        • Wheninrome

          As long as she didn’t drop any stitches, woolly jumpers with predetermined holes, a but like some of their policy.

          • Cadwallader

            Those chubby fingers of hers must make knitting a challenge.

  • Reid

    Political fools, committing political and criminal crimes.

    With a willing and complicit media baying at the moon like galloping mentals at full roar.

    • chrisgale

      Nothing changed here: consider how the media are eating up the Sony Hacks and publishing the most damaging bits.

  • Davo42

    Thanks Rodney, I never even though about what Winnie would have done, but you are probably correct with your alternative ending. Thankfully the schmucks that were calling the shots on Dirty Politics weren’t as politically adept as you are, and funnily enough they still haven’t learnt.

  • timemagazine

    All people involved in the Dirty Politics saga thought that the majority of newzealanders are low-information voters and are willing to eat whatever the media would feed them. What a bunch of amateurs! Exactly the opposite has happend newzealanders stood up against theft and fraud.

  • Wheninrome

    But maybe, just maybe Winnie is now considered a bit like Matilda who called fire once too often.
    He would entertain us but would the majority of us believe, I am now in Winnie’s catchment age, I think the goal posts are moving in that respect. His “members” are older, greyer, and with memories not so wonderful, they have excellent recall of the past, but not so the present, repetition is required, still, Winnie is good at that. Pity about his recall.

  • cmm

    Parliamentary privilege should only be allowed for exceptional circumstances. It was intended to allow healthy debate without being shut down by libel etc. laws.

    But what do we see here? Those gutter-sleaze using privilege as a way to propagate baseless slander and gossip with impunity.

    Only a handful of MPs can justly claim the honourific of “Right Honourable”.

    • chrisgale

      And many of us cannot defend ourselves because there are people we have a responsibility to protect. By not disclosing what we know.

      Regardless of what is muttered in Parliament.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Winston did trot up to the mansion more than once. Who rejected who?
    Dotcom’s ego necessitates the puppet-master role and Winston’s no glove puppet.

  • Kevin

    Hide is wrong in one respect. Dotcom is a convicted fraudster. Peters would have realised this and figured out that allying with him would be politically untenable. If Peters had partnered with Dotcom then John Key would have made dog’s dinner out of Peters.

  • Sgt Nussel Rorman

    That’s what you get when you hire the likes of Martin Martyn.

    Heading in the wrong direction without a clue.