Russel’s Choice

Cartoon- Spanishbride

Cartoon- Spanishbride


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  • Whafe

    Russel Norman is the pure definition of an “oxygen theif”
    A waste of space…..
    I still await to hear any sense from this guys mouth… The Greens should move towards working for the environment, not what texts John Key deletes…. Give me strength

  • caochladh

    Just when you think he has reached the pinnacle of lunacy, he proves you wrong. I have come to believe that he gets off on being hated, ridiculed and held up to derision.

    • Michael_l_c

      Ego, narcissm, associating with fellow believers and you start to believe in flying pigs.

      Concerning how unintelligent these people are. Problem is JK & friends are starting to follow suit.

  • Chris EM

    In a way, I hope Norman keeps up his playground childishness. He and the jacket woman have done a good job keeping the Green Taliban in the doldrums. If he keeps up his whinging about wanting to read Key’s phone for another 3 years, we should see them sink below 5%, where they belong.

  • Nechtan

    Russel Norman is obsessed with “getting some dirt” on John Key.
    Why Russel?
    Your party’s policies not being well received by the public? There might be a reason/s for that. The talent pool is so shallow in your party the only way they can get any media coverage is to come up with lame brain statements like “John key deletes his texts, he must disclose them” or “Homoeopathy can help with Ebola”
    Perhaps its because if your own dealings with KDC etc came to light it would look bad for you (and others) and you’re trying to land the first punch,
    Or is a type of projection you’ve got stuff to hide ergo JK does as well??