This is why you shoot pirates

International law defines only the crime of piracy, not the penalty, it could be argued therefore that you are allowed to execute pirates on the high seas…so Lord knows why the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys bothered apprehending it has caused no end of grief.

The European Court of Human Rights says France violated the rights of Somali pirates who had attacked French ships and has ordered compensation for them over judicial delays.

The nine Somali pirates should get thousands of euros because they were not immediately brought before a French judge, the court ruled.

One is to get 9,000 euros (£7,000) and the others sums of up to 7,000 euros.

What they should have got was a bullet.  

But how long did the Frogs keep them from a judge?

The judges faulted France for keeping them in custody for an extra 48 hours.

And what had they done to upset the Frogs?

The pirates had held French citizens hostage after seizing a French-flagged cruise ship and a French yacht in 2008.

The French military captured the pirates on the Somali coast in two operations, after the hostages had been released for ransoms of $2.1m (£1.3m) and $2m.

So they ransomed from Frogs and then got the Euro courts to loot some more on their behalf.

Just shoot the bastards next time.

Before transferring the pirates to France, the authorities held one group for four days and the others for six days and 16 hours.

But the extra 48 hours of custody on French soil violated the pirates’ right to liberty and security under the European Convention on Human Rights, the court ruled.

The convention’s Article 5.3 “was not designed to give the authorities the opportunity to intensify their investigations for the purpose of bringing formal charges against the suspects”, a court statement said.

The judges argued that the time between their arrest and transfer to France was already enough for France to draw up charges, instead of delaying for another 48 hours.





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  • The Accountant

    That is just so wrong. How could anyone be so stupid?

  • Nechtan

    This sort of nonsense is why the EU is killing Europe.

  • Monito

    Ask the wife of the late SIr Peter Blake I bet she would wish someone shot these thieving murderers. Compensation is absolutely insane.

  • wooted

    The ones in France will probably be granted residency and be able to bring in the rest of their families.

    I think the old system of hanging them from the yardarm was quite apt. “You were caught in the act. You are guilty of piracy, string him up”

    Pour encourager les autres

  • simon

    I was watching the movie ‘Captain Philips” and couldn’t help thinking that a .308 on a bipod on the bridge wing would have saved a whole lot of trouble

    • Salacious Crumb

      A belt fed .50 cal has a lot of persuasive power. Easy to mount too.

      • Bartman

        I prefer a RPG, box of them to start with would have the pirates pooing themselves!

  • The European Court is out of control. Along with the European Govern. When will the Euro countries wake up and withdraw from the EU. Talk about gravy trains.

    • Pharmachick

      They are starting to – did you catch Cameron’s (the UK Primer Minister, not out eminent NZ blogger) speech this week about withdrawing the UK from EU over random immigrants not being immediately eligible for unemployment benefits. And that’s also directly relevant to this case, since country int he EU (France for one) seem to be looking to the European court for justice and not getting it.

  • Pharmachick

    Agree with Noel Hunter – the European Court has gone crazy. This aside – we need Conway Captain to weigh in here (see what I did there), but as far as I know, in international waters, the Captains word is Law on a ship. If that is true, then the Captain of the vessel apprehending these [voluntarily redacted before mods ire hits] scum could have *legally* executed them for piracy.

    • Nechtan

      Its a tough call to execute prisoners once you have captured them and rendered them harmless. A better option might be to not take prisoners. Shred their vessels with cannon and automatic fire.

      • Bartman

        and then promptly put them back into their vessels. Problem solved!

    • conwaycaptain

      I will reply after dinner

  • James Growley

    “Just shoot the bastards next time.” Just make sure you bring out a 50 cal HMG to do a proper job of it, or at the very least a 7.62 mm, multi-barrel HMG.

  • Nige.

    The red parties the world over love to spend everyone else’s cash on their “social justice”. Poor pirates just need a hug. That’s all.

  • Chris W

    Your point was made without the needless and childish insults against the French.

    • Sir Henry Morgan

      I hate the French

      • Pharmachick

        How unfortunate. You are, then; sadly mistaken and ignorant as to the many social, societal and intellectual gifts the French have given modern states.

      • Chris W

        I hate your mum.

        • Sir Henry Morgan

          At least she’s not French!

  • hamsap
  • Dave_1924

    Seriously – they live OUTSIDE the Law…… this is the problem we have as Western society. We care so much about human rights of our CITIZENS that we apply them to non Citizens who are murdering thugs. And in this case we are talking a few days too long before being put in front of the Judges.

    I am not keen on open slather killing in these situations if the baddies can be aprehended without risk of life, but…… situations like this just encourages extra-judicial killings as the guys and girls doing the risky business of bringing these pirates in think its pointless because judges will go soft on them….

  • conwaycaptain

    Brooke, the original first White Rajah of Sarawak was gifted the Kingdom because he rid the area of pirates and the Rajah was childless.
    Raffles also rid the area of the S China Sea of pirates by attacking their bases and wiping them out.
    When I worked for Swires in the Late 60’s the Company’s Fleet Instructions and Standing Orders still said that the 2nd Mate was to make sure all anti piracy screens were locked and the armed guards issued with rifles and ammunition!!!

    In those days the Master was indeed Master Under God. Unfortunately today he is not owing to the fact of instant communications with Head Office and the fact that most of the people employed as Masters are Asian and would not have the command experience or nous to handle the situation.
    If a ship fired back you can bet your bottom dollar the pirates, if captured, would be in the European Court of Human Rights etc with highly paid lawyers arguing their right to what ever.
    In my opinion the only way to get rid of these bastards and the likes of Al Quada is to give the SAS< SBS and their mates free reign.

  • Curly1952

    They are pirates and have no respect for life so why should we respect them. Further, I didn’t realise the French courts were populated with New Zealand judges given this ruling

    • Albert Lane

      From reading UK newspapers, I understand that the money was to be used to pay for their legal defence. At least in NZ they would have received legal aid.

      • Albert Lane

        And another thing. In NZ, if we keep an inmate in prison for even one day after the actual date they were meant to be released, the inmate is entitled to compensation for wrongful imprisonment. It’s not just the Froggies who are mad.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Not ‘Pirates’ they are thieves who prob stole the boat as well

  • Bartman

    Welcome to the world of the EU, an entirely different kind of existence, one that is not remotely close to logical, fair or normal. Being a criminal there is a beautiful thing.

  • HR

    Here’s a possible solution, and for anyone looking for a holiday destination….