Shows how seriously the Greens take Education

The lowest ranking given to any MPs who did not quit at the election was the 2 out of 10 to Green MP Catherine Delahunty, despite her being said to have had a “brighter year”,

The lowest ranking given to any MPs who did not quit at the election was the 2 out of 10 to Green MP Catherine Delahunty, despite her being said to have had a “brighter year”, and NZ First’s Richard Prosser, though it was noted he had “kept his head down” since his “Wogistan” comments.

She still has not fronted to her outrageous lie about visiting charter schools when she hasn’t done any such thing.

If Hekia Parata claimed to have visited a school but hadn’t what would the Greens be demanding?   

Catherine Delahunty is a waste of space, she is the Member for Mars and the feeble minded.

Meanwhile Russel Norman managed to whinge his way through a news item on Radio Live about his lies about Kevin Hague being the only MP in the Greens to contact me…except of course Jan Logie.

His weasel explanation was hilarious…but Russel Norman still really hasn’t told the truth…because there is another Green Mp who has been communicating with me.

When will Russel Norman start telling the truth?

Do I have to publish some more emails?


– Fairfax



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  • George Carter

    publish, please publish; this is amazing to watch!

  • conwaycaptain

    Member for Mars??? More like Member for Wasted Space and we pay gazillions per annum for numpties like this.

  • Dave_1924

    Yes publish some more thanks. Green hypocrisy needs many examples out there so people know what they are really voting for. … Their endless church sermon style utterances claiming the moral/ethical high ground is grating when you know they are just politicians like all the rest…

  • Tom McKechnie

    I would think her rating would now be zero, given her comment in the house yesterday that ” Colonisation is a form of rape “.

  • Day Day

    Given the Greens bled a third of their expected support on election day, it’s clear a conversation urgently needs to take place re leadership succession.

    • JustanObserver

      Leadership Succession – implies winning ….
      Something the Gweens have absolutely no experience of, let alone intelligence of how to plan.

    • conwaycaptain

      Who would they have???

      Gareth AND Julie Anne??? Logie and Hague the first two GAY co leaders!!!!!

    • Sam

      They don’t even understand the concept of leadership. Co-leaders… What is that? It’s ridiculous. Unless we are to assume that Turei and Norman agree 100% on every issue that could possibly exist (impossible) there will be some point at which they disagree – so who does the party follow? As I finished typing that sentence an image popped into my mind of a half dozen ducks flopping around randomly in a wee paddling pool. I think that’s actually a fair summation of their party and achievements to date.

      • Day Day

        If the type of democracy Norman plans for NZ is the same as he uses to protect his own leadership, we’d better hope they never get into Govt under his watch.

        • Sam

          Hmmm yeah. I want a smarter, cleaner, fairer New Zealand. Quickest way to do that would be to send the idiotic, unkempt, tyrannical Greens back to their commune in Tasmania or wherever.

      • OneTrack

        One of them may be just a token “leader”. Which one would it be?

  • LesleyNZ

    Yes please – publish some more emails. They are very interesting reading.

  • Yes please publish more emails. Make them out to be the phonies they actually are

  • IainH

    Yes please. Stop hanging back on this and other issues you tease! Otherwise people may think you are taking a leaf out of the fat german’s approach to releasing
    “game changing” news.

  • Wheninrome

    What is the cost of a full page advert in the NZ Herald revealing these emails, would the Herald accept the advertising revenue, probably not if the information doesn’t fit their predetermined view on things.

  • jethro

    Yeah, put some heat on that self-righteous aussie twit.. Loved seeing him squirm when John Key accused him of having’s number in his address book..

  • Morgy

    Re the Member for Mars, didn’t the Material Girl try to hammer JK about what schools he did or didn’t visit the other day?? These guys are nuts! They might get more credibility if they stuck to issues core to the Green’s reason for being.

    • OneTrack

      You mean bringing in Communism?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    You know when Turei rises to ask “Does the Prime Minister stand by his statements?” there will be some fun coming. No let down yesterday as it was a veiled question for the doomed “Feed the Kids bill” and it proved tough going for the questioner.

  • Karma

    If the Green’s took education seriously, Catherine Delahunty wouldn’t be their spokesperson for Education, and if they took politics seriously, they’d ditch Russel Norman and Meteria Turei as co-leaders. Hobby politicians.

  • mark14


  • bjmarsh

    Come on stop, Cam lifting your skirt in such a teasing way, I am too old to leave this earth without knowing the truth.

  • Media Steriliser

    YES – publish more emails. Hammer him. Hard. Please

  • Kiwibabe

    Norman puts one off environmental issues, which is a pity.