Sweden sends Christmas message to Islam


A suspected arsonist set fire to a mosque in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, injuring five people, police said, an incident which comes amid an intense debate over immigration.

The immigration debate has pitted the far right, which wants to cut the number of asylum seekers allowed into Sweden by 90 percent, against mainstream parties intent on preserving the Nordic country’s liberal policy.

Between 15 and 20 people were in the mosque on Thursday, located in the ground floor of a building in a mainly residential area, when the fire erupted.

Local media footage showed smoke and flames billowing from the windows.

“A witness saw somebody throw an object through the window of the building, which serves as a mosque, after which a violent fire began,” police spokesman Lars Franzell said.

The five injured people were taken to hospital for treatment of injuries ranging from smoke inhalation to lacerations. No suspect has been apprehended yet, Franzell added.

By the time the population needs to break the law to get heard, the politicians have already failed.


Unless the world uses this as clear warning sign that indiscriminate Muslim immigration policy leads to this, they should not be surprised when one day, this will happen in their countries too.

Now is the time for brave politicians to stand up against government policy that has other countries close to the brink of a religious civil war.





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  • Don W

    It’s about time that Govt’s around the world did their job which is to enforce the laws that protect the good people from these evil thugs that want to impose their will onto the rest of us. They need to stop wimping out.

  • HunuaRanger

    And once they get their way…


    “Mauritania issues first apostasy death sentence”

    “During his trial, the judge told Cheikh Ould Mohamed he was accused of apostasy “for speaking lightly of the Prophet Mohammed””

    “The defendant pleaded not guilty and said it was “not his intention to harm the prophet,” the judicial source said.”

    “Jemil Ould Mansour, the head of the moderate Islamist Tewassoul party,
    on Thursday hailed the ruling, saying: “It’s the story of a criminal who
    got the fate he deserved.””

    “President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz responded by urging calm and
    telling the protesters he would take “all necessary measure to defend
    Islam and its prophet””.

    “Islam, he added, “[lslam] is above everything, above democracy and freedom””

    First take over a few small areas, then take over a few cities, Implement Sharia law and finally take over the country…

    Then Islam above democracy and freedom.

    • paul468

      “Islam above democracy and freedom” sums it up. We need to act and stop these religious fanatics coming into the country. It’s too late after the event.

  • Hans

    This is a way to remind the government how the people feel because tickling there ears seems to have failed. I guess we may have another guy fauks event to celebrate in the future if they don’t start listening to the people.

    • Rick H

      You mean another “Anders Brevik”.

      • Hans

        No no no

      • Hans

        Brevik pushed voters towards the left, while the occupy movement camping out achieved nothing, but 20000+ germen people singing are sending a signal to merkel to change direction. More thought needs to be put into encouraging governments into rethinking its position. I would not support becoming like the enemy. Martin Luther King affected change in a non violent manner but it required the silent majority to stand up.