Taliban scumbag eats some lead

The Islamic hero Taliban leader who planned the attack on the vicious warrior children attending school has been shot dead by Pakistani forces.

Pakistani troops have killed the Taliban leader who planned the massacre of 132 children at a Peshawar school earlier this month, a senior government official claimed.

Saddam Jan, commander of one of the most militant Taliban factions waging war against Pakistan, was killed on Christmas Day in a shoot out with army forces in Khyber agency, a remote tribal area close to the Afghanistan border.

Shahab Ali Shah, a local government official, said Jan “was responsible for facilitating the massacre at the Army Public School and College”.

“He was the mastermind of several attacks carried out throughout the country. We had credible reports that he facilitated the Peshawar school attack,” he said.

He added: “He was killed by security forces in Jamrud Tehsil late on Thursday night.” Another six militants were arrested during the raid.

Analysts said his killing was a major setback to the Tehrik-e-Taliban alliance because Jan was one its few commanders still mounting regular attacks on the country’s government and military.

He was killed in Gundi, Jamrud, as part of an intensification of anti-Taliban operations by the Pakistan Army following the massacre at Peshawar’s Army Public School on December 16th in which 148 were killed, including 132 pupils.

Good job.

The deliberate targeting of children by seven Taliban gunmen was greeted with horror throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan where both Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders denounced it as “un-Islamic”.

Since then the government has ended its moratorium on capital punishment and executed six convicted terrorists as part of a renewed campaign against terrorist groups.

Un-Islamic? Perhaps they should have married off the girls or sold them into slavery, and beheaded the boys…that would have been much more Islamic.

These scumbags deserve everything they get.

Shooting them to bits seems reasonable.


– NZ Herald


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  • Carl

    Good to see that someone got a present from Santa they deserved.

    • paul468

      Lets hope he regifts that pressie to his mates

  • Jaffa

    Why were the other six militants arrested??
    If you want to go to heaven, first you have to die!

  • dgrogan

    Shame he got a bullet. That was far too lenient for that scum bag. He should have been fed a bacon sandwich just before his head was surgically removed.

  • Wallace Westland

    I believe even the Taliban sympathisers in the Pakistan Government are keeping their heads down and there are a lot of them. We are all discussing this right now, there are a couple of Pakistani chaps here at my BBQ at the moment. (they’re reading over my shoulder and it’s very distracting)
    They reckon (talking to friends and family there) that the mood is vicious at the moment and the public is waiting for anyone that raises their head above the parapet.
    They are saying the head of the Pakistan army is after blood and he is going to get it.

    I say “Good for him!”

    • MaryLou

      Yes, I believe this is a turning point for Pakistan, all that remains to be seen, is to what degree. It’s one thing to harbour people with a cause that you either sympathise with, or will side with to “stick one to America”, it’s another to have your own children targeted. They’ve somewhat abused Pakistan’s hospitality!

  • Korau

    Looks like it’s open season on Taliban sympathisers. Read this earlier.

    Pakistan judge issues arrest warrant for Abdul Aziz

    “A judge in Pakistan has issued an arrest warrant for a cleric at a
    radical mosque in Islamabad who has refused to condemn the massacre of
    children at an army-run school.

    Imam Abdul Aziz has been accused of threatening protesters outside the Red Mosque. ”

    Source : http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30607078

    Looks like Pakistan may want to join the 21st century.

  • Whafe

    Great to see, this despicable leader was most lead deficient, great to see this deficiency sorted out…

  • steve and monique

    Karma got him. Most deserving recipient of 2014 too.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Excellent. Even better that he was killed on Christms Day.