Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Demanding politicians apologise can get rather cringeworthy at times, they can wind up being almost like the apology Father Jack Hackett gave to Bishop Brennan.

But Labour is focussing now on the fact that the only apology, such as it was, issued by John Key last year was to me.

Why they OIA’d that is beyond me…what a waste of time.

John Key delivered just a solitary written apology in 2014, ironically to one of New Zealand’s most controversial political figures.

According to Key “to the best of my recollection”, the prime minister wrote just one letter of apology this year, parliamentary questions asked by the Labour Party show.

Perhaps ironically, that single apology was delivered to Cameron Slater, the WhaleOil blogger who largely supports National but has brought much controversy upon the Government.  

Key wrote a letter of apology to Slater earlier this year in relation to the Government’s decision to release an email Slater wrote to associates claiming that former justice minister Judith Collins was part of a campaign to undermine former Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley.

In November Key was forced to admit he had misled Parliament after he claimed he had not contacted Slater about a report into the SIS, after texts emerged showing the two discussing the report.

Labour leader Andrew Little said it was ironic that Key had apologised to Slater, when he had not apologised for what Labour claims was a “smear campaign” run out of his office which used Slater to attack opponents. Little also said Key should have considered an apology over Iain Rennie’s handling of an investigation into former Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive Roger Sutton over claims of sexual harassment.

“He’s quite comfortable apologising to someone like [Slater] even though you’d have to wonder about the level of hurt or harm caused to Cameron Slater,” Little said.

It will be Andrew Little issuing apologies soon….for his own party’s role in a much worse, and illegal smear campaign.

When the pressure comes on for him and David Cunliffe to apologise I’ll just bet that Elton John’s song will be prophetic.


– Hamish Rutherford, Fairfax


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  • LabTested

    How can Labour strategists not realise that as soon as they start talking about JK apoligising it just reminds us of Cunlife apologising for being a Man. Why bring that up? own goals & no policy.

  • john Doe

    To be fair Cunliffe has made enough appologies to cover every man, woman, child and dog in NZ. The PM has got it about right concerning his appologies.

  • Who gives a flying **** who JK apologises too? if its not directed to the country as a whole, why do we need to know?

  • jude

    If anyone or any people are due an apology I would say it is New Zealanders. We have put up for months with the endless smears and out right lies from the left wing.
    We had to put up with a concerted effort by the left to undermine our democratic process re election.
    I won’t hold my breath for an apology any time soon!

    • Mav E Rick

      I agree Jude. I watched with interest The Nation broadcast on Saturday morning. All Lisa and Paddy could go on about was Dirty Politics. As Cam has told us repeatedly and as any normal person would know, politics is a dirty game so why the media keep beating this up to make a story beats me. We certainly deserve an apology from the MSM from this continual beat up. I wonder if they will carry this on for the next year and then the next and then next……….??

      • Michael_l_c

        The MSM care about us and know what is best for us, we need to be reminded & reminded until we agree. Seems they don’t like democracy.
        So what is the difference between these ‘people’ & dictators or fascists? Think what we tell you.

    • OneTrack

      The left-wing aka the MSM, and a few random political parties.

  • Wallace Westland

    What burns the left wing MSM is that Whaleoil has no real competion with any profile.
    With over 100,000 page views a month it is a pretty powerful forum and there is nothing to equal it.
    The left wing blogs of note are censored along the lines of Stalin and the Herald and TV3 blog/comments sections are not far behind. Saying anything contrary to the party line will get your comment deleted at least or a ban.
    Here anyone can have a say so long as that say is within the bounds of a structured set of rules and balance. You can disagree but do it well.
    Not a bad way to be.
    The MSM are becoming irrelavant to many as a result of this.
    Long may it continue.