Someone isn’t telling the truth Russel…here’s a clue, it’s you

So who's been telling porkies then?    via

So who’s been telling porkies then? via

The Green party have called in their Stasi to audit the computers of their MPs.

Think about that for a minute, because this was the party that was crying over the metadata and swipe card details of a journalist being inspected by parliament and now they have called in the Stasi to inspect the computers and emails and phones of sitting Members of Parliament.

The Green Party ordered an audit of MPs’ emails to check for any communication with blogger Cameron Slater.

The review, just before the election, unearthed just a handful of messages from senior list MP Kevin Hague, about two posts he wrote for Slater’s WhaleOil blog advocating for proposed marriage-equality laws.

Party apparatchiks wanted to ensure they weren’t “blindsided” as they attacked National over revelations in Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book.

MPs’ executive assistants checked correspondence, a spokesman said. “Since Dirty Politics, we have had nothing to do with [Slater],” he added.

Hague confirmed the emails, and said Slater had contacted him “a couple of times” by email and text on other matters. He acknowledged the messages, but did not engage, he said.

Since Dirty Politics was released, Slater has published dark threats to unveil correspondence with political players. There is mounting speculation he is holding Prime Minister John Key to ransom in some way. Key was forced to admit last week he still sent Slater text messages.

Dark threats eh?

They weren’t threats Russel they were promises.

If you are going to tell lies then I am going to bust your chops for lying…now that you have had the warning it is time for the smacking. 

You have stated that you have un-earthed just a handful of messages from Kevin Hague…are you sure you’ve got them all?

The short answer without teasing too much is you haven’t. I’m not one to burn sources, but if Russel Norman is going to lie and Jan Logie is going to attack me as well in parliament then let’s have some sunlight.

Jan Logie emailed me after I went out to see Tania Wysocki and get the real story. She sent me this email.


I replied, as is my custom.


And her response to the offer of guest posts.Logie3

Then I sent her some details about the disgusting Foreign Charter Vessels issue that was being talked about in parliament. I supported their campaign on this issue.


And her response.logie5

Looks like The Green party is using the same auditors as South Canterbury Finance used. Next time the Greens need to pay Rawshark to do their audit to ensure they actually look at everything.

That is just one MP…she attacked me in parliament a few months ago and her leader has lied to the media about contact with me. UTB, NFWAB.

Now if the Greens could just move on from this non-issue….because if they keep telling lies about me then I’ll keep telling the truth about them.

I wonder why these emails were never in Nicky Hager’s book “Dirty Politics“…was it because I was helping the Greens with their own dirty politics? Or just an inconvenient truth.


– Fairfax



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  • Owl


  • Pete

    O dear Russel, did you not see this coming?

    • Classic muppet.

  • Day Day

    Nice work, Cam. Timing is everything.

  • Nige.

    Goosebump stuff. This is what its all about.


      Could we say “edge of your seat” stuff?

    • G M B

      I want to see it on the 6pm news. Tv1 or 3 I’m not fussy.


    Time to bend him over the knee, Cam! If I were Russel, I would not have said *anything* unless I had incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. That said, I am going to *enjoy* this. *grabs lawn chair, and loads up fridge with beer*.

    • G M B

      I had in mind more the Deliverance scene. – squeal like a pig routine. That SoB deserves that.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Let’s see him weasel out of this….

  • Another Andrea Vance hit piece using Russel Norman…. and again it falls to bits.


      This is really quite comical, isn’t it. Now it’s *our* turn for some fun. And guess what? WO’s “fun” is supported by hard evidence.

    • Not Clinically Insane

      Begs the question then. If Cam has something over JK…. Then what does Andrea have over Wussel…. and several other male MPs?

      • OneTrack


  • Bob D

    The Greenies aren’t very bright. They probably think that if they hit “Delete” it also deletes it from the recipient’s email.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      They are only used to writing with sticks on the beach sand….

  • Falcor

    When did they undertake the audit?
    If it was prior to Nicky the Hackers book release then that’s proof they were in on it.

  • Monito

    Wussell really is showing himself to be a sanctimonious prat every time he opens his mouth it seems to have a foot wedged deeply.. honestly dont know why he bothers to carry on?’ Maybe get a real job somewhere.

    • Blue Tim

      No one would empty him

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Come to think of it, this guy could have been the Deputy PM and Finance Minister but for the good people of NZ who voted for National, David Seymor, Peter Dunne and Kelvin Davis….

      • OneTrack

        I think you will find it would quickly have been Aotearoa, not New Zealand if he had got in.

    • OneTrack

      Real job? Well, there’s your problem. This is the best job he will ever have. $200k to be an activist. No KPIs and no responsibilities. Except to tell other people what to do – “Just work harder Boxer, we know best”

  • Now that really is “Dirty Politics” according to the Left – using someone else’s own words against them to prove they were lying – unless they do it, then it’s smart politics.

  • IanGreg

    Please, please do a follow up asking Russel is “he stands by his statement that none of his MP’s have been in contact with WhaleOil”.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Andrea Vance the Northern Irish journalist and Russel Norman, The Aussie Politician – it is time you leave our politics scene please….

    • Albert Root

      AV worked for the News of the World didn’t she? The Murdoch organ collapsed after its journalists were successfully prosecuted for hacking computers and mobile phones. Oh the irony.

      • OneTrack

        They taught herr everything she knows.

    • chef01

      Nice to see you back SCS

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Wait for Turei’s spin that Jan was doing her job…..while John Key was plotting with Whale Oil….Greens have no shame fellows…

  • Curly1952

    This was always going to happen and Cam was just biding his time. The good thing is that would only be the tip of the iceberg. Better that the novel I am reading at present.
    I think I know what NFWAB is (can’t say the words because one is a bit naughty) but have know idea what UTB is. Can anyone help?

    • Utter Total Bullpucky?

    • Under. The. Bus.

      • Curly1952

        Thanks Cam. This Norman is a dangerous oddball..

      • Thanks for clarifying, urbandictionary offered “Up The Butt” and “You’re The Best”, one which is crude and the other didn’t match the story

  • Dave_1924

    That was some time ago so meh really…. But it shows a couple of things. 1 their scan for emails was poorly executed.. didn’t look at email back ups, 2 Jan’s been, shock horror,deleting conversations with Cam…. feeling guilty Jan.

    The Greens… its totally different when they do it

    • OneTrack

      They are doing it for Gaia ( and the money and control ) so that makes anything thing they do “ok”. Anything for the cause – Comrade.

  • phronesis

    At least she can still say that she didn’t have txtual relations with Cam. Any good Catholic girl will tell you that emal doesn’t count.

    • wooted

      And Hague “acknowledged the messages, but did not engage..”

      “I did not engage with that blogger!”

  • redherring2

    Love the exposure – but Russel says ““Since Dirty Politics, we have had nothing to do with [Slater],”. So apart from the Hague stuff he is still technically correct? Or is this just extending the rope a little to make the execution more spectacular?

  • “Skewered” is the word that comes to mind.

  • spanishbride

    Yet another warning shot goes over the bow…….


      Right before the harpoon…

  • Karl

    Russell, Cam’s only bluffing …. please, please, please call his bluff. Tell us all again how the Greens don’t correspond with him ….
    Popcorn is loaded. :-)

    • Organic, vegetarian popcorn, I hope…

      • Albert Root

        Nah, straight from Monsanto. Whatsmore, it’s popped in corn oil extracted from Indonesian ex-rain forest (guaranteed to have the blood of at least one orang-utan per every 100 litres) or in butter produced by Chinese-owned NZ dairy mega-conglomerates.

        • burns_well_eh

          Nom nom nom

  • SlightlyStrange

    Related question to the original discussion…
    Whatever happened to Tania Wysocki?

  • Whitey

    Ooh, I wonder if the Party is getting ready to purge some dissenters? That would be entertaining.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    The correspondence with Jan paints you as a reasonable and caring person, how dare you defy the lame stream narrative with facts!

  • Day Day

    When’s Russel going to have the stones to put his leadership to the ballot? Or does he believe he should be a leader of indeterminate perpetuity. Why has he failed to groom a successor?

    • Aucky

      Russel sees himself as the Commissar for life. He only pays lip service to Turei as co-leader. There are no male replacements other than Hague who could have a tilt at the leadership and lets face it Russel has already dealt to Hague once for perceived disloyalty.

      • Day Day

        Even Labour hold their leaders to account for lack lustre results/performance. No so with the Greens. Looks like they are stuck with more of the same.

  • ozbob68

    Interesting, do you think the Greens will ever dare to use the phrase “attack blogger” again when referring to Cam, which will risk this issue being raised and held against them? I think this has “spiked the guns” of the Greens beautifully.

    • MaryLou

      Kinda – they’ll still claim the moral high-road of not talking to him since Dirty Poitics though… “we saw and we changed our ways”

      Wait for it…

  • Bart67

    Now, I see what the bone of contention is! Cam, you are dealing in the truth, the clear, unvarnished truth. Regrettably, the truth is something that the Left Wing is somewhat unfamiliar with, and poorly equipped to manage! It’s like you are speaking English, yet all they know is Swahili!

  • cows4me

    The prisoners will be hanging in the Melon torture chamber as we speak, raw steak will be forced down their throats, their bodies will covered with waste oil and their eyes will be held opened by match sticks while the Great Global Warming Swindled plays non stop. Someone will start croaking.

  • la la land

    So let’s get this straight … It’s not ok for the right wing “institution” to spy on potential terrorists but it is ok for the left wing “institution” to seize and analyse the communications records of those who work for/with them…?

    • OneTrack

      That about covers it.

    • cmm

      It fits right in with the old communist principle:

      Everyone is equal. Some are just more equal than others.

      To fully understand the ironies in communist thinking you need to go back to Engels and Marx – the co-fathers of communism.

      Neither of them did a day of productive work in their whole lives. Both came from wealthy capitalist families that provided for their every need.

      Engels was well known for his lavish parties that ran until the early hours of the morning. Parties obviously came before distribution of his own personal wealth.

      Both had developed communism as an academic theory. They wanted to see their theory play out to “prove” it and the workers were just pawns being lead along to make that happen. They did not really care about the workers beyond that.

      If you can get your head around that lot, you can understand communism enough for Norman to start making sense.