Still can’t get by without her Dad


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  • Disinfectant

    Obviously didn’t know that the way you get the hardest screw cap off is to run it under hot water. And the harder it is, the hotter the water. Never fails.

    • 1951

      Serious discussion on zb in the wee small hours last week favoured hot water. Other ideas were rubber glove or rubber drawer liner for grip, special adaptations from kitchen shops but no-one mentioned my favoured method of lifting cap until it ‘pops’ with bottle(top) opener to edge of screw-cap.

      • Mrs_R

        I do your method but with just a normal kitchen knife. You can actually feel the gap under the lid where the knife should go to just make it ‘pop’ as you say.

        • 1951

          I had to give the knife-job up as I was chipping glass too often. Finding Agee jars for preserving are as hard as hen’s teeth to find these days. (sh,don’t tell but I still do preserving)

          • Grocersgirl

            You want preserving jars? What area do you live?

          • 1951

            I am just out of Whangarei GG. Sometimes the hospice get them it but they disappear almost instantly.