So when is a hacker a hero?

The TAB betting agency’s website has been hit by a cyber attack.

The website remained operating today, despite coming under an attack that started on Boxing Day and caused it to crash a number of times.

Punters faced difficulties placing bets but their account information was secure, New Zealand Racing Board chairman Glenn Patrick said.

“We can now confirm that we have been the target of a concentrated cyber attack and our best people and suppliers have been working around the clock to stabilise our site,” Mr Patrick said.

Punters unable to place website bets were asked to use the phone betting service.

The TAB had received information about who was behind the attack and passed that on to police, Mr Patrick told Radio New Zealand.

The New Zealand media thought all this Kim Dotcom and Rawshark stuff was a bit of a laugh.  They pretty much turned them into folk heroes.

But recently, the fun has gone out of it.  All the kids and young at heart haven’t been able to play Playstation and Xbox for days.  Think of all the Christmas presents that are sitting idle with kids and families unhappy.

Hackers did that.

And then, the TAB web site got taken out.  People couldn’t do any of their on-line betting.  How much fun are hackers now?  Anyone still think they are folk heroes?

Kiwibank had IT problems yesterday.  They were at pains to point out it didn’t involve hackers.  Why?   Aren’t hackers fun people?  Aren’t hackers meant to be lauded and treated like folk heroes?

Rawshark and his mates are criminals.   They broke the law.  The media have vilified the hacker’s victim.

Hackers are cowards.

– 3 News


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  • steve and monique

    Maybe KDC got hacked off with the TAB taking odds for when and how he would be kicked out of NZ. If not, lets hope it is soon.

    • The2Game

      The TAB really needs to be allowed into the Exotic Bets market – taking bets, for instance, on who Miss World will be, who will win Eurovision, what name the latest Windsor baby will be saddled with…

      And, on Kim Dot.Crim, things like:

      Colour Of KD.C’s Jumpsuit At His Final New Zealand Court Appearance:
      1. 1.01 Black
      2. 20 Other
      3. 1000 Either 1. or 2. but whilst wearing a ‘John, I Love You Really, Can We Talk?’ bandana

      Weight Of KD.C At Extradition
      1. 1.50 Less than one Turei
      2. 2.25 More than one Turei
      3. 100 Tie

      First Former Friend To Be Accused Of Being A Traitor By KD.C:
      1. 2.4 Wussell
      2. 3 Winston
      3. 5 The NZ Mee-ja
      4. 25 Other

      • steve and monique

        10.1 if his cell mate in the USA is called Bubba.

      • Michael_l_c

        Weight after 6 months in the Federal Penitentiary.

  • Sally

    At this stage it has been the media who are determining whether a hacker is good or bad. They seem to think they are above the law in this regard.

    • OneTrack

      Yes, they do. And the determination seems to be along tribal lines – left/hard-left ( ie their tribe ) = good, centre-left (ie national) = bad.

  • mike

    Need harsher penalties for cyber crimes. GCSB should investigate every cyber attack on NZ citizens and businesses in conjunction with police and prosecute the culprit to the fullest extant of the law. Penalties should include the prohibition of owning or operating any computers or equivalent devices for a further 10 years after sentence is completed.

    Make it so unpalatable that these losers don’t want to risk their precious computers.

    • Dog Breath

      From what I recall the PM stopped this because he thought it could be perceived as mass surveillance. I think, from the information the govt released in response to the big reveal, there is to be a much more cut down system (cortex or something like that) that only looks after government interests and companies of national significance but only if they give permission. From what I can see every party except National prefer that NZ suffers from criminal and state hacking rather than have the GCSB involved in fighting this scourge.

      • mike

        That’ll change the moment one of the Unions (or Union bosses) gets hacked.

  • Korau

    These low lifes are very hard to track down. With cross border crime which may encompass several countries even deciding who will prosecute can be tricky.

    Cyber criminals are exploiting the
    disappearance of Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ 8501 by luring users to
    websites purporting to offer the latest news in order to steal their
    personal information. (How low is too low??).

    Here is a run down of some of the hacks that have happened in the past few days. .

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I don’t believe in what the hackers are doing but was it that bad on xmas day that kids couldn’t sit inside on a fine day playing video games, shock horror maybe they had to go outside and communicate with others in person

    • Not sure you’re on the right web site. You have a bunch of scrotes interfering with the lawful business of a company and its customers. It is people like you who will also say “oh well, it’s only a few emails they got of that Whaleoil guy, no harm done eh?”

    • Dave_1924

      A good consequence from a criminal act Brian… but probably not the right approach to the issue of game vampireism… I just used to limit the time allowed for gaming and send the boy outside anyway…

  • Liberty

    It is astonishing how
    the media got all hysterical . When the
    Government wanted to keep a possible terrorist under surveillance. and the hacking of film company making some B movie over some despot.
    Yet when the private mail of an individual was hacked. The
    media were more than happy to spread it like confetti.

    It is now some weeks since the vile hacking. Why hasn’t the
    media found the hacker. Is it as suspected they are totally inept.
    Look back at the ACC bungle. Where
    name and phone was released to one person.
    The media spent weeks banging on about personal privacy.
    The Media have gone quite as a church mouse over the hacking is it as
    suspected they know who the hacker is. They have known all along. It is all too close to their lefty friends.

  • Well said Cam.

  • Michael_l_c

    What will the msm say when they are hacked?
    Double standards anyone?

    I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

    • Dave_1924

      In fairness Mchael they have already been hacked… by the Labour Party. And they can’t even deny it after Shane and Tamati……

  • timemagazine

    Just imagine if the 6 o’clock news on, let’s say, tv1 would be hacked at around 6.20? wouldn’t that be fun? I know it is mean, but just think of it for a second how ballistic everybody in the media would go.

    • Andrew Gibson

      Except that nobody would notice a MSM outlet was hacked…

  • Eddie Nunns

    word out on the street says the X Box and Playstation Hackers Got Hacked themselves for hurting young people