Because science


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  • Fritz

    Stupid video. They should put the toaster on max (whether that is 10 or 11) and see how black your toast gets quickest.

    • burns_well_eh

      You win the internet!

  • BR

    A timer circuit would be cheaper than a bi-metallic strip.


  • Platinum Fox

    The bi-metallic strip technology used in pop-up toasters is at least 50 years old. I agree with the presenter, how long a particular toaster takes to toast slices of a specific bread to the degree of “doneness” one prefers is something that can only be determined by trial and error. The composition of the bread and humidity of the environment are key factors which influence the time required for an element of specific wattage to toast bread evenly. Using a toaster with a timer would be like reverting to using a clothes drier that doesn’t test the moisture content of its vented air.