The Internet Party is dead. Long live… something else

harre-handjobCan Laila Harre reinvent herself one more time?  The consummate political mercenary appears to have come to the end of another road, but she’s not giving up.

So just nine months after being formed, the Internet Party is now leaderless and broke. It’s bankroller, the Giant German Kim Dotcom, has run out of cash and the party’s leadership has run out of steam with Laila Harre resigning.

She’s saying she’s starting a new movement called Rethink the System, which would seem to be what the Internet Party was all about. But then by the Internet mogul’s own admission, the brand Dotom was poison to what they were trying to achieve. That was a bit of an understatement.

The screaming, fist-waving kids in a mosh pit screaming and yelling about John Key was certainly poison to what New Zealand politics should be all about, and with the sweating German on stage revelling in the chant, it was more reminiscent of the Nuremberg rallies.

So Laila wants to do it all again under “Rethink the System”, but will she have Dotcom on board?  

Dotcom’s now more than $3 million poorer for his New Zealand political experience and now claims he’s broke, although he’s not ruling out being involved in an Internet Party in the American election the year after next.

But if he’s poisonous to the brand here, he’ll be downright toxic to anything he does in the United States given that he’s on their most wanted list. That most certainly doesn’t mean he’s wanted in politics there.

He does, at least, have a consistent view of the leadership in both countries though. He hates both John Key and his buddy Barack Obama in equal measure.

One of Kim’s biggest problems, which parallel his idol’s funnily enough, is that he spread his attention and money over too many fronts.  In the end, he was fighting everyone.  And National simply withdrew until Dotcom’s credibility winter set in.


– Barry Soper, Newstalk ZB




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  • Pete


  • conwaycaptain

    Rethink the System, in other words back to the 1970’s mentality, 60% income tax, import controls etc etc.

    • You can imagine the economic policy: Rethink…BIG!

  • murrayirwin

    Who cares what she says, thinks or does?

  • dumbshit

    her thinking is firmly focused on how to get her snought back into the political money trough

  • ShoreRight

    Interesting …what’s Barry Soper distancing himself from here I wonder …….?

  • stanman

    Dont give Harre any oxygen WO-

    Shes proven to be a complete and utter two faced money grabbing, lying ,resurrected has been political prostitute.

    • Woody

      The thing is that she has consistently been that way for more years than I care to remember.

    • johnbronkhorst

      In short she is a left wing activist……yes?

      • stanman

        you got it john

    • mommadog

      While I agree with the sentiment not to give her any more oxygen it is sometimes necessary to follow the “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” advice. There needs to be some light shone on her activities to hold her to account and so she doesn’t get to sneak up on us.

  • caochladh

    Harre, being the archetypical female bossy boots with a relentless mouth is unemployable except by herself.

    • She burnt a lot of bridges by cuddling up to Mr Dotcom. Most of her old friends won’t have her back.

      • caochladh

        She had “friends”? Must be those fair weather ones I keep hearing about ;-)

    • Cadwallader

      And: Unimaginable except by a tiny minority.

  • Wheninrome

    She could get a burqua that could take her somewhere interesting.

  • NotGandalf

    RETHINK ? More like – once more unto the trough dear friends.

    • Mick Ie

      Agree completely. Rethink the System. Change ‘the’ to ‘Troughing’ and you’ve got the main reason for her getting involved in yet another political party. Rethink Troughing System.

  • Korau

    Laila Harre – Who cares?
    Kim Dotcom – Yesterdays news!
    Internet Party – Been there, undone that!
    Hone Harawira – Goodbye, good riddance!
    The screaming, fist-waving kids in a mosh pit screaming and yelling – The unsilent minority who have something they wont want to tell their grandchildren.

    The election was worth the price of admission for the entertainment value alone. And with the impending revelations on the hack behind dirty politics there’s more to come. I think it will be the best part of the whole shemozzle. I can barely contain myself.

    • Bryan

      i guess some people will not be happy
      laila harre well known to bejing
      annette skyes the same
      hone been to Hk for training
      minto the same
      dotcom operated out of same hotel that mainland security did in HK
      all looked like they had nothing in common but not so far away as all
      really a front for NZ Communist party that most used to be part of
      and he is really worried in case Hk gets their hands on him again
      so USA is now looking the best of two options

  • johnbronkhorst

    As Marx said.
    “I would never belong to a club, who would have me as a member”
    OOOOHHHH I’m sorry…that was Groucho not Karl.
    But they and you are just one big joke harre.

  • Orange

    Pretty funny headline from Derek though eh.

  • oldmanNZ

    There were a lot of clueless, souless young people who would vote for the Internet Party, purely for its name, because they use the internet and can relate to it…also there was a promise of free internet they assumed.

    Just like the Greens, people assume it means keeping NZ Green.
    And labour, had a chap told me because he likes to work hard, and Labour sounds like hard labour.

    so “Rethink the System”, just sound like anything that oppose the current government, which I assume, has appeal to those that don’t like JK.

    And why do they not like JK?

    • Kevin

      Young people don’t vote. Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe the main supporters of the IP were forty and fifty something year old sufferers of John Key Derangement Syndrome, whom, being dissatisfied with both Labour and the Greens, decided that the Internet Party was the way to go.

  • KGB

    To be honest I still don’t know what the IP represented? Apart from a large german, free education, and legalising weed, what did they actually represent? Anarchy is all that comes to mind.

    • Cadwallader

      The IP represented a hatred of the current government, disdain for the electorate, and especially the anti-democratic bent of the money-hungry far left.
      The IP achieved a level of clarity as to the wantoness of the hard left and their lack of grace, common sense and self-righteousness.
      IP= Ignorant poseurs.

  • Graeme

    Great comment by Hooton on Henry’s show about Harre.

  • Tom

    Liela is too stupid to see that anything she touches dies. That smug look on her face probably needs another dealing to so bring it on Liela.