Say It Outside The House David Parker

David Parker is running his mouth in places he shouldn’t with an outrageous name check and then smear in the House against Cactus Kate, Carrick Graham, Mark Hotchin and myself.  This has to be a joke from a man who has integrity so low he ran off with his sick mates missus.

Parker needs to replace the Chisholm Report as his door stop with the best of Chris Knox’s back catalogue then put it on his desk and actually read it.  

He will find that respected Judge Lester Chisholm completely exonerated Mark Hotchin from paying anyone to attack the SFO.  Parker’s dreaming when he makes baseless allegations from imaginary friends he may have at the SFO.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.50.47 pm

The only people Justice Chisholm found were paid to undermine the SFO were Mr Feeley’s current and former staff and those who work for the New Zealand Herald.  The Herald being involved in two attempts at undermining to the bloggers’ one.

Parker needs to actually read Whaleoil for some factual information.

The non-issue regarding Tony Gapes was covered off there last week.  All this despite it not being a part of the Inquiry.  Mr Hotchin was not even paying for anyone’s services at the time of the post in question that Mr Parker ran off and laid a politically based complaint about.  

And then he needs to read Cactus Kate’s statement where it is quite clear there never was any intention to interfere in the SFO’s investigation of Mark Hotchin.  Cactus even refused to write about the SFO when asked by a third party PR practitioner for the very issues Mr Parker laid his complaint over.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.02.51 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.03.04 pm

So David Parker, failed how many times wanna be leader of the Labour Party?  A man who now has a career civil servant take his much wanted Finance portfolio – make our day and say this outside the House. We won’t be advising Mr Hotchin not to sue this time on the contrary.  Politicising police complaints while they are apparently still being investigated is severely unbecoming.

Then there is the small matter of Justice Chisholm believing former Ministerial staffer Stefan Herrick’s evidence over that of Fran O’Sullivan’s but we will save that gem for a rainy day.  We might have all been found guilty (with the Herald and former and current SFO staff) of the non-crime of undermining a man who undermined himself but at least the Judge believed our evidence.

Parker’s smear is cowardly and low and based on imaginary hearsay from the voices in his head.

He should step outside the chamber and repeat his allegations like a real man would do.

All he is trying to do is undermine a police investigation and arguably is perverting the course of justice mis-using his parliamentary privilege and applying political pressure to the independent police force.

If he had any integrity…and we know he doesn’t, just ask Chris Knox, he’d withdraw his comments and apologise.


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  • Blue Tim

    Parker using the old where there’s smoke there’s fire tactic. He forgets that less than 35% are taking any notice

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Doesn’t he need to go back and apologise for misleading the house and correct his allegation?

  • Timboh

    WO and crew. This is one of the reasons I read WO. Sure you have to wade through some stuff (like going hunting actually) but you get a post like this. Had heard about the story of the mate but until I searched tonight and found Mr Parker would not be a good guy to know if you were crook. He’s not a Dr like Norman

  • virtualmarknz

    “Mark Hotchin didnt do anything illegal but he’s not a nice person” says politician with integrity issues who filched his paralysed mate’s wife.

    Yep Mr Parker, you would know.

  • Mr Parker should also refresh his memory of Chris Knox’s song catalogue, which includes such appropriate (to the circumstances) titles as My Only Friend, The Joy of Sex, Sympathy for the Cripple, Mum’s the Word, Clarity Begins at Home, Not Given Lightly and perhaps most pointedly of all Denial Song.

    This does not reflect at all well on David Parker. It’s Dirty Politics, nothing less.

  • Nechtan

    This is just a continuation of the attacks on Cameron/Whale Oil. Parker spouts off using parliamentary privilege and the complaint MSM will show it and report it, the left is using the same smear tactics they accuse Cameron off. Hypocrites and liars.

    • The Last Crusade

      Parliamentary privilege is a joke. Winston Peters abuses it wickedly to make himself look interesting. He’s full of hot air.

      It should be done away with. If you got nothing, then say nothing.

  • Isherman

    He hasn’t got the nads to repeat this outside the House. He knows it and we know it.
    There is no fact or evidence in this suggestion. He knows it and we know it.
    Who’s going to look silly at the end of this little game David? We know…

  • Might it be timely to dust off Mr Parker’s troubles with the Companies Office?

    • Time For Accountability

      For anyone that needs to know, read the chapeter in Wisharts book “Absolute Power”

      • MaryLou

        Always thought Wishart sounded like a bit of a conspiracy nutter, so never read his books. Worth the purchase price and effort, you think?

        Edit spelling again – and again – and sorry for off topc – thought I was in backchat

  • bjmarsh

    I laugh every time I hear a Greenie and lots of other lefties banging on about – well you choose! Judge Chisholm has it in one “…the EVIDENCE before the inquiry does not justify…” etc. The Greens and suprisingly the Labour spokesmen are not concerned about the EVIDENCE, but instead use appeals to emotion, argumentum ad hominen and straight out abuse to paint a picture of illegality. For example, Turia’s racist speech which claims that Maori are at risk as are Muslims as a result of the legal changes being considered in Parliament. Madam, with due respect, the law applies to all New Zealanders, and we all share the same sanctions regardless of race if we threaten the peace of Aotearoa-New Zealanders. This question is being asked by a non-Maori member of the tangata whenua who is concerned at the bias being showed by the race relations conciliator by not publically challenging Turia’s outburst in parliament which seems to indicate her wish to allign Maori with Muslim extremists. God help us all.

  • Champagneshane

    Shagging his sick mates misus ??? What a low life. I missed the details on this but it’s such despicable, wretched and loathsome behaviour I’m not sure I want to hear it.

  • Tom

    Totally missing the Chris Knox reference