The difference between retail and wholesale child pornography storage

Here’s a story about the incredible amount of extra-jurisdictional cooperation it requires to even bring in the most stupid of child porn consumers.

Assistance from United States Homeland Security and Yahoo has led to a Timaru man’s conviction for possessing and distributing child sexual abuse images.

Keith Mervyn Perrin, 57, a labourer, appeared in the Timaru District Court today and pleaded guilty to charges of possession of objectionable material and knowingly distributing such material.

The defendant possessed 7376 child sexual abuse images and videos depicting babies of approximately three months of age through to children aged in their early teens.

On March 9, 2013, Perrin, using his Yahoo Flickr account, uploaded four images depicting a young girl engaged in sexual activity or photographed in highly sexual poses that would be considered objectionable.

He did so using a New Zealand IP address.

Yahoo detected the uploads and referred them to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) system in the United States, which in turn referred the reports to New Zealand Internal Affairs.

At this point the information provided by the organisation was not sufficient to further identify Perrin.

On March 28, 2013, assistance was sought from the United States Homeland Security investigations agency to obtain full details from Yahoo of the user account associated with the Flickr username.

This was provided on June 3, 2013.

On November 4, 2013 a search warrant was executed at the defendant’s address.

This is because the idiot made no attempts at hiding who or where he was on the Internet.  And yet, look how much cooperation went into this.  None of the parties are actually obliged to share information – it’s a miracle they got as far as they did.   The only common bond being that kiddy fiddlers are pretty much despised world-wide.

But it seems the reason he got caught wasn’t because of the spirit of international goodwill.  He’s as thick as two planks:

He was spoken to about his involvement with child sexual abuse material and stated “you’ll find the images on my computer and on the external USB drive on the floor beside the computer”.

When asked what images would be found, the defendant stated “child pornography, all ages, girls”.

He stated his intention was to gather this information and bring it to police attention, and described a process for documenting this collection.

When challenged about the timeframe taken for a person who finds child sexual abuse material to report  it to the authorities, he responded “good question, I don’t know”.

With Kim Dotcom’s systems being used to harbour child pornography and the accusation that Dotcom made also money from this, you have to ask yourself:  what’s taking so long to get him to the USA?



It seems that if you have some child porn on a USB stick and an external hard drive, everyone is happy enough to cooperate, but when you run international servers, this is somehow a different kettle of fish?


– The Timaru Herald


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  • Muffin

    Pity they didn’t execute the search warrant with some extreme prejudice

  • Radvad

    The original offence occurs because perverts will pay to watch it. They should be charged as party to the offence which would mean they are liable to the same penalty as if they did it.

  • Curly1952

    To think we went from a wonderful New Zealander on Face of the Day to a dirty low life cretin like this and his ilk. This is what the left should be helping eradicate not worrying about a few snails on the West Coast.

  • Kevin

    According to the FBI indictment Kim was quick to remove kiddie porn whenever he found it. The FBI used this to show that if KDC could remove that kind of material without any hassle then he could have done the same with copyrighted and highly profitable movies and such.