Stop pouring crap into our rivers

I really wish councils would get their act together and stop people from pouring crap into our rivers.

This time however I’m not getting up farmers, rather the townies and their council who want to keep pouring crap into the Tukituki rover.

Interestingly it is the same river the Hawkes Bay Regional Council wants to turn toxic with their dodgy socialist dam at Ruataniwha.

A report has raised “serious concerns” with the new $6 million wastewater plant in Central Hawke’s Bay.

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council study showed despite a recent upgrade that harmful bacteria and wastewater were being released into the Tukituki River at unacceptable levels.

Resource consents regulating the discharge of wastewater from the plants were changed on October 1, requiring a significantly higher standard of wastewater.

Prior to the change, the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council decided to construct floating wetlands to meet the new treatment standards.

The wetlands were constructed last year at Waipawa in July and in Waipukurau in September.  

With the floating wetlands, the new treatment system also used screening of the influent, biological attachment surfaces curtains and aeration, dosing with aluminium sulphate, and ultraviolet irradiation.

In a CHBDC report this year the system’s problems were outlined. After starting operations in June 2013, difficulties developed with the filter and the quality of the pond effluent.

It was found that the five filters sent to New Zealand from the Czech Republic, where they had been built, had a problem with the sand screws where the sand was washed.

A larger version of the Waipawa upgrade was installed at Waipukurau, with two filters instead of one, and the filters were modified from the experience at Waipawa.

However, regional council has raised concerns the nutrient Amm.N and SRP and E.Coli bacterium have now exceeded the limits.

“Urgent action is required to rectify the situation,” the report said. If the limits continue to be exceeded, CHBDC will breach its consent at the sixth sampling after the upgrade date.

The sampling is scheduled for December 18, with the results expected to return to the HBRC after Christmas.

Discharge records show the treatment plants have not been able to operate at the design capacity and a bypass from the outlet of the treatment pond has been used to balance the inflow and outflow.

“The discharge of this partially treated wastewater is believed to be the cause of the exceedances,” the report said.

The farce of all this is obvious for those who can read and have basic comprehension.

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council is polluting the Tukituki river and is getting told off by the Hawkes Bay Regional Council who wants to pollute the Tukituki in a different way altogether.

Bottom line is this…these muppet councils needs to stop treating river like their own personal sewer system.


– Hawkes Bay Today


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  • cows4me

    And I bet the vast proportion of these systems are funded by the rural ratepayer.

    • Reaper

      Yep, and this is the same council that would not allow me to put in a septic tank on my rural property – instead making me install a $20,000 treatment system (for a family of 3!)

  • axeman

    Doesn’t this smack of double standards, the council in not enforcing the required standards for the river, yet want to enforce even higher standards on the proposers of the dam.
    HB will be in drought come Feb 2015 no bones about it and the need to store water just makes good sense. The Dam would allow the river to flushed like the toilet it is becoming. May be all the people in CHB should have to toilet into a container and then those dropped off and transported to a effective sewage treatment system. The cost born out by the people who use it.

  • It seems weird that a political right wing blog is the one bringing this stuff to light rather than an enviromental blog, but we all live in this country and we all help build its future. I’ll have to do my homework, but i’m not sure floating wetland techniques are the best practice for sewerage treatments, somewhere in the back of my mind is something about minimum sizes with these systems.

    • Reaper

      Yes, you would think the Greens would be taking this up instead of obsessing over txt messages that have absolutely nothing to do with the environment.

      • Dave

        The party name is the Greens, but nothing much is about best “green” environmental practice. Look at their travel, and carbon, unless ther eis a camera or good exposure, they wont go near the issue.

  • Chris

    The same thing is happening in Palmerston North where the citys supposed treated effluent is put into the Manawatu River. Then they wonder why there is an algal bloom on the river downstream of the city. Going to cost many millions of dollars to fix, poor city ratepayers. Bring it on , get it done. If it was a farmer going this they would have the book thrown at them and their operation shut down. Double standards.

  • burns_well_eh

    I lived in Y-puk for a few years while I finished secondary school – didn’t learn a lot I must admit. We used to swim in the Tukituki river, catch eels, trout and freshwater crawlies – nom nom. It was beautiful and clean, and fast-flowing except in the height of summer when it got a bit low unless there was rain. A magnificent river when in flood – a tragedy what they’re doing to it now, and planning to do.

  • Sir Brucey

    Here in The Manawatu Horizons allowed Palmerston North Council to discharge raw sewerage into Manawatu River under certain circumstances but heaven help a rural individual who wants to discharge grey water onto their own land.

  • KiwiKaffir

    I blame the national party … ;-)