Tell ‘im ‘e’s dreamin’

Kim Dotcom has broken his silence…and he reckons his play-party is going to try and stand again in 2017.

Leaderless, a blurred vision and out of cash, I doubt the party could do anything with the assorted leftist and hipster kids involved.

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom says his party could still make another bid for election in 2017 despite its merger with the Mana Party coming to an end.

Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira confirmed at the weekend that the two parties had formally split after failing to win a seat in the last election.

The Internet Party will soon be leaderless as Laila Harre plans to stand down and its main backer, Mr Dotcom, says he has run out of money fighting his extradition to the United States.   

But the internet entrepreneur suggested yesterday the movement was still alive, saying he “would not be surprised if the Internet Party has another go” in 2017.

He did not want to comment further as he was focused on getting the US branch of his party up and running for the US elections in 2016. The US Internet Party will be backed and run by American citizens, but Mr Dotcom is likely to play some role.

He will running that branch from Leavenworth.

I mean seriously, the man is deluded.

If he couldn’t make his play-party work in New Zealand despite hacking, bullying, violence, and a truck load of Chinese cash, then he isn’t going to have a bolters show in the USA.

He really needs to read up on US politics, the last independent to really make a challenge in the US was an eccentric billionaire. And he didn’t even get close.

A crook and a charlatan is hardly going to get any votes, especially is his registered address is Leavenworth.

If he really is serious about starting the US branch perhaps he should jump on a plane and get over there to start making arrangements.


– Isaac Davidson, NZ Herald


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  • Justsayn

    Gid on ya Keem. 2017 ya shid troo ya het in wiff Winnie – we cid do wiff ya heelp to biff hem owt the seem way ya did fa Hinnay.

    What is it with Germans and cash?

    [straight to the pool room that movie was]

  • KGB

    Let’s see how America reacts too threats of raping the Presidents daughter? Calling the President a liar, and chanting ” ” at his USA Party Parties?

  • Reid

    He’s obviously got Greenwald on board who’ll be one of the frontmen for him and he’s clearly hoping for the vote from the Occupy crowd, the blacks and hispanics. That’s his calculation.