No more tax payers money for rich sports people

Credit: Roger Price

Credit: Roger Price

Guess what? ?After complaining and working as hard to prevent the AmCup being held in Bermuda, now that it has been decided to hold it there, Team New Zealand have suddenly discovered “it will work”.

Team New Zealand believe Bermuda can deliver “an amazing” America’s Cup ? now they have to convince their sponsors and the government as they look to raise the money to contest the 2017 finals.

Bermuda?was …??confirmed as the venue for the finals, to be sailed in June 2017. The British territory beat American stronghold San Diego for the honour.

While there has been much speculation about Bermuda providing a financial challenge for Team New Zealand, especially for government funding, the syndicate’s chief operations officer Kevin Shoebridge suggested they could make it work.

If we ever had an argument about the nebulous financial return on the tax payers’ “investment” to date, it is going to be next to impossible now. ? Bermuda? ? Yes, that’s in the top 10 of countries we visit and do business with, right? ?

Part of New Zealand’s process looks to include hosting a leadup event involving all of the teams.

That would likely be part of the elimination process in the actual 65-foot catamarans rather than the World Series events next year and 2016 that will be contested in smaller 45-foot catamarans.

Shoebridge was certainly full of praise for the North Atlantic island in sailing terms, as he attended the official announcement in New York today.

“We’ve worked pretty closely on both options over the last few months, realising it was obviously going to be a pretty close call,” Shoe ridge said.

“Bermuda is a fantastic venue. It’s a fantastic sailing venue, it’s an island with huge maritime history and I’m sure there will be absolute engagement from all the Bermuda public to really support the event.

“I think we’ll have a really amazing event there.”

Oh, I have no doubt it will be great. ? I just don’t see why a insignificant rich mens’ sport should continue to be propped up by public money. ?By all means, go have fun. ? Crowd fund it if you like. ? Get more sponsors. ? But stop coming to people who ?work 70 hours a week and are waiting for a hip replacement to come fund your flights of fancy.

Tax payers money should benefit the tax payer.

Prove you case, or stop leeching off the public.


– Duncan Johnstone, Stuff