The next Dotcom scam, and they’ve all fallen for it

Joining the dots

Joining the dots

You may have heard that “a hacker” or “hackers” had taken down the on-line gaming servers needed by Xbox and Playstation yesterday.

Why would you care?

Essentially it was done by overloading these servers in a flood of incoming traffic so that the players could no longer connect.

How does this connect to your life?

Next thing you know, Kim Dotcom is talking to the hacker via Twitter.

Isn’t that amazing in itself?   He does get around, our Kimmie.

NEXT thing you know, he makes a deal with the hacker to stop these attacks.

NEXT thing you know, the hacker goes, “ok!”, and the attack stops.  


Unlike the on-line and world-wide main stream media who fell for this scam hook line and sinker, I’ve been a student of Dotcom’s life and his Modus Operandi.   This is a confidence scam, and nobody’s called him on it.


As we all know, and Kim Dotcom has himself admitted, he’s in the business of hacking things.   And he’s in contact with the people that form these underground hacking networks.  He was involved in the Whaleoil hack too.  (Give it time, it will all come out).

Let’s see what is more likely in your mind.

Case 1:

  • Some unknown group of people run attacks against Sony and Microsoft gaming servers
  • Kim Dotcom uses these, so he has his already sad and limited life is seriously interfered with
  • Kim Dotcom manages to contact these people, and offers a fairly lame deal – something that is of little value to the hackers who can take and use free storage, processing and services wherever they like.
  • Without any sign of negotiation, or explanation, or any other demand, the hacker says “Deal!”
  • Kim Dotcom saves Christmas!

Case 2:

  • Kim Dotcom is bitter, angry and he has a mind with too much time on his hands
  • He comes up with an idea that if he and his mates take down the Microsoft and Sony game servers, he can come in and “save the day”
  • Kim needs image repair, good PR, and needs to be seen as a likable rogue on the right side of the law
  • In the end, all it really turned out to be was a confidence scam that provided advertising for the company he still has a financial interest in, as well as allows him to try and show himself to be a nice guy

And he would be, if it wasn’t all a set-up from the start.

The “Lizard Squad” and Kim Dotcom are in this together.   This whole story is as genuine as the email that “proved” John Key knew about Kim Dotcom before he said he knew about Kim Dotcom.

You win Kim, because I doubt that even my powers are able to convince the gullible media out there that you’ve run a scam on them.  Again!



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  • Nechtan

    Similar to him asking the originators of the denial of service attack on WO to stop so he could read the Map of the Day posts.

    • spanishbride

      and to think that all he had to do was to offer Rawshark some scummy mega vouchers and he could have made all that grief go away for WO.
      ( sarcasm )

  • Aaron

    Expect one thing. that Twitter user he “done the deal through” has been proven not to be part of the official hacking group and just some geek trying to get followers.
    The Attack didn’t stop
    So Kim Failed yet again

  • Timebandit

    It’s not even well scripted Twitter post… “please Mr Hacker Grinch will you stop the hack attack so all us gamers can play out(in) today”

  • grumpy

    Another attack on Sony, one of the companies behind the charges that the FBI is trying to extradite Dotcom for??
    The rush to blame North Korea for hacking Sony was always too much too soon. Now Sony’s websites are under attack again and who is on the periphery……..Dotcrim.
    God save us from a gullible MSM.

    • Kevin

      They attacked Microsoft too.

      No, this has nothing to do with KDC who is just trying to get political mileage out of it. Remember, KDC is at most a script kiddie who pays people to do the real hacking.

      Anyone can post on Twitter claiming to have stopped the attacks.

      • grumpy

        Last time I saw your comments on here, you were trying to pour cold water on KDC being commented with the Sony hack. Don’t you have anything better to do than cruise the blogs defusing suggestions that KDC might be involved in yet more hacking of his enemies?
        Anyway, how do you know he is not involved. He has the contacts, the money, and he hates Sony. The guy has form as we all know and the public of NZ is about to find out.

        • Kevin

          You’re giving KDC way too much power. It could have been KDC, sure, but then again it could have been hackers from North Korea just like the FBI says.

          Personally I don’t believe KDC has the power to attack the servers of multibillion dollar companies.

          • Bryan

            yea right you forget this fella grew up in East German before the wall came down where Putin was a KGB officer at the same time and his standard operation tactics are straight out of the Stasi instruction book which his father was an officer at very young age he would have learnt how to control people by suggestions and threats I still think he could be behind the sony attack, probally not direct but he would be happy to pull the strings, and we well know he really has a bone to pick with them

          • Kevin

            If KDC has the power to take down the servers of multi-billion dollar companies he certainly would have the power to not only take down Whaleoil but also to keep it down.

          • spanishbride

            Dirty Politics was his attempt to do exactly that. Taking down our site permanently is too obvious a ploy. He wanted Cam destroyed totally, reputation, income the whole enchilada ( along with all the others who were a part of it ) It was not his plan but he was co-opted into it as a money man was needed to fund the hack.
            ( in my honestly held opinion )

          • Kevin

            Well it backfired spectacularly. At the end of the day the authors had nothing (politics is dirty after all) and the public as a whole voted against the book as seen by the election result.

          • MaryLou

            For some one who has made so much money out of the internet, his moment of truth was just so, so sad. Clearly execution is not KDC’s strong point, and this conversation with the Lizard dude “felt” the same. As for Sony – who knows? Hard to say without knowing what resources he actually has at his disposal any more. Bet he would’ve if he could’ve, but NK sounds more likely

          • grumpy

            You keep on diverting. He does not need “the power” or the skill. He has shown he has the money to pay those who do to carry out his battles for him.

      • grumpy
  • Miguel

    If Dotcom were involved, Sony and Microsoft have enough lawyers to fill an aircraft carrier, so not the wisest target for someone who already has legal problems…

    • mommadog

      One thing KDC has never been is wise or honest. If he were he would have been on a plane voluntarily a long time ago to have his day in court in the USA – long before it got to the extradition request stage.

      • Kevin

        And considering he uploaded American movies to American servers in breach of American copyright laws and encouraged others to do the same using monetary incentives – no, not the smartest ant at the picnic.

    • Wallace Westland

      The fat German will have it routed through so many hacked IP addresses and servers the whole thing will look like it originated from Mars.
      He’ll be hiding behind the internet as usual.

      • whiplash2

        The actual ‘hackers’ were hacked by another hacking group. Their info is all over the internet now.

  • 1951

    I think your too kind thinking it is PR/restore mana act. ‘Coersive’ keeps coming to mind with this Kim, with all the North Korean Kims & whoever else….maybe NK close neighbours. I read overnight that NK systems were out periodically yesterday. Perhaps this is more a show of muscle-flexing….?

  • T Mardell

    Like those fireman who light fires, to allow them to become the hero when they put them out.

    • Hard1

      There may be more to this story…
      “Update 3 (4PM): Again, one Lizard Squad account says they’re not attacking PSN (which is still down) or XBL (which seems to be up), but the other account is now laughing manically about cracking into the PSN and XBL stores to create free game listings for titles like COD: AW and Destiny. I have not seen any such listings on XBL, and given that PSN is still down for most people, I haven’t seen that verified yet either. Getting inside the store to list games for free would certainly be at a hacking level above a more common DDoS attack, but again, I’m still looking for evidence of legitimacy. It would be helpful if Sony was even remotely communicative regarding this issue, but now we’re still speculating if the service is indeed under siege by Lizard Squad or if something else is going on. In any case, we’re now a long way from Kim Dotcom saving the day at this point.”

  • steve and monique

    Everyone in the hacking world bow at KDC’s feet. Yeah right, smells like a fat German rat to me.

  • Bart67

    As soon as I saw the tweets I knew that Dotcom was behind the whole thing. He really does have an over-inflated sense of self! Next thing you know he’ll be tellign us he was behind the Sony hack as well!

  • kiwibattler

    The MSM have fallen for this hook, line and sinker……
    The fact remains even if this was legit you NEVER give in to hackers, terrorists etc – all this does is encourage more of this type of behaviour so DOTCOM shouldn’t be applauded any which way you look at it.

    • Rod

      Do you think he needs the MSM to fall for it? Heck, I think the MSM know what he is doing and are in it with him. Or is that a step too far in the conspiracy theory?

  • intelligentes candida diva

    KDC man of deception. He causes the disturbances then wants to be the saviour, he is a danger to society of the insidious kind and those who can not equate this are foolhardy

  • Wallace Westland

    I heard about this yesterday.
    It was so blatantly obvious what he was up to I seriously never gave it another thought.
    it never occurred to me that the dimwits in the MSM would not see this for what it clearly was…which just goes to show how perceptive and switched on I am doesn’t it? sigh!

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    A very polite twitter conversation it was too.

    My BS alarm went off right away.

    Msm hook line and sinker…

  • cows4me

    The only thing Kimmy should be hacking is a big pile of firewood with his mates on the chain gang.

  • Hubz

    Does anyone know where Kiwi journalist have their regular poke game? Looking at how gullible they are I’ll be rich in no time.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Kim clearly has a very fragile ego. He needs to be the hero somehow to someone in order to have some sense of self worth. He can’t can’t stand to be out of the limelight and not lauded by someone.

    The same motive ran the IM campaign – Kim wanted to be the saviour of the new generation from the evil pinstripe suited capitalists.

    Not enough praise from mummy for little Kimmie I think.

    • taurangaruru

      Such immaturity, I am sure there has been a study done somewhere of the parts of the brain that do not develop as a consequence of spending hours in front of a gaming console. If not Kimmy should donate his brain to the cause, he is such a sooky baby.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    This is so blatantly obvious. The mans ego and belief we’re so easily manipulated is outrageous.

    Surely even the MSM can see this…. can’t they?

  • Damon Mudgway

    Kimmy… The gamers saviour:

  • caochladh

    I wish governments around the world would divert the billions of dollars in funding and resources that they waste pandering to every trougher and their dog and put it into the Interpol Cyber Crime Unit. If we had an international body that had the expertise, resources and authority, we might just see more of these hacker mongrels brought to account.

  • Wendy

    An insight into the mind of a fourteen year old boy.

  • grumpy

    ….and again, the too obvious diversion
    Like the invented “Rawshark” to divert from the guilty……….there are just too many similarities here.
    Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck…..I would say it probably is one!

  • Imogen B

    The Krim’s trademark is overestimating his ability to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Remember the Internet Mana Party?
    Perhaps he needs to do a little personaIlty audit and figure out that practise does not make perfect when you just plain suck at things like PR.
    The brand is poison Kimmy, put it away.

  • Sally

    Wonder what the directors and shareholders of Mega thought about this? KDC has no financial interest in Mega so for this to happen he would have had to buy these vouchers to give away or done a deal.
    Something doesn’t ring true.

    • MaryLou

      I thought he did, just no day to day control?

      • Sally

        His wife has a trust which is a shareholder. He has no shares in his name.

  • la la land

    This whole situation is completely surreal!


    The BIG german reminds me of this oh so clever prison escaper who went to Brazil and live the rest of his life in happiness…..sad and deluded!

  • Intrigued

    It seems Kimmie has been getting lessons from the NZH and their native advertising. This is just like a paid advertisement surely? I couldn’t believe the TVNZ news at 6 with Nadine Chalmers-Ross still crediting him with stopping the attacks! Seriously? Deluded!

  • whiplash2

    It’s funny, a hacking group called finestsquad hacked the hackers and has posted their information online. I’m not sure how I feel about that, though. Is it justice (like revealing sex offenders names) or illegal (like the DOS attack on WO, resulting in stolen information). I think justice.

    Also, you’re not the only one who saw right through this whole incident. I’m an avid twitter user and as soon as I saw that they were conversing, I knew something was up!

  • la la land

    No mention of Dotcom here.., is it just the NZ media who continue to run with his story?