Russell Brand is just the same as Labour, fake & insincere

Russell Brand is a fake, anyone with half a brain can see through his act.

Tim Stanley at The Telegraph sums him up quite well:

Look, Brand isn?t a bad or untalented person. But he?s not the Messiah, either. He condemns the elites and big money but he?s only where he is because TV producers have promoted him to that position. Proof that he enjoys an absurd amount of cultural capital was the fact that this edition of BBC Question Time was followed by an ad for his new documentary about drug rehabilitation on BBC3. And while he claims to be on the side of ordinary people (and, hey, is indeed authentically working-class and from the south east), his schtick goes down best with metropolitan liberals, Green Party activists and students. In fact, Russell Brand epitomises everything that went wrong for the Left. It still romantically sees itself as the voice of the folks but it?s utterly divorced from their concerns and culture. In Kent, we don?t do New Age religion, we don?t do long hair, we don?t do banker bashing and we don?t do one-world-let?s-give-away-free-money stuff. Again, it?s not that we?re all Ukippers. It?s just that we prefer a bit of experience and reason.

Which is also?pretty much?the same for the Labour party.

They concentrate on the wrong people.

Middle NZ don’t like bludgers, and they don’t care about poor people who don’t try.

Until Labour starts respecting hard working (Labouring) Kiwi workers and business owners they will continue to languish.

Labour acolytes and sycophants are already proclaiming Andrew Little as the latest messiah for Labour, and basing their judgement on just a few speeches and some ranting in parliament 3 whole years before the next election.

Even Fran O’Sullivan, moving on from denying things which can easily be proved by some emails, to drinking the Little brand of Kool-aid.



– The Telegraph