School kids stop drinking “energy drinks” and detention rates plummet


A school that banned Red Bull and other energy drinks has seen the number of pupils being given detentions plunge by a third.

In the latest piece of evidence that the drinks can cause poor behaviour in the classroom, staff said standards were transformed after just two terms.

Drinks such as Monster, Red Bull and Relentless combine so much sugar and caffeine that Government advisers warn they make children hyperactive and difficult to control.

To help encourage fellow pupils to ditch energy drinks, members of the school’s student council designed a water bottle…

These bottles were offered to pupils in return for a pledge to go further than the ban and steer clear of all fizzy, sugary drinks in exchange for water. In Years 7, 8 and 9, more than 95 per cent of pupils signed up, along with more than 70 per cent in Years 10 and 11.

As well as the fall in the number of detentions, achievement and general behaviour levels rose – a trend Mrs Griffiths put down to the ban. Councillor Andy Bowden, of St Helens council in Merseyside, said: ‘It is good to see it was the students themselves that recognised the effects high- caffeine drinks were having…

Kids constantly overloaded with excess sugar and caffeine aren’t going to be at their best after a while.

I really like about this situation is that nobody banned anything.  They simply had a sit-down and a talk, did some research, and then had a buy-in process that about 95% of the kids voluntarily joined in with.

Compare and contrast that to people in Labour and the Green Taliban who simply want to legislate these sorts of things away.  These people don’t want you to have the freedom to choose, and they would justify taking your freedom of choice away just to save the 5% from themselves.

Even more remarkable is that this happened at a school in the hopelessly leftie UK school system.

– Daily Mail


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  • chwaga

    Sounds like we need a Whale Oil water bottle or later on a Freed one

  • RightofSingapore

    Nobody banned anything? Um “A school that banned Red Bull and other energy drinks has seen the number of pupils being given detentions plunge by a third.”
    Just sayin’

  • Jonathan P

    You might like to re read the article Cam.
    They banned energy drinks out right. The water bottles were to get the kids to stop drinking fizzy drinks in general (coke, sprite etc).
    You might be a tad mistaken on this one.

    The crux of the article is right though, I regularly have to go to a local service station for work and the amount of kids and teenagers buying energy drinks (and pies) is astounding.

    • Wahbonnah

      nothing wrong with pies JP ;-p
      they’ve helped create this finely tuned body I operate with today!!!!!

  • Yep – they are not good

  • Guest

    How much did it cost for this advice to the government?
    I could have told them to ‘read the ingredients’ label.’
    (For my usual consulting fee of 100 bucks)